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  1. A friend of mine was trying to fix an issue with their PC not going to sleep. Following the advice from a YT video they dissabled the 'allow to wake up PC' on EVERYTHING in device manager. They restarted their PC to apply the settings and when it turned back on it got stuck on the 'windows is starting, please don't turn off'-screen. My friend has some important data on the C-drive. What could be done to fix this and if there is no quick way to fix the Windows thing what would be the quickest way to get to the data on that drive? I'm worried, that if I just put it in my computer I could get the
  2. So I'm buying a new TV and I want it to work with my N64, GameCube and Wii. So it needs to take Composite. The model I'm looking at has some kind of AV-port (I think its a 3.5mm AV but i'm not sure. Here's a picture. I'd be really happy if someone could confirm). Could I just hook up my consoles with an adapter like this?
  3. I've been looking for a new TV for a while now and after the video on the TCL 65S425 I was pretty convinced it (or rather it's 55 inch brother) was almost perfect for me. But as it turns out nobody is shiping it to my country. Here's what I'm looking for: - 50 to 65 inch screen - 4K for next gen consoles (I wouldn't be watching many movies on it or anything like that) - composite port for my Wii, Game Cube and N64 - low latency - 120Hz prefered but optional - sub 600SFr (660$) I think that the TCL 55EP640 would check most of these boxes for 400
  4. My manual just said 1A rating for fan headers and I read somewhere on a different forum that that usualy means across all of them. Alltough I did find it weird that my pretty high end mobo (MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon) wouldnt even be able to run 4 power intensive fans, so guess it is for each one. So I'll get a fan splitter in the future and jerry rig it for now. Thanks for the help!
  5. Sorry if i was unclear. I meant cut up the plastic around the fan headers on the molex to 3 pin adapter to make the intact pmw cables fit. Did I missunderstand what I read then ? I thought the 1A ratining was across all headers.
  6. I already had the fans and they used to be connected differently but I changed the build around and dont have enough headers. I might get a fan controller in the future but for now im wondering if I can connect them all this way for now.
  7. I have only 5 headers and 3 other fans and a pump i need to connect. Also I read somewhere that you realy shouldn't overload your fan connecters. Aparently my mobo can do 1A across all headers but my fans draw like 1.8 total I think. But mainly the lack of headers and the fact that I allready have the cable to solve the problem.
  8. I have 3 PMW 4-pin fans that I want to connect directly to my PSU. I have a molex to 3x3-pin adapter whith only the 12V and ground pin. Would there be any issues if I just cut them up a bit to make the 4-pin fans fit in there? I'm guessing that they would just run at full speed but work fine but I don't want to risk 100$ worth of fans without asking before I do it.
  9. Looking for an affordable PCI-E extender that will not impact the performance of high end GPUs (planning on useing with 1070 and 1080ti). I see most people recomending the TT Premium PCI-E 3.0 Extender by Thermaltake (http://ttpremium.com/product/tt-premium-pci-e-3-0-extender-300mm/) but it is a little expensive at 70$, especialy because i need two. Do you guys know any more affordable options?
  10. I am building systems for my GF and me. Ive had a B150 PRO GAMING D3 lying arround for a while and i was planing on useing it for her system. I got confused when i saw on the back, that it is only compatible with DDR3 RAM. From the ASUS website i learned, taht it is compatible with 6th gen Intel CPUs (witch i thought only worked with DDR4 but I might be wrong on that). Is this DDR3 board compatible with 7th gen CPUs and if yes does it make sense to use it in that way?
  11. well the expensive case is easy. Ive wanted that case ever since i saw it at a store a while ago and i absoluteley fell in love with it. the 1080ti is gonna be in a system with a 8700k. i wanna be able to play pretty much everything at 1080p144 while streaming at 1080p60. the second system im building is for my gf. hers has the same case (were goin for a partner look kinda thing) 1070 and a 7600k ive been saveing for the last coulpe of months and i have a decent but limited amont of money
  12. problem with this is price more than anything. because im bulding a system for my gf too im a little short on extra $$
  13. why? ive heard it recommended for cases with not great airflow. useing a corsair 460x and modding it for the vertical mount
  14. So I am plannig to mod a 460x for a vertical GPU mount. Was wondering if anyone here has done this before. I be gratefull if you guy could give me some tips. If possible id like to do it in way so the regular mounts stay useable. Will the mesh part next to the mounts be wide enougth to fit a beefy 2-slot card?