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  1. hey LTT I don't know which subforum to post this in so I hope a mod just redirects it to the appropriate forum. I got an email today and a week before asking for me to confirm my address and name and the sender has access to my contacts and other things. They're impersonating someone from my contacts just asking for me to confirm my address asking if I still live in my location. I expect they're just trying to bait me into downloading some malware but it freaks me out that they've somehow gotten access to all my things when I do regular malware checks and do
  2. Okay, so if I just grab any category 2 cable it will be able to run a 60Hz refresh rate 4k? If it has 2.0 support.
  3. Yeah I've tried looking for 15M HDMI 2.0 and not much shows up. Will wireless work over 15-20M?
  4. You need HDMI 2.0 for 4K, Steam Box is 1080p and HDMI 1.4 is 4K 24 Hz. So if I wanted video games and streaming I'd need 2.0
  5. Hey LTT Forums. I have plans to try and get a HDMI 2.0 cable from my PC to my TV for 4K (approx 15m) but don't know of any ways to connect multiple HDMi cables without decreasing it down to a lower resolution. Does anyone know how I could get 15M of HDMI 2.0 cable from my GTX 1080 to my 4k TV for 4K Netflix? Thanks, Jack. PS: If you have any ideas on how to get a keyboard and mouse over 15M or multiple controllers let me know.
  6. Hey I was wondering how often you guys clean your PC's and to what extent, I recently got a new PC and I can see some dust build up on some of my dust filters etc after about a month of usage (it's very minimal) but it's there and I'm wondering how often I should clean it and how often you guys clean yours. Please let me know and any details thorough or not are appreciated.
  7. Looking into the future, I'm wondering what is going to be worth the money in the future for video games. I currently have a single GTX 1080 in my build, and I want to know if when the time comes and the 1080 doesn't perform to my preferences would it be more worth it to get another 1080 or whatever is the next graphics card by then. What do you guys think? Bit of a dumb discussion but I'm bored.
  8. Thanks for the tip, I'll make sure to be very careful with the case and it's side panels.
  9. Great so this is cheaper, and it'll perform my task better?
  10. My reasoning for the deluxe motherboard was for the dual band wifi, it's something that I really require because my dog loves chewing ethernet cables.
  11. Thanks, so I don't need 32 gigs of ram? I need a dual band wireless connection in my build because I can't do wired, does the msi suffice? thanks.
  12. Hey guys please check out my build, it's basically the same as Linus' new $2000 build, except prices are in AUD and I changed a few things like the motherboard, ssd and hard drive to suit my needs. I just want a second opinion from you guys to make sure it all works and change things if needed. And then I can go ahead and make it already! PcPartPicker: https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/C7LVGf Thanks, Chunks.