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  1. If Nvidia stay true to form, the 1170 should be roughly the same as a 1080TI
  2. The 2700 with an overclock is a better bet if you are planning on streaming and using CPU encoding. 2700x is the pick of this gen if you can afford to stretch that far
  3. I will be interested in hearing what the results are
  4. the Celcuis s36 is one of only two 360mm AIO coolers made by asetech that I am aware of. The thermaltake 360 unit being the other one. That model is constantly topping the charts in aio comparisons so the fractal unit should be pretty good as well. While fans on PWM are a good thing, ramping up with temps. you may find it better to separate out the pump from the fans and use different headers to control the fans and the pump.You don't really get much benefit running the pump at 100%, just more noise. Temps will be not much different to running the pump at medium speed compared to
  5. We all live in hope that Intel starts pricing their products at reasonable levels, I am not holding my breath though
  6. Yes I am aware of that. Have you ever heard Intel mention that in its marketing information for the HEDT platform before? I think that soldered heat spreaders will now become a marketing bullet point for overclockers They have to come up with something to make a 4 core chip on the HEDT platform appear desirable. If it suddenly becomes "too dangerous" to overclock 7700K CPUs it makes it a load easier to direct people to the 7740K instread
  7. What is the bet that the up coming Kaby Lake X i7-7740K CPU has a soldered heat spreader and has a default base clock of 5Ghz or more? It sounds like there are setting up the new CPU they are about to release to give it a reason to exist. I can imagine the marketing will go along the lines of "engineered for world record overclocking"
  8. Are you in the country that the ebay page came from? If so, I suggest that you look locally rather than on ebay, you might find some deals there.
  9. you will not be able to overclock the 2600K in that motherboard, you would be better off just buying an i7-2600 if you can find one cheaper and if you are keeping the H61. The 250W power supply is also too small for an i7 2600K CPU which has a 95w TDP I am running an i7-2600@4.4Ghz in a z68 Motherboard with a gtx 1070 and while it will not make as many frames a second as a 7700K but it still runs pretty good and will do a 15200 in Firestrike..
  10. The bios updates on the acer site, are bug fix bioses. The H61 is designed to support Sandy bridge CPUs (i3-2100) that came out in 2011. Ivy Bridge (i7-3770K) was not released until 2012. I don't know how proprietary the inside of your case is. If it uses a standard ATX designed motherboard, you could get a used z68 or z77 motherboard and a new cooler and an upgraded power supply (500W would be enough, the standard one is only 250W) and you can just swap out the motherboard. That would work with a 3770K but unless you can find a 3770K/z68or z77 cpu/motherboard cheap, you would be
  11. If it has Z68 or P67 motherboard from Asus, Gigabyte, Asrock there are bios updates that will allow Ivy bridge CPUs to run. Acer usually make their own motherboards so they are unlikely to release bios updates because they want you to buy a new PC. Your PC is also running an H61 chipset that is the non overclocking consumer level where the assumption is that you will never upgrade anything so the H61 chiipset boards never got any updates to support Ivy Bridge CPUs.
  12. You have a proprietry H61 chipset Mother board that can not support Ivy Bridge 3770K CPUs. Sorry
  13. yes it is. but even you got it confused. It seems it needs to be because everyone is following the herd and not thinking about this stuff themselves. Especially while the media seem to be selective about what they report on. I don't know if they are trying to use the poor at gaming pronouncement as a form of click bait or just because they are clueless and just follow a formula they wrote learned. That graph you posted with the Combined scores highlighting the poor ryzen performance, is the ONLY review I have seen that even mentions the combined score. Everyone else is totally ign
  14. think about what you are saying first. We are talking about how often a thread will jump the gap, not how often a thread will run on a specific core. A single thread has the option of switching to 7 other locations on the same ccx it is already on plus the only other option is that the thread takes option number 8 which is to jump across to ANY of the 8 thread locations on the other Module. If it is currently on CCX 1 Core 1 thread 1 and it is being directed to a core on the other CCX it is still only one jump to go to CCX 2 Core2 Thread 1 or Core 5 thread 2 or what eve
  15. The people who have one seem to be very happy with them. I cannot speak from personal experience though