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    Lowspecgamer got a reaction from Origami Cactus in is my internet fast?   
    Yes you are correct 
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    Lowspecgamer got a reaction from kelvinhall05 in Gpu Sticker   
    Thank you for the quick response and it doesn’t implicitly say warranty void. It’s just ugly 
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    Lowspecgamer got a reaction from Slayer3032 in Which is better? And by how much?   
    What drivers should I use for the 970 heard that Nvidia is adding graphics limiters in the new updates so older card become obsolete sooner
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    Lowspecgamer got a reaction from Canada EH in Help me expand my steam library   
    these are your recommedations?
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    Lowspecgamer reacted to Xirhanna in Games under $10 on steam   
    HuniePop is a good game.  Not sure if I'm allowed to recommend it but you can just go look for yourself.  I thoroughly enjoyed the game.
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    Lowspecgamer reacted to DSBD in Need help upgrading pc   
    As long as you have a retail windows 8/8.1/10 key you should be able to transfer it when changing the motherboards. The issue comes with OEM keys from manufacturers, those are usually linked to the motherboards
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    Lowspecgamer reacted to MVPernula in Rate my setup   
    Clean an simplistic, I really like it. Personally never been a huge fan or black/red, but that wont affect my score.
    Fantastic cable management, well done there.
    Like @just tilt I feel like a backed up shot would help alot, chair also counts as setup!

    You seem really heavily focused on the red lights, it's basically what sticks out alot.
    What I find missing is a heart of the setup, your PC is there but it feels like it isn't.
    It's possible to see somewhat of a reflection of it and just generally nothing else, nothing but black. (Looks like Phanteks P400?)
    I'd suggest you put some ligts in it, if it has a sidepanel maybe get something internally that can make it "pop".
    Anyways, solid build, looks good!
    I'd get depressed by the darkness of it all however.
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    Lowspecgamer reacted to MVPernula in Rate my setup   
    Maybe get some RGB fans into it? Since you can see them from the front that is!
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    Lowspecgamer got a reaction from MVPernula in Rate my setup   
    I have the speaker there to listen to music also the different color leds mix in nicely with led strip  
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    Lowspecgamer got a reaction from Leonard in Rate my setup   
    the leds change colors on the desk and in the speaker
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    Lowspecgamer got a reaction from Leonard in Call of Duty World at War black screen help   
    alright give me a minute
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    Lowspecgamer reacted to Droidbot in Looking for an upgrade   
    4670k, 4690k, 4770k, 4790k
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    Lowspecgamer reacted to Brooksie359 in Looking for a cpu upgrade   
    ok then you should get a i5 4670k, i5 4690k, i7 4730k, i7 4770k or i7 4790k
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    Lowspecgamer reacted to Brooksie359 in Looking for a cpu upgrade   
    all of these cpus would be more than enough power to run a gtx 1050 
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    Lowspecgamer reacted to Brooksie359 in Looking for a cpu upgrade   
    yeah i'm pretty sure you can overclock it higher than that but even if you cant it will be so much better. 
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    Lowspecgamer reacted to iRileyx in Cable Management   
    Shut the pc down through start menu and switch the PSU off on the back.
    Shouldn't give you any issues then.
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    Lowspecgamer got a reaction from Malleotomato in Is it optimal to buy these prats(building a new pc)   
    Get a western digital drive not a seagate drive 
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    Lowspecgamer reacted to The Sloth in Looking for a desk   
    for your budget build your own 
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    Lowspecgamer reacted to RyanMacRocks in What CPU?   
    Ok, then any i5 that you can find for cheap would be a good deal, 4430-4690k. Definitely upgrade the CPU first, the 1050 is a pretty good card and I see no reason to upgrade it, at least for a couple more years. 
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    Lowspecgamer reacted to Mira Yurizaki in Storage Question   
    1TB. You can always add storage later.
    64GB is enough if all you're putting on there is the OS and your daily programs and 320GB just really isn't enough for games to be honest. Unless you don't mind shuffling them in and out as needed
  21. Informative
    Lowspecgamer reacted to SCHISCHKA in Bottlenecking   
    GTA 5 system requirements are Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2GHZ (4 CPUs) / AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHZ (8 CPUs).
    Looks like they want a quad core and I would not expect it to run on less than 4 threads no matter how much you overclock.
    Heres GTA 5 running on AMDs cheapest CPU which is a dual core:
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    Lowspecgamer reacted to _StrikE_ in Bottlenecking   
    Fallout 4 will not be a problem especially if you can use high speed ram (dunno about the rest of your config), that game was optimized just as much for both dual cores as it was for multiple cores. Games like GTA5, Witcher 3, Assassin's Creed Syndicate that take advantage of 4 threads though, it wont be that good of an experience. That said, go for the 1050, while in some games it will bottleneck, in many it wont and it will improve performance, bottlenecking just means that your GPU wont be to be used to its full potential due to CPU limitations, but that's it.