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  1. Agree
    King_of_Oz got a reaction from DaJakerBoss in Help with my Gtx1050 ti?   
    Those fps look pretty normal. Try using something like 3DMark to see how your GPU compares with others.
    As far as FPS goes, 100 is great in any game.
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    King_of_Oz reacted to jj9987 in Floatplane signup   
    Some services trust that users can enter the password correctly in one field, so no confirmation field.
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    King_of_Oz reacted to givingtnt in Rosewill Gaming Bundle Giveaway!   
    is Quebec allowed ?  
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    King_of_Oz got a reaction from Queasy Tiger in I got 2 old Dell Optiplex's for £5 each. What should I do with them?   
    All of those ideas sound nice. Since you got them for so cheap, I would just take out the HDD and put them in your personal rig IMO.
  5. Funny
    King_of_Oz got a reaction from Od1sseas in Windows not loading?   
    Lol. I went to his house. HDMI was loose.
  6. Funny
    King_of_Oz got a reaction from GNU/Linus in PC Building Simulator is NOTHING like real life!   
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    King_of_Oz got a reaction from dndfm in My rights when EK gpu block leaks?   
    Alright. Sounds like a plan. Wish you best of luck.
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    King_of_Oz reacted to dndfm in My rights when EK gpu block leaks?   
    technically my rights are the same if I buy new or second-hand here in Norway, the law says that any manufacture is responsible for their product even if the warranty is over until a reasonable lifetime is over, so like 10 years for a fridge or 5 for a laptop or phone. But there is no reason going the “the law” says route as they would be only compelled to give me a replacement gpu block which I have no gpu to use on, so I’m going for “I am a poor student that got a low jab from your product” route, maybe I would get the blocks worth in amazon gift card so that I can buy a psu or something.
  9. Agree
    King_of_Oz reacted to valdyrgramr in Bad Screen Taring.   
    Wut?  You're confusing V-sync with Anti-Aliasing.  Also, V-sync is the option that makes the game's frames match the refresh rate of your monitor.  Going beyond the monitor's refresh rate, with frames, is what causes screen tearing.  So, turning V-sync off is your issue.  AA makes edges smooth, and that's what strains low-end rigs.
  10. Agree
    King_of_Oz reacted to KenjiUmino in Bad Screen Taring.   
    turn on vsync or run in window mode (borderless window is ok too) 
    nothing else you can do AFAIK. 
  11. Informative
    King_of_Oz got a reaction from dndfm in My rights when EK gpu block leaks?   
    So, your country/province/state might have a consumer protection law that might help you with this. The problem is, they might just say you didn't install it properly. EKWB might have a warranty, but it could be a "Look, you agreed that there is a risk in using our products, so there is nothing we can do." It depends on their Terms Of Service. Try sending them an email. There is no harm is trying.
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    King_of_Oz reacted to Sakkura in Why is streaming quality so limited?   
    Youtube/Twitch run a lower bitrate to save bandwidth.
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    King_of_Oz got a reaction from Ausfernando in Pc won't BOOT.   
    Oh. No, there is no pcie connector. The iGPU is powered by the 8-pin cpu power.
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    King_of_Oz got a reaction from Ausfernando in Pc won't BOOT.   
    Should I get a BIOS upgrade kit from AMD And try that? I also have a 1400 lying around. I could use that.
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    King_of_Oz reacted to NelizMastr in Why such a lack of white motherboards?!   
    Well, there's the NZXT N7 Z370 which is pretty white I'd say  
    on X370 the MSI X370 Xpower Gaming Titanium and Asrock X370 taichi come the closest.
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    King_of_Oz got a reaction from za22061991 in I keep getting "no signal" on my monitor   
    Try it with another monitor. Maybe your TV?
  17. Agree
    King_of_Oz reacted to MrDrWho13 in HDD blinking led for no reason   
    Because it's being read from?
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    King_of_Oz got a reaction from Morgan MLGman in A VERY Different Galaxy S9/S9+ Review   
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    King_of_Oz got a reaction from Kamjam21xx in Humble Bundle Partnership   
    Ooh! Cool!
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    King_of_Oz got a reaction from NaorG in My pc setup in or on?   
    Sick! You gonna get a side panel to protect it? It would be really cool if it were made of glass.
  21. Agree
    King_of_Oz reacted to samcool55 in is game performance increased when playing off SSD but HDD for boot drive   
    Performance like raw FPS numbers, no.
    However that doesn't mean it's useless.
    Loading times for example can drop by quite a bit for example when your game is on an SSD.
  22. Funny
    King_of_Oz reacted to Drak3 in Moderators on the Forum   
    Sometimes they take applications when they need a few, sometimes they approach outstanding members.
    Sometimes a lady in a lake gives them a sword.
    Depends on the day.
  23. Informative
    King_of_Oz got a reaction from ErykYT3 in USB to 3.5/2.5MM ?   
    Maybe this:
    It should work
  24. Agree
    King_of_Oz reacted to gnomik in Computer black screen and restart while installing Nvidia driver   
    I'd say its dead.
  25. Informative
    King_of_Oz reacted to ScratchCat in Car radiator for PC watercooling?   
    The PowerMac G5 had a liquid cooled variant where the radiator was produced by a company who made car radiators so theoretically yes.