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  1. Ok So I have a AMD machine running LibreElec. I have a bunch of movies I wanna access on it with a Raspberry Pi 2 also running libreElec. When I try to access it with pi via samba, I always get "invalid argument" after putting in the info. How to fix? Thanks :)
  2. New YouTuber discovered. This is his first video. I think he has potential. <removed by staff>
  3. Hey, I'm looking at making a YouTube channel where I do video essays about shit I like. I wanted to do the first video on MarioKart. Looking to be about 10 minutes long in a sort of in-front-of-the-greenscreen talking style a-la NakeyJakey. I wrote a very quick rough draft in about an hour and a half. The main goal of the video is simply to express my love for MarioKart and it's significance. I was hoping to get some feedback on the script. Script: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14gOrSRqU_6J68_wl1p5e_cImj3HeQu_5eWVw6xWHSmM/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Hey I'm using a wired PS3 controller with retropie on a raspberry pi 2. On the PSX emulation of Tony Hawks pro skater, I don't get any input except the analog sticks. Buttons don't work. I tried changing the emulators, no fix. It works on all other games, including other PSX games. Thanks, King Oz
  5. King_of_Oz


    We have to do a short drama monologue for school, each with different emotion as a focus. I chose "fear". I have never been interested in horror, or anything like that, so I decided it would be fun to try. I came up with this and it scares me. What do you think? I want it to be super good. Thx.
  6. Gosh, that sucks. Okay.. thanks for your help!
  7. Hey LTT! Okay, so here's the story. I have my UPlay account set up with 2FA using Google Authenticator on my old phone. (Galaxy J3 Prime) I accidentally sat on the phone, bending and completely breaking the screen, so you can't see anything on it and the touch is completely broken. This means that I can't access my Google Authenticator codes. I have a new phone, but UPlay is asking for the codes and I can't get at them, and I lost the backup "recovery" codes that they tell you not to lose. What do I do? Is there a way to extract them from the J3 Prime? The phone is still completely
  8. How about EVERY VALVE GAME.? Half life and portal, csgo, left for dead, etc...
  9. Holy crap. I can FEEL the excitement BURSTUNG from this comment.
  10. Fun. Online is probably newegg in Canada, and in store is Ordinateurs Canada (Canada Computers.) Amazon is also good.
  11. Hey hey hey! Slow down there! Don't be calling people idiots for breaking hardware. People make mistakes. We forgive them. Be nice. Be kind. #VirtueNazi
  12. Check to see if its running hot. Use FurMark. Let it run for 10 mins. The temp should stay below 90°C.
  13. Installing the rainbow 6 test server. There goes another 55GB.

  14. You could try calling immigration canada.
  15. The wraith prisim is great. Its quiet and cool.
  16. So I've probably played about 2 hours of fortnite in my life. Going to start actually playing now after all of this "rocket" buzz.

  17. Im pretty sure you will be fine for vibrations. The boom should cancel it out. The mic looks lime it uses XLR, not USB.
  18. Its a little warm, but its fine. As long as its under 90°C your good. (Im from canada so i have no idea how farenheight works)