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  1. Looking for folks who drive a newer Hyundai with bluelink remote capabilities. Also, if your familiar with nodejs that's a bonus as well.
  2. I mean fair point. There not "trash" but I like typing on the the older scissor keys much more. I have the following MBP's so I do type on them quite a bit. 2015 MacBook Pro 15" 2016 MacBook Pro 15" 2017 MacBook Pro 15"
  3. The butterfly keyboards are just trash. It's sad that the new magic keyboard has gone to this horrible tech as well .
  4. Apex = Top Tier = Level of a structure Basically I'm the top level
  5. FWIW, I couldn't be happier with my Google WIFI setup so if you're looking for a mesh network solution.
  6. My personal recommendation is to stay away from the modem/router combos. https://express.google.com/u/0/product/14745097949303825705_17168870768799267040_6136318
  7. Fair point but I personally think Google is best to go back to the drawing board on their music streaming service. Sounds like this new rumored replacement might be just that!
  8. Good tutorial but can you fix the formatting on the configs? rtmp { server { listen 1935; chunk_size 4096; application live { live on; record off; } } }
  9. Google Play Music UI/UX sucks so I went back to Spotify
  10. <?php $obj = '{ "cpanelresult":{ "apiversion":2, "event":{ "result":1 }, "module":"MysqlFE", "func":"listdbs", "data":[ { "size":"0", "db":"number1", "userlist":[ { "db":"number1", "user":"user1" } ], "sizemeg":"0.00", "usercount":1 }, { "usercount":1, "sizemeg":"0.00", "db":"number2", "userlist":[ {
  11. I would recommend booting into recovery and typing the following command in terminal to see if you can find the drive. diskutil list
  12. To be honest the hardware doesn't really make much difference here. I know the soundbar supports CEC because the Chromecast will tell it to automatically switch to the correct input when you cast to it. However, no GFX card has ever been made with CEC support so the only solution I can see is possibly the external adapter. Here are the models for reference but I don't think it will help in the slightest. TV: Samsung (UN40EH5300FXZA) Soundbar: Sony (SA-CT770)
  13. Hello, all! I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to have my media PC auto switch inputs like the Chromecast does via CEC I believe? There are these adapters but I don't know if that really helps in this situation. If anyone has ideas or has done something like this before I'd love to hear what you've done. USB - CEC Adapter: https://www.pulse-eight.com/p/104/usb-hdmi-cec-adapter TL;DR how could I get my soundbar to switch to the media PC automatically when it wakes up?
  14. Overwolf has an FPS feature but looks like it does not have min/max feature you are looking for.
  15. But that means the rules you are making are local, are you not trying to make them on the server instead?
  16. Are you looking for Exchange redirection? https://support.office.com/en-ie/article/Forward-and-redirect-email-automatically-9f124e4a-749e-4288-a266-2d009686b403
  17. 666 Spooky -------- Back on topic. @Vinod Bahadur Thapa front end developers focus mainly on HTML/CSS and possibly JavaScript. Knowing more is helpful but not required to be a skilled front end webdev.
  18. Oh I didn't know jetbrains released a .NET IDE that's pretty neat. If floobits works in Rider then that might be the solution to OP's problem.
  19. Like this? @echo off set startDIR="%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" echo "Moving %0 to the %startDIR%" copy %0 %startDIR% pause
  20. Gmail and Outlook edit: I use Outlook with both Exchange and gmail
  21. It's really based on how you use them. In most states having a set in possession is perfectly legal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lock_picking#United_States
  22. @CHILDISH_K1LL3R There are a few things you could try. Clear the cache in ~/Library/Caches/com.spotify.* and log out and back in, see if that rectifies the problem. You can see what the config is set to for auto log by running the following command. If all else fails just nuke the "~/Library/Application Support/Spotify" directory. cat "~/Library/Application Support/Spotify/prefs" There should be a line that says app.autostart-configured=<true/false> which should be changing when you set the preference from within the Spotify app.
  23. Seems to work fine for me with the same setup as you. Did you run this to setup the theme?