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  1. While gaming. Shouldn't Intel and ryzen run at similiar temps ?
  2. Hello guys, I posted similiar topic, before but I assume nobody saw it, so I am asking again. Which laptop has the best thermals ? Are there any gaming laptops, that run under 85C or even under 80C ? I don't care how thick it is, as long as it provides decent performance, with decent cooling. I don't want the highest end laptop, I don't need rtx 2080. 2060 is enough, but even those laptops go over 90C.
  3. I mean it has decent temps for a gaming laptop 85-95C, at least, it doesn't thermal throttle.
  4. I have Asus Rog, from the same generation, believe me, the temps are atrocious. I mean sure g14 is no the same, but reviewers, mostly said that asus rog strix has good temps too, they lied, and now I am stuck with a laptop that burns hotter than the sun.
  5. I agree with you but as I mentioned no choice I need to move from one hall to another constantly render videos and etc. so anything that isn't gaming laptop kinda gives me problems, only problem with this one are Temps.
  6. needed one I do a lot of work on the go with rendering etc for my studies. Desktop is a no go and non gaming laptops take forever to render.
  7. I do realize that, I just was wondering is there anything I can do to help the Temps, I guess I can't. Will probably sell it for something weaker since can't really live with such Temps
  8. Hello forum users, I just wanted to ask do you have any ideas how to decrease temperatures in gaming laptop. I currently have asdus rog with 8750h and gtx 1070 and the temperatures go above 95C I cleaned the dust replaced the thermal paste with arctic mx4 and it helped a little bit. But it still burns my legs/hands. Any other ideas how to reduce Temps? currently Iam forced to turn off turbo boost for reasonable Temps but performance also drops by like 40%
  9. I installed gms for friends a couple of times already, so it's not an issue.
  10. Sounds like a decent suggestion might consider it. But so far Huawei p30 for 350€ sounds better, but after some reviews I might change my opinion
  11. Thanks will look into it. So far looks like awesome deal and at the top of my list.
  12. I think they only accept Samsung phones in my country. And 550 would still be too expensive even with 50€ off