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  1. 2 minutes ago, Sparky862 said:

    My RAM is a little on the low side. Fairly old PC.


    GTX 1070

    I7 3770k

    8GB DDR3 Ram

    1080p 144Hz Monitor


    Not sure if the most recent ones will even run as minimum requirement is 16GB Ram.

    well 8gb is still fine for most part except some recent unoptimized games like cyberpunk, it should be fine if you don't anything in background

  2. 1 minute ago, Treebsquire said:

    Firstly, there's no need to be a dick to people who are just trying to answer your question. You seem to be a bit sensitive because people are implying your card is old. Redux is a very graphically demanding mod made in 2020 so a mid range card from 2014 is going to struggle with it. Simple as.


    and yes, you're right. I was thinking of the best PC requirement


    GTA 5 Best PC Requirements List

    • Operating System: Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i7 10th Gen chipset / AMD AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8 Cores up to 4.4GHz 36MB Cache AM4 Socket
    • Memory: 16GB DDR4 RAM
    • Video Card: Zotac GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
    • Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatible
    • SSD: 128GB


    what do you mean by "best"? recommended ones are enough if one can play with stable 60-70fps at 1080p high without a hitch and ultra settings are mostly a gimmick anyway

    2 minutes ago, Rym said:

    Are you actually trolling? Basic GTA 5 can be run on any trash hardware. GTA 5 Redux is not basic GTA 5, it's a complete graphical overhaul and re-design pushing the boundaries of realism.



    The only way this runs on your GTX 750 Ti at 60+ FPS is with a 2000% core overclock.

    i feel offended you calling my gpu trash, again i will keep my point though. I have no real issue in any game except cyberpunk for stable 40-60fps at 1080p low or medium even in some newer titles like rdr2, control, doom eternal, ac odyssey and many more

  3. 6 minutes ago, Treebsquire said:

    Pretty much this. The recommended gpu for GTAV is a 1050ti, which is about 50 to 80% faster than a 750ti (I think). You may be able to run the base game smoothly but I think graphically demanding mods like redux will push that card too far.

    wtf are you talking about? 1050 ti came out 1 and a half year later after the gta 5 launch on pc 😬




    as you can see, it needs a 2gb vram gpu like my 750 ti with similar horsepower 😏

  4. 1 minute ago, That Linux guy said:

    I dont trust the used market. Are you saying it wont run Xplane 11

    both the intel and amd cpus i mentioned can be had in your total budget brand new with mobo / psu / ram / case etc. and everything else necessary with reasonable quality considering you don't buy that overpriced full windows license. If you don't wanna get a used 750 ti then look for a brand new gt 1030 which is still selling at msrp (80-90$) and is only slightly slower than the 750 ti.

  5. i think that pc is barely capable of even decade old games and if you're a basic user then it might be good enough on some ligthtweight linux distro or windows xp (if can risk using such old os)


    at such low budget you're just wasting your money buying full price windows license? jusr get a cheap 3rd party site oem key


    you can have much better pc at this price, easily a 3200g build with 16gb ram if not 3400g, maybe i3 9th / 10th gen and with a used 750 ti or brand new gt 1030 (those are not affected by current market situation and pretty much selling for mrsp)

  6. 20 hours ago, Rym said:

    I'm surprised you get 30 fps with a 750 Ti with the REDUX mod.


    You need a 3080 to really enjoy Redux's graphical improvements.

    WTF? are you on weed? why would a well optimized 2015 game require a freaking latest gen flagship grade GPU? get off your high horses, you have no idea how capable the 750 ti still is, i have decent performance in all games except Cyberpunk. Redux is not demanding like modern stupid ass games where developers use raw textures which ridiculously increases the size and require you to have a much more powerful gpu.


    GTA V is actually easy to run, heck it came out on Xbox 360 and PS3 :old-sleep:

  7. Just now, Pixel5 said:

    if your system specs in the signature are up to date im surprised you get that kind of FPS at all. a 750Ti is not exactly fast and especially the lack of VRAM will slow you down a ton.

    not true at all dude, watch some zWormz gaming videos on youtube, will clear the picture of the 750 ti and similar GPUs performance in this game, i get stable 60-70fps at 1080p high, it's not even that graphically demanding either because it's slightly cartoonish and came out for pc way back in 2015 when 750 ti was only an year old and it was a beast for 1080p gaming atleast till late 2016, all my games are fine at low or medium except cyberpunk which is a buggy and ridiculously unoptimized POS anyway

  8. so last week i installed redux in gta v for more realistic graphics, before i was getting stable 60-70fps but with almost all preset i was getting 30-35fps with redux and there was an exception too which was probabaly the best reshade preset but it bought my fps down to as low as 20, totally unbelievable, is there no way around it except getting a better gpu? i really wanna have better graphics in the game as the original ones seem outdated now and a bit cartoonish even for it's time when it came out several years ago.

  9. so i have crucial bx500 120gb, i want to improve it's performance but i'm already very satisfied with it how snappy my system became ever since moving on from a 7200rpm hdd as boot drive. I see crucial storage executive seems to be a very useful tool for optimizing and maintaining your ssd but is it really worth it? some people say they get like ssd speed after enabling momentum cache

    but even then nvme and sata ssd gamre load times are quite similar so i don't really think it's worth tinkering around, also because i only keep my os and daily / basic apps on my drive so it's hardly utilizing 21% of storage space (did a clean install of 1909 last night). For most stuff nvme speeds seem to be a gimmick unless you are doing some really large file transfers and that is definitely not the case with me, can someone shed some light?

  10. RGB on the case looks very good and bright, fans look pretty sick and high quality as well. Tempred glass at this price is phenomal that too with two RGB Fans with LED Control button.


    For all the color modes and my favorite is the last one, the faster mix of three, also it's nice to have a transparent glaas so we have a look at the the sexy components inside your rig.


    This case also has pretty good tool-less mounting system for 2.5" SSDs with support for maximum 3 of them and two 3.5" HDDs. I have 2 Seagate Barracuda hard drives (1TB for Media and 2TB for Games) and one Crucial BX500 120GB SSD (OS & Apps).


    Front mesh on this case looks really nice and wonderful, adds amazing aesthetics to overall look and gives it a nice clean look.


    Everything is fine except it has sharp edges in couple of places and initially i got a slight cut due to that while building my pc and there's no reset button which a huge bummer.


    The airflow is more or less the same as my previous chiptronex c100 case but temps are like 8-9c higher though it's start of summers now but still bit high considering the front mesh and stuff.


    They need to work on these things then they will be best budget brand and can also charge ₹200-300 for better build quality and stuff.


    [Copied this article from my site as it is as it barely get any traffic at all]


  11. so i am stuck with a 750 ti for 5 years now, despite my mom back then said you will have to live with it for 5 years i thought that was too far fetched in future but here now we are today and i am still not geting an upgrade.


    BTW, my brother got offered a zotac dual fan 1050 ti oc edition for only 75$, initially he kept delaying finalizing for 3-5 days then due to my rude and mean behaviour towards my family he decided not to buy it for me and i had a heartbreak when i recieved a notif that it has been sold, really embarrasing to miss on such great deal considering the current market situation and it's been more than a month and i am still not over it.


    People are selling 1050 ti mini for 100$ easily so it was totally worth it, it's also twice as fast my 750 ti so would have been a really nice upgrade.