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  1. SonicWall doesn't support UPnP so I'd be highly surprised if that's how the QNAP was working. I do have a SSL VPN with 2FA setup and I have considered using that but that will only be a solution for my laptop and phone. If I was at a friend's place and wanted to use their Xbox or Roku then my SSL VPN wouldn't help me out.
  2. Internal port is 32400, I am attempting to change my external port. If I just change the external port and setup my access rules and NAT policies to reflect the port I've changed it to it works intermediately. If I change my NAT policy to the new port but translate it to 32400 it works. I'm trying to find out if there's a way to get it to work without translating the service.
  3. So I have a SonicWALL on my home network and a newly setup Plex server. Before I had the Plex Server app running on my QNAP NAS but recently moved it to a dedicated host. The first funny thing is my QNAP is also behind my SonicWALL and I had to make no adjustments to my firewall for it to work correctly, just installed the app and it worked flawless. The issue I'm having now is remote access constantly cuts in and out on my new Plex server so I setup firewall rules and NAT policies. It works great, but ONLY if I set the
  4. So I've been using my Gigabyte Eagle OC 3070 for about a week now. It was 100% not my first choice in card, but after you've been waiting in line at MicroCenter in 30F, wet weather for an hour you're not going to leave empty handed. I'm happy with the performance, and it honestly looks badass, but man is this thing loud. Fans are at 2200RPM+ most of the time to keep the temp around 69 - 71C. My case has great airflow, and I even bought some new fans and cranked them up to 1100RPM to make sure my airflow was good but this thing just runs HOT! I guess I'm jus
  5. Picked up a Eagle OC 3070 last week and just got around to installing it last night. After a couple games of Warzone I could hear the fans running so I checked Afterburner and HWmonitor and they were running at 95% (2400RPM) but my card was still staying around 70C. I attempted to set a fan curve so they would run at 1850RPM but this caused my temps to spike to nearly 90C. It seems the normal for this card is 1850RPM and keeping 65 - 70C under load. I've also compared my FPS in Warzone to others with the same hardware and I seem to be getting nearly 20fps less (90 - 105 compared to 115 - 130).
  6. Scratch what I said before! Got this baby to boot from USB! There's not a lot of support for EonNAS online, they seem to be enterprise only hardware (you can't even register on their website with a common email like outlook, hotmail, gmail) and putting in tickets with them gives little to no information unless you have the newest product or a support plan with them. I finally found a user manual and turns out one of the USB ports is the "debug/console" port and you enter debug mode by holding down delete on boot. Popped a FreeNAS USB in there and it booted! Since you me
  7. Good to know, that could be an option for me then. Thanks buddy.
  8. Thanks for this, I might end up just installing Linux or Windows and try something from there. Only downfall is I can't get this damn thing to boot from USB, only way I can get it to boot to an OS is installing the OS on a SSD/HDD from another PC and putting it in drive slot 5. Sucks because that takes up one of my drive bays. The firmware on the EonNAS allows me to do what I need to do but the only version of SMB it supports is v1, which I really don't want to enable on any of my devices.
  9. So I have a EonNAS Pro 510 that I picked up for BurstCoin mining back in the day and want to use it for it's intended purpose now. I currently have a 3TB, 4TB, and 5TB drive. In the future when my savings are in the right place I plan on doing 5 x 4TB in RAID 5, but that's a project for another day. For now I'm wanting to do daily backups and then have some space for media that I don't care about having backups for. If I did the 3TB and 4TB drives in RAID 1, would that leave a 1TB partition on the 4TB drive that I'm free to use, or would I need to sacrifice the entire s
  10. Run a benchmark and see if it preforms like a 1070. Also check the memory and clock speed in CPU-Z and see if it matches.
  11. Looks like the version on the module tells you the IC type. Version Vendor IC Confirmation? 3.20 Micron 4Gbit Rev.A Presumed 3.21 Micron 4Gbit Rev.B Confirmed 3.22 Micron 4Gbit Rev.E* Speculated 3.22 Micron 4Gbit Rev.F* Confirmed 3.31 Micron 8Gbit Rev.B Confirmed 3.31 Micron 8Gb
  12. It really goes back and forth depending on the game. Overall the 1060 is going to be a bit more powerful but you're loosing 1gb of VRAM. What's your budget?
  13. Does most high end memory use the same IC or is it completely random like with GPUs? Edit: I checked the pics he posted and it looks like they are ver 4.31 which is the same version my modules are.
  14. My friend owns a computer shop and when mining wasn't profitable for us anymore a couple years back we put all our old cards in rigs and sold them. Haven't had one come back yet. Most mining cards are undervolted and kept in good conditions so I wouldn't have any fear of a mining card going bad on you. I will say this. AVOID this MSI Armor cards! They are cheap for a reason. We had so many issues with those cards (we had about 18 of them) that we sold them off to another miner because we didn't feel comfortable selling them to customers. Here's a eBay store that's sold 70+ Sapphire
  15. I know you're trying to penny pinch, and $40 is a lot when trying to budget a low cost upgrade or PC, but Best Buy has brand new 8gb XFX RX 580s for $159 right now: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/xfx-amd-radeon-rx-580-gts-xxx-edition-8gb-gddr5-pci-express-3-0-graphics-card/6136515.p?skuId=6136515&cmp=RMX&irclickid=R6c0FS1TBxyOR810TbWK8Xs3UknVTnxIQxKe280&irgwc=1&ref=198&loc=R6c0FS1TBxyOR810TbWK8Xs3UknVTnxIQxKe280&acampID=633495&mpid=79301 Also if you filter used/open box, Buy It Now, lowest price on eBay there's lots under $120. Some even from b