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  1. Informative
    Cyberspirit reacted to Mitko_DSV in [POLL] How do you pause a video on YouTube?   
    Just checked - when I'm using English the ,< and >. keys are like you said (thanks for the info). When typing in Bulgarian the keys that are , and . in that layout work. In my case that is the Q key for , and the =+ key for . . I don't think the < and > even exist in the Bulgarian layout. I'm using the standart 'BDS' (БДС), the 'Phonetic' layout is different and I do not use it, so cannot comment for it.
  2. Informative
    Cyberspirit got a reaction from Mitko_DSV in [POLL] How do you pause a video on YouTube?   
    You can scrub one frame at a time as well with , and .  or < and >
    Could be different on other layouts but on US layout those keys work. 😄
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    Cyberspirit reacted to Gale in Is Gaming Keyboard Nessesary?   
    I'd argue that, for most people, the difference between a working keyboard (basic membrane) and a good/great keyboard won't make that much of a difference. But once you experience that great keyboard with the perfect switches for you, you won't be able to go back.
    Going from a basic membrane keyboard to a fancy mechanical keyboard will give you diminishing returns. A $25 office keyboard is much more cost effective than a $100 mechanical keyboard. I'm not saying people shouldn't get a good keyboard, but rather, if you need to upgrade other peripherals, the keyboard can definitely wait. Though, that also depends on your wants and needs.
  4. Funny
    Cyberspirit reacted to Arika S in Download a Faster GPU! - This Method REALLY Works!   
    LTT is trialing resizable BAR graphs, and i have to say, this method REALLY doesn't work
  5. Agree
    Cyberspirit reacted to soldier_ph in Download a Faster GPU! - This Method REALLY Works!   
    The Floatplane title: "Time for a FREE upgrade - Nvidia Resizable BAR support" is much better but I don't like it that the word free is all capslocked. 
  6. Funny
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    Cyberspirit reacted to JLO64 in Intel offering AI software to bleep out gamer words   
    Can I just say that I find it hilarious that in 2021, gamers have a toggle for the n-word.
  8. Informative
    Cyberspirit got a reaction from TheCoder2019 in [POLL] How do you pause a video on YouTube?   
    I do a lot of multitasking so it depends on the situation but generally I either use spacebar or left click. I use K when scrubbing through a video with J or L.
  9. Like
    Cyberspirit reacted to Mitko_DSV in [POLL] How do you pause a video on YouTube?   
    I either use the spacebar or just left-click with the mouse somewhere in the video player. Depends which is easier, for example if my hand is on the mouse I use it, if I'm far from the mouse spacebar is easier to hit.
    I actually just learnt that that is a thing. I mean I use J,K,L when editing videos in Sony Vegas, but until now never knew it works on YouTube as well.
  10. Agree
    Cyberspirit reacted to GalacticRuler in [POLL] How do you pause a video on YouTube?   
    I saw this title in the feed, and I expected a genuine question on how to pause the video. I don't know what I was thinking.
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    Cyberspirit reacted to Uttamattamakin in Nvidia GPU Virtualization Hacked For GeForce Cards   
    Nvidia limits using one GPU as one or more virtual GPU's to its enterprise level products.  The ability exist in the silicon for GeForce but it is not enabled in the drivers.  Similar to how GeForce drivers would give error 43 when passed through in a VM.  However, we are not talking about passthrough but something similar to SR-IOV.  This allows one to use one GPU to run two separate operating systems by using hardware in the GPU to virtualize  a GPU.  That said logically there would be some limits to this from the nature of virtualization.   This is a hack so one must be comfortable with downloading code from github, patching kernel modules, etc.  That said, anyone who would really need this ability should be able to do this. 
    My thoughts
    My first response is hallelujah! Now if I can get my hands on a compatible GPU then I can accomplish all of my work and game on my desktop computer.  If I can get my hands on one I could run CUDA code in Mathematica or Matlab or Python modeling various theoretical physics situations and kill the time by gaming.  I could run Windows for the use of Microsoft Office for presenting power point content to my class in the best possible way, then capture that window and send it out over Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.  Not to mention using windows and Linux based tools at the same time for all purposes.  Then finally keeping everything stored redundantly on my raid array, and backed up with both online NAS and via external/removeable drives.  
    There are a few problems though.  Number one is the fact that to use this one needs.
    In terms of GPUs one would buy that would mean having according to VideoCardz:
    Any* 10 series card 1060 or better.
    Any* 20 series card 2070 Super or better. 
    Any 30 series card 3080 or better. 
    *Any such card with enough VRAM for this to make sense and enough horsepower to be more than a tech demo.  For example right now one can run CDUA code in WSL2.0 using Ubuntu for WSL 2 as a beta.  However, the performance is not great compare to bare metal, not even half.   
    If one does not have two GPU's (or an IGP or APU processor) anyway then using one 1080Ti as the display out for Linux and also to virtualize a GPU for Windows would be very limited.   Basically using VGPU does not unlock more power.  Instead it would reduce the power by at least half.    Half of the VRam, half of the CUDA cores, half of everything.   So  a GTX 1080Ti or even 1080 that can hold its own in games in terms of rasterization performance would be as weak as a 980.  
    For a card that is less than a 1080 this might not even be very functional for gaming.  Perhaps using it to virtualize Windows to run office apps alone this will work.  It would be like having a GT level card for your VM. 
    All of that said, while I can't risk it on my working computer during the school term I may try this out during the summer. If so then this would get me to computing nirvana. Since I have and will have a Ryzen APU to run my Linux desktop.  Thus the overall effect of virtualizing a Windows instance on my 1080 might be no different than running a game on it while also running a computation.   The only other way I could do this would be to build a new computer with enough expansion slots to get two dGPU's in addition to my APU.  So this will wave me from a lot of headache.  hallelujah, hallelujah, hallleeeeluuujah!.  

    However this would not be for everyone.   
     Nvidia's Virtualization Unlocked On Gaming GPUs via Hack | Tom's Hardware
    GitHub - DualCoder/vgpu_unlock: Unlock vGPU functionality for consumer grade GPUs. 
    Getting started with CUDA on Ubuntu on WSL 2 | Ubuntu
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    Cyberspirit reacted to Radium_Angel in Microsoft providing electronics upgrade to US military helmets.   
    Gives a whole new meaning to "Blue Screen of Death"
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    Cyberspirit reacted to HairlessMonkeyBoy in I was sure I would hate these…   
    Speak for yourself.
  14. Funny
    Cyberspirit reacted to Arika S in M1 upgradable!   
    what about a fluxed capacitor?

  15. Funny
    Cyberspirit reacted to Arika S in M1 upgradable!   
    Do you work for LTT with that click-bait bullshit title?
  16. Agree
    Cyberspirit reacted to davemc in What would you do with no gpu?   
    Buy a used card thats a little better than GT 710 class, such as a 750(ti), 950, 960, 580, ect
  17. Funny
    Cyberspirit reacted to dogwitch in LTT has a New Home...   
  18. Funny
    Cyberspirit reacted to The Gaige in HUGE PC upgrade... in a Van!   
    Any Verified Actual Gamer Program Information in the video
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  20. Informative
    Cyberspirit reacted to cowboyAs in ASUS:If we can't beat miner, than we become miner ourself......with your graphics card   
    English is not my mother tongue so sorry for grammar or wording mistake. 
    This story is happen in Taiwan.
    QuantumCloud is a sharing computing power platform lunched by ASUS.
    And ASUS hold a event, said if you borrow your graphics computing power card to us, we will use it at some good way like medical research, AI education and learning.
    As the reward, we will give you something like MyCard point or discount for food delivery service.
    But a guy found out the the parameter of program include "sparkpool", a ETH mining pool in China.

    So he doubt that this "program" is just using customers' computing power to mining. And according to the mining pool number in the parameter, there are over 1700 computer are working and expected benefit is 2.5ETH/day, means the owner of the mining pool can get 4 thousand dollars everyday without any cost.
    Here is the URL of the mining pool:
    And after this whole thing is posted on the greatest forum in Taiwan, ASUS did a little change on the website.

    Cloud computing application platforms are prevalent. We use the computing power shared by users to implement medical research, AI education and learning, image recognition machine learning step by step.

    Cloud computing application platforms are prevalent. We use the computing power shared by users to implement medical research, AI education and learning, image recognition machine learning, or blockchain applications step by step.
    Here is the source:
    Both are Chinese website, I hope someone who is good at both English and Chinese can explanation this whole thing better than me to people.
    I'm sorry for this long long article, I'm just a college students who lives in Taiwan and love Linus Tech Tips like everybody here. I think the high price of the graphic card is not ASUS's fault, it's just normal law of supply and demand. But if you fake that you are using our graphics card at good place like F@H but just try to gain some benefit, that's way too f**king over and I want not only the 23 million people know this.
    update:the URL of the mining pool can't work now.
    But we still got the address of the mining pool, so we can get some information in other website, here is one
    and value of the mining pool is $456,136.46…
    and here are some funny comments 

    I felt that's weird when FAQ said 6G VRAM is required.

    That's smart, and if people use a non-ASUS graphics card will be more better cause the cost of the warranty or logistics can pass on other label.
  21. Funny
    Cyberspirit reacted to CTR640 in Resizable BAR (Smart Access Memory) Now Available on Nvidia RTX 3000 Series GPUs   
    I almost read Smart Ass Memory, or I already did... RIP me.
  22. Agree
    Cyberspirit reacted to Master Disaster in NVIDIA to officially allow GPU passthrough to Windows VM from Linux host   
    Plus Linux will run on pretty much anything (as long as you go for a low weight DM like XFCE), you could just go buy a GT710 and use it to run Linux then pass your RTX through to Windows.
  23. Like
    Cyberspirit reacted to gjsman in NVIDIA to officially allow GPU passthrough to Windows VM from Linux host   
    Today, NVIDIA announced that they will officially support the ability to have a Windows VM on a Linux host and passthrough a GPU to it. Although this was technically possible earlier, NVIDIA made it very difficult with Error 43 on their consumer hardware, requiring gamers to try preventing NVIDIA's drivers from knowing they were running inside a VM. With this change, running a Linux operating system as your daily driver and having a Windows VM for certain games is now easily possible.
    However, NVIDIA can't do anything without a catch. Because this is not SR-IOV, you will need 2 GPUs: 1 for Linux, and 1 being passed through to Windows. Which, considering the GPU shortage, means this is a shallow victory.
    My thoughts
    I'm happy, but at the same time, a bit miffed that this isn't SR-IOV with the ability to split a GPU into parts (like you can with CPU cores), so the requirement for 2 GPUs is quite unfortunate.
  24. Funny
    Cyberspirit reacted to Murasaki in How far will Intel GO?   
    How far? About 14nm.
  25. Funny
    Cyberspirit reacted to BuckGup in Xiaomi launches Mi 11 Ultra; What a beast   
    You make some rather bold claims but I think I agree with you on them