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  1. Yeah i thought something was wrong with the bios then i cleared
  2. GREAT now the new hd is making the same noise that the old one that was broken
  3. sometimes it boots in to windows after the blue screen but is soo slow for some reason
  4. Well i was having a problem with my hd and i sent to seagate warrenty, and after getting the new one and installing windows 10, same problem blue screen and critical_progress_died is strange every thing is in the right place and i was using normally, the strangest thing is that when i install ubuntu EVERY thing works just fine, obviously i know they are totally diferent operational systems but why the f*ck windows don't work. Always happen the same thing i install windows every thing is fine and then after 30-40 mins the thing just stop working, someone knows how to fix it i've tried to clear
  5. hello, when i say shut down i mean it just disconnects from the pc, like the computer don´t detects the hdd and it's my secondary hard drive i use for store games only, i've changed the sata cable and now hd sentinel don't detects any bad sectors now, the hd just shut off i don't know why i've tried alot of stuff like using the seagate app to restore the hd nothing happens tried changing the sata connection to the motherboard and nothing and sorry for taking soo long to reply
  6. it's failing beacuse have 8 bad sectors am backing up every thing that i'll need and i'll try to repair with seatools
  7. no i've checked the cables it´s all right i run a short DST test on the hdd and fail some one knows how to fix it ?
  8. yeah it's new and i've checked several times but every thing is right am going to try the app thanks
  9. I've installed a new HDD some months ago but for the last 2 months it just turn off when am downloading something when am playing i don't know what is happening when i went to the device Manager and search for alterations in the hardware the computer detects the HDD. the hdd is a seagate barracuda 1TB
  10. the microphone just stop working i used it yesterday and it was normal i really don´t know what is happening i tried to update the drivers but i can´t find anywhere i tried to turn off the pc and turn on again and still have the same problem when i try to listen to my on sound on the configurations of the microphone it just have a strange noise but i can´t listen to my voice someone knows a site where i can download the drivers or how to fix this problem
  11. Ok thanks for the explanetion but It i still having problems with the letter font And the clock still have a Square between the hour And the minutes do You know what is the letter font that the Windows 10 is packed with?
  12. I opened the system configuration And then i went to boot And advenced settings And there have a option tô enable the other cores after that the coputer asks to reset
  13. i saw a video on yt that helps on the fps on some games and i saw that if you are using all the cores it would have a better performence but after doing it and seen that my performance was worst i get back to only one core and now am seeing some errors that it cause on the windows like the clock now have a square on the middle the Letter font is changed to worst i would like to know if have a way to fix it without re installing windows (thats the only way i found on a lot of sites that show how to get windows to the fabric state) ps:am using windows 10
  14. hello i had a old computer and i fix it, i get a new gpu and cpu but , in some games i have bottleneck like fallout 4 , and in some cases i don't get the full potencial of the gtx 1050ti , this is the rig -MOBO M5A78L-M/USB3-CPU fx 8300-GPU Geforce GTX 1050 Ti gigabyte non oc/one fan -1xHD 2TB-PSU mtek 750w real * i know sound like a chinese crappy psu but i researched and is the 750w real -RAM 16gb Kingston ddr3-cooler Deep cool Gammaxx 300 i get a good temperature is possible to do a overclock ?