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  1. No, you have to twist the top portion clockwise and pull up on it to reset the pin.
  2. If you only need a computer for basics tasks and do not intend on upgrading it later on, building it yourself with the unstable prices might not be the best option at the moment. Getting a decommissioned office desktop will be cheaper and will suffice for web browsing etc.
  3. I would recommend to look past the specs for laptops. Build quality, batter life and thermal design are very important, and will influence the laptops performance and durability. Make sure to read a thorough review to make sure the laptop you chose doesn't throttle excessively under load. As for the exact configuration you chose, a 128GB SSD is really tiny, and going for a 500GB SSD rather than a HDD/SSD combo is a better option imo. The laptop also has 20GB of Ram, indicating a 16GB stick and 4GB of soldered ram, meaning no dual-channel, which is crucial to get decent performance out of the V
  4. Depends on PSU, if it's from a reputable manufacturer, and is rated for continuous 650W, not peak you should be good.
  5. I suspect that due to the current situation, supply chain strategies used until now are insufficient to meet the demand for online orders. Crucial products have the priority when it comes to on-time and reliable deliveries. Unless the infrastructure changes, and more resources are dedicated to supply chain optimization and management, more and more newly released tech products (usually manufactured in Asia) will be out of stock soon after release.
  6. It is true that taller aspect ratios have become the norm, but you have to consider that the top and bottom bezels have become much smaller in the past few years, hence the "longer" screens. I do agree that phones have become to large to be comfortable though. I remember when I got a 5" Moto G a few years ago it felt really large in comparison to the iPhone 3G I was upgrading from, now it would be considered a small phone.
  7. Going for a kit will ensure compatibility. We do not know the specifications of the computer, operating system etc. It's hard to recommend something without any extra information. Also, 4GB of ram will be the bare minimum for modern machines.
  8. 1.How are you measuring your resource usage? If you are alt-tabbing out of the game to check usage in task manager, it is obviously going to drop. 2. Please get a higher quality power supply. 3. The 1660 isn't a very powerful card, possible that there is a bit of a bottleneck, hence the lower CPU usage. 4. 73C isn't too hot for a Gpu 5. Some punctuation will make your posts more readable, so more people will be willing to help
  9. Since new 24" monitors can be had for around $100 I doubt you could get more than $40-$50 for a older used one.
  10. 1. Pixel 3A 2. 6 months 3. Yes 4. 2.5 years Pixel 2 XL, 3 Years iPhone 5C
  11. If you want to be sure about ram compatibility, check the board manufacturers website for validated kits. You won't have to reinstall windows (probably) but it is a good practice to do so to avoid stability issues.
  12. I don't really think that your limited edition card is old enough to have any collector value. I would just try to sell at market price for any used 980ti.
  13. If you are buying PC parts with an intent of upgrading in the near future, you might want to just wait a little longer and build the computer exactly as you want it. Unless it's very time sensitive and you need a computer now.
  14. Once you install Windows on your new drive and move any data you need over from the old one, you can format it by using the program called diskmgmt.msc.
  15. I would just buy a NUC for that price and use case. It's small, elegant and sips power.