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    Computers (duuuh), Metal fabrication, carpentry, 4WD-ing, Utes, Guns, Gaming, Motorbikes, Mass Effect


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    AMD R7 1700
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    Asrock AB350m Pro4
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    Corsair DDR4 LPX
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    XFX RX480 8Gb
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    Thermaltake core V21
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    1x Sandisk, 1x 960 evo NVME samsung m.2 250Gb, 320Gb hdd
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    Silverstone Strider 700w bronze 80+
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    Benq GL2760h, ViewSonic 18.5
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    BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 3
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    TT Esports Challenger Prime
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    Logitech G402
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    Logitech z506
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit

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  1. @mr moose liberals plan was trash beyond belief. an its implementation is god awful. for 6 months after the blow in contractors put in the lines in the most half assed effort ever the majority of the town had speeds of 200Kbps. constant drop outs. it took ages for telstra to be assed to send someone out to fix the damn lines. its not that they hate the rural towns, its that they couldn't be fucked helping them. they dont have to put in new lines. WiFi was developed in australia. at CSIRO. you think we might look to it for a alternative. rather than having to dig all the lines up. labors
  2. yeah i been looking for months. and honestly there aint much out here. so far what i have is the best offer... the only one with out a data cap. yeah from 7am-1am onpeak times. the data caps here are predatory as hell
  3. ladies an gentlemen the typical argument from someone who doesn't know crap about rural areas. so here are some things id like to point out, liberal axed labors nbn plan and the whole "cheaper" thing was BS. it has cost more, and its worse. also if they Fixed the lines up out here they would be saving money because they wouldn't have to be constantly putting bandaids on 40+ yr old lines that are constantly failing. the short term recoup wouldn't be be there. the long term they would make money because they wouldn't have to constantly repair the lines. ever week or 2 there is a telstra
  4. westnet. an worst part is, this is the best speeds an deal about, speeds are ... well ass, here. the data and prices are a joke. and more over when something goes wrong it can take 2 weeks to ... well 3yrs an counting for things to get fixed. 350Gbs and 3.5Mbps for $70 is a joke, specially when you look globally.
  5. so here is a little story for some people to look at. https://www.cnet.com/news/kellyville-green-box-represents-everything-wrong-with-australia-internet-speeds-nbn/ the slogan was "faster internet for all of Australia" but im pretty sure the fine print said "unless you are one of those 2nd-3rd rate citizens that is in rural areas, then you can just burn for 4 months straight. here is the fun thing, at home we are paying $70 a month for 350Gb of data at 3.5Mbps. an when we go over we get hit with a 128kbps shaping. we pay more for data because... we live out of town. so apparent
  6. https://techcrunch.com/2017/11/13/ea-response-to-battlefront-ii-complaint-is-the-most-downvoted-comment-in-reddit-history/ EA a true service. doing what they do best, screw people. all i have to say is "I really hope all the ex westwood employees where apart of this!, FOR HOUSE ATREIDES!"
  7. I am throwing this out there, Bryan from Tech YES city for next scrapyard wars! and steve from hardware Unboxed
  8. true enough, but still not a good enough reason to neglect the obvious problems that plague the game.
  9. im guessing in the EULA it is written "devs can fuck this game up at will and will not apologise for it nor fix it" but it is a very sad truth that alot of them show very little care about the player base. its not like people didn't straight up complain about these things. Rust changed some many things in such a short time that thousands of people left. JRust was a great server when i played, then they changed the game style from BP hunting to XP. not only was the XP system garbage. but servers straight up died out, so they changed it to another type of XP system. and kept changing it until
  10. yeah i am not great with my whole layout and correct style of writting, i am a mechanically minded person, id much rather weld stuff together rather than sit and read up on how to write stuff properly. but hey i can understand the whole wanting stuff to be properly done, but than again i also don't care if you aren't going to vomit because i wrote in a way that upsets you
  11. but our money. when they make game breaking choices its not like a community shouldn't be aloud to ask for things to be fixed. and changing shit in a game that ruins it then not fix that. idgaf if they own it, its not a good enough reason to ruin it. it might be a game as you say. but if apple or samsung decided to release a phone breaking update no one would sit quietly for that. as is people are pissed off about the no headphone jack. im not saying the people should govern the show. but if you spend the money on a product, you shuold have some say especially if a company still has some contr
  12. Ok so the 3 games i tagged have all suffered from idiot devs, my biggest complaint about survival games is really going to be what the devs actually do in these games, RUST for starters WAS one of the most popular games before the devs messed with the BP system. rather than consult the player base they upped and removed it along with other things in the game which pissed players off. 7 days to die had the mining system completely destroyed stupidly, rather than do some digging and have a great place to set up shop. they came along and ruined it, put in some stuff that would of made the game fu
  13. how is mine funny ?? Its Tali'Zorah. she is adorable!!!
  14. yeah i figured as much. but at any case there is always fun things to make. personally im planning on making a mount that fits in a window and exhausts heat from my room and PC. dry climate with a evap aircon this would work in theory and more or less in prac as well
  15. im find with self fab, im a sheetmetal fabricator by trade. im just looking into other peoples thoughts on the matter. designing stuff like that isn't too hard, making it attractive and flexible, makes it a little farder, its making a product people want that is the hard part