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  1. Hello People...


    I am looking to upgrade my system to a crossfire setup, however from all the places i have searched i could not find a ASUS 7970 TOP Edition. I understand that I can use other 7970s however considering the aesthetics and look of the PC, I would be extremely pleased if someone could find a TOP edition 7970. 


    I live in Australia, so international shipping would be nice. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hm well they are both great headphones but I found the pads on the Sonys to be more comfortable because they are softer but they are smaller than the COP and is more comfortable to carry around. I think the Sony wins in terms of being more friendly to on the go and the detachable mic doesn't have a locking mechanism so it can be used with any 3.5mm cable which is a huge plus. Sound-wise, the Sonys have thumpier bass. I don't remember too much about the COP other than I was disappointed in them since I came from DT770s and I find those to be better sounding. I couldn't find a setting on the bass ports that I actually liked and on the contrary, I like the Sonys the first time I put it on. Long story short, I'm much happier with the MDR 1R and they're currently my on the go headphones for work. 


    Thank you. I think I will probably settle with the MDR 1R's then. Just one last thing do you have any information on the Sennheiser Momentums?

  3. Hi,


    I live in an area where there aren't many electronic stores, therefore have to buy most of my devices online. Hence whenever I am buying headphones I cannot listen to them personally, unless i buy them. 


    So i wanted to know, according to you guys do the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros sound better or do the Sony MDR-1R sound better.


    I listen to various genres such as indie folk, little bit of pop, some EDMs etc.


    If you guys have different headphone suggestions that would be nice.


    Thanks in advance!

  4. I bought my SE315 about a month ago and am very pleased with the result.

    These are my carry around earplugs so they don't need to be the BEST sound quality but they need a good quality so that i dont mind putting them in.

    If you can wait and don't mind spending the cash, go for the 425/535.

    But they both do a damn fine job.



    The SE215 is great value, just be prepared to eventually replace the cables with something from FiiO, as the wires in the bit that wraps around your ears tends to break. Alternatively, if you can get logitech to ship you some replacement cables for the UE900 then you can use those too.


    FiiO replacement cable: http://www.fiio.com.cn/products/index.aspx?ID=100000042227825&MenuID=105026014

    UE900 replacement cable: http://buy.logitech.com/DRHM/store?Action=DisplayProductDetailsPage&SiteID=logib2c&Locale=en_US&ThemeID=37443000&Env=BASE&productID=264647900


    The sound on the 215s is quite balanced, with tightly controlled bass. The 315s have better mids so may be better if you listen to a lot of vocal music. I would say go for the 215s unless you have some serious cash for the 425/535.



    I have the Se 215, They sound good enough. But if you can go for the 425.


    Also they are durable, can be in a washing machine, or take any sort of abuse really. 



    So from what I have read this is what I understand:


    SE215's are a very good bang for the buck, however if I have enough money the SE425/535's will be better.

  5. Hey, so I have been considering the Shure SE Series, but I don't know which model is the best value for money... 

    Is it worth it to fish out more money for the SE315 over the SE215, or is it better going all out on the SE425 over the SE315.

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Budget: 


    $100 to $300


    Key Features:


    Removable or extremely durable cable, Good noise isolation, Comfort


    Type of Music:


    Indie Folk, Daft Punk and classic rock.


    Considered IEMs


    Shure SE425, Sennheiser CX980, Bose IE2, Etymotic ER - 4  / HF5

  7. General consensus is that the 770s do most of what the COP do better and for cheaper. The COP look nice, though.


    Yea, based off my use, I will be moving them around quite a bit, so I would lean towards the One Pros, due to their look.

    Also the adjustable bass, that caught my attention

  8. Hey, so I have been looking for a pair of new headphones and I came across the Custom One Pros, all I want is some feedback on the Custom One Pros, thanks!


    Genres I listen to:


    Daft Punk

    Indie Folk (Mostly This)

    Classic Rock 


    Location of use:


    Train, Home, Travel and Walking to and from school


    Other Headphones considered:


    Sennheiser Momentums




    $200 to $400 

  9. They actually look pretty interesting, that adjustable bass port is really smart idea the only thing i personally don't like is that there quiet large headphones and they don't fold up into a carrying case but sound wise they seem better than the M100s.


    Yeah, the only thing holding me back is the size of it. 

  10. There's only one store i know of that sells the M100s in Australia but their located in Victoria which doesn't really help you, but my friend has them and I've used them and their great headphones no matter what but there tuned more for bass heavy music like bigroom and dubstep but also still have a lot of clarity. I'm actually saving up to get the M100s myself it's just depends on if you'd prefer cleaner bass or clearer vocals.


    Recently, I got recommended the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros and I am slowly shifting directions towards them. The adjustable bass and the customisation of the product really caught my attention. 

  11. The best thing I have done is to get a pair of custom silicone sleeves for my IEM's, I had them made so they fit most IEM's with the 4.5mm nozzle. Right now I am using them with a pair of JVC FX700, but I have used them with JVC J33i, Brainwavz S1, Some random Sony's, cheap ass HiSound Audio ones and many more. What is special about these... they fit my ears perfectly, I get a better seal and deep insertion every time. Also they are super comfortable, more comfortable than any other IEM I have tried.




    So if you go IEM route, this is one of the things that will make things a lot more comfortable.


    Otherwise, between the Momentum and the V-Moda, I think it is a matter of preference. Basically go out and see if you can listen to them both somewhere. Preferably A/B test them to see what floats your boat more. You are the one going to listen to them, not us.


    Thanks for the reply, 


    I have thought about IEM's but I don't really need them as I consider my CX270 good enough for me. 


    Also I do not know where I can try out the V-Moda M100, I live in Sydney, Australia. 

  12. What's your price range? I don't think you put it in the OP




    I can purchase anything from $200 to $400. So anything that fits my needs within that price range would be fine.




    Why headphones? Go get Senneheiser IE80, here they cost around 190€ and sound better then the momentum and are more comfortable.

    If it must be headphones for some reason, get the V moda I guess.



    The reason for this is that I already have decent In-Ears, and I thought that headphones would deliver better sound than in-ears.

  13. If you're into vocals and indie music, neutral may be the best to suit your needs, so you don't cover up the vocals with excessive bass/highs etc.

    Maybe rolled off treble will suit your needs to, something that's bass+mid "centric". (People call this "warm")


    I listen to a lot of slow paced acoustic music, and I find that a flat frequency response suits my needs really well.

    I think @ShearMe listens to tons of indie / rock / folk / acoustic music, he wakes up anytime now he should be able to help more.


    Are these two cans your only options?


    Thanks for the reply.


    Firstly I am into vocals and indie music however I also do listen to a lot of Daft Punk and house music. BUT from what you have stated I think the "warm" sound can suit both types of music.


    Secondly these two headphones I have considered due to their design and, from what I have heard, "good" sound quality. However if you have any other suggestions that suit my needs that would be great. 


    PS. I have considered the ATH M40x but they seemed too big and I didn't really like their design.

  14. Hey guys, so I have been considering these two headphones. I listen to a fair mix of music genres, but to point out a few they are: Folk/Indie Folk, Daft Punk and a little bit of rock.


    From what i have heard, the V-MODA has more bass than the Momentums, while the Momentums are better for the vocals and stuff. So I am not too sure in which better suits my style of music. Thanks in advance.

  15. I mean the Sennheiser 598s, Custom One Pros, or ATH M50x (Personal Favorite, Used them all)



    v-moda m100's are pretty solid but have a style to them. mdr 1r's have a nice style; m50x's are pretty solid for anyone with style. Momentums sound really nice and have a good style plus you can get them painted at colorware to look even better.



    Momentums are hit or miss, the Custom One Pro is a better choice generally. B&W P7's are nice, as are rolled M100's. 


    Thanks for the replies. The thing about Audio Technica's are that they seem pretty big, that the only thing thats stopping me from considering them. The V Moda look good, but are they "better" than the Sennheiser momentums? Also not really liking the B&W P7's design.

  16. I am looking for a pair of quality over-ear headphones which are stylish in look and great in sound. I have my eyes set on the Sennheiser Momentums but I would like to know if there other headphones out there that are better.


    My budget is anything from $200 to $400.