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  1. I already own a 7970, I am just trying to find one more card to have crossfire. Thanks anyway Ah I realise what you mean.. Sorry. I will look into it. Thanks
  2. Hello People... I am looking to upgrade my system to a crossfire setup, however from all the places i have searched i could not find a ASUS 7970 TOP Edition. I understand that I can use other 7970s however considering the aesthetics and look of the PC, I would be extremely pleased if someone could find a TOP edition 7970. I live in Australia, so international shipping would be nice. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have a ASUS 7970 TOP, and I am not sure if I should upgrade to a newer card like the 290, or to just pick up another 7970 and go Crossfire... Thanks in advance. PS. Power Supply is capable to run multiple cards
  4. From what I have head the Momentums apparently sound better than the MDR-1Rs. What are your thoughts?
  5. Jussy

    What sounds better?

    Thank you. I think I will probably settle with the MDR 1R's then. Just one last thing do you have any information on the Sennheiser Momentums?
  6. Hi, I live in an area where there aren't many electronic stores, therefore have to buy most of my devices online. Hence whenever I am buying headphones I cannot listen to them personally, unless i buy them. So i wanted to know, according to you guys do the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros sound better or do the Sony MDR-1R sound better. I listen to various genres such as indie folk, little bit of pop, some EDMs etc. If you guys have different headphone suggestions that would be nice. Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks Linus for all your videos. Everyday I look forward to your videos!
  8. Ah Ok, Thanks then I think i will settle with the SE215's/SE315's.
  9. The 535's are too expensive, I'm more interested in the 425's if they are worth the money.
  10. So from what I have read this is what I understand: SE215's are a very good bang for the buck, however if I have enough money the SE425/535's will be better.
  11. Hey, so I have been considering the Shure SE Series, but I don't know which model is the best value for money... Is it worth it to fish out more money for the SE315 over the SE215, or is it better going all out on the SE425 over the SE315. Thanks in advance!
  12. Jussy

    New IEMs...

    Budget: $100 to $300 Key Features: Removable or extremely durable cable, Good noise isolation, Comfort Type of Music: Indie Folk, Daft Punk and classic rock. Considered IEMs Shure SE425, Sennheiser CX980, Bose IE2, Etymotic ER - 4 / HF5
  13. Hey, so my IEMs just died... and I'm looking for some good quality IEMs that sound great and have an extremely sturdy cable, I'm good at wrecking the cable . Anything around $50 to $100 should be great.
  14. What type of music do you listen to?
  15. Yea, based off my use, I will be moving them around quite a bit, so I would lean towards the One Pros, due to their look. Also the adjustable bass, that caught my attention
  16. Hey, so I have been looking for a pair of new headphones and I came across the Custom One Pros, all I want is some feedback on the Custom One Pros, thanks! Genres I listen to: Daft Punk Indie Folk (Mostly This) Classic Rock Location of use: Train, Home, Travel and Walking to and from school Other Headphones considered: Sennheiser Momentums Budget: $200 to $400
  17. Yeah, the only thing holding me back is the size of it.
  18. Recently, I got recommended the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros and I am slowly shifting directions towards them. The adjustable bass and the customisation of the product really caught my attention.
  19. Thanks for the reply, I have thought about IEM's but I don't really need them as I consider my CX270 good enough for me. Also I do not know where I can try out the V-Moda M100, I live in Sydney, Australia.
  20. I can purchase anything from $200 to $400. So anything that fits my needs within that price range would be fine. The reason for this is that I already have decent In-Ears, and I thought that headphones would deliver better sound than in-ears.
  21. Thanks for the reply. Firstly I am into vocals and indie music however I also do listen to a lot of Daft Punk and house music. BUT from what you have stated I think the "warm" sound can suit both types of music. Secondly these two headphones I have considered due to their design and, from what I have heard, "good" sound quality. However if you have any other suggestions that suit my needs that would be great. PS. I have considered the ATH M40x but they seemed too big and I didn't really like their design.
  22. Hey guys, so I have been considering these two headphones. I listen to a fair mix of music genres, but to point out a few they are: Folk/Indie Folk, Daft Punk and a little bit of rock. From what i have heard, the V-MODA has more bass than the Momentums, while the Momentums are better for the vocals and stuff. So I am not too sure in which better suits my style of music. Thanks in advance.
  23. The Word. The Faith. The Save.

  24. Thanks for the replies. The thing about Audio Technica's are that they seem pretty big, that the only thing thats stopping me from considering them. The V Moda look good, but are they "better" than the Sennheiser momentums? Also not really liking the B&W P7's design.
  25. I am looking for a pair of quality over-ear headphones which are stylish in look and great in sound. I have my eyes set on the Sennheiser Momentums but I would like to know if there other headphones out there that are better. My budget is anything from $200 to $400.