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    SLCH reacted to StDragon in Linus Torvalds rants against Intel's ECC market segmentation practices   
    Linus Torvalds calls out Intel's BS market segmentation practices with regards to ECC memory usage and adoption within the industry
    My thoughts
    I've known this for 20+ years. Intel reserves ECC compatibility near exclusively for their Xeon lineup. There are rare SKUs for Core series, but those are usually for embedded appliance usage.
    And while bit-flip errors are rare, they do happen. Its only going to get worse as density increase. ECC being a mainstream option is long overdue IMHO.
    Google published a paper on this back in 2009 for anyone interested in the read.

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    SLCH got a reaction from Origami Cactus in Internet time synced non-smartwatch   
    Never heard of radio clocks.
    But that's kinda what i originally what i was looking for (before finding hybrids).
    Looks great, thanks @Origami Cactus, @iBabySlapper !
    You can even setup your own radio signal, interesting.
    @spwath Ye, $500 is a bit too much for me  Still an option though.
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    SLCH reacted to LinusTech in I found a channel that steals LTT videos   
    We consider this sort of content highly transformative and therefore protected by fair use.
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    SLCH reacted to leadeater in An Open Letter to Linus Tech Tips from The Passthrough Post   
    Probably more than a few angles to look at this. I can understand the VFIO  community wishing that they were consulted but it's typically not as easy as that. Sure it's a nice idea but there's some practical issues like who actually are the people that run the VFIO community, how well can they be trusted and relied on etc along with the problem that once you have to interact with an external entity it adds on logistical complications for the LMG staff that could impact resourcing and scheduling.
    Linus as far as I know very rarely reaches out for advice from the LTT community, in the way VFIO wants. Personally Linus has asked me once and I know that is because he didn't have an alternative person who he's got an existing working relationship with like Wendell. It's not enough that he knows I'm knowledgeable (IT professional) in the areas he's doing a video on, there needs to be a better reason than that to bring in external advice and rely on that for what is a business project that generates revenue. Who am I? Just some guy on the internet who knows some stuff, there's thousands and thousands of those.
    When you publish a guide on how to do something you have no idea who is going to read or follow it, it may just happen to be someone with a large public profile who publicizes this action, like this situation. Most internet guides have issues with rigorous testing of them under many different environments to ensure that it will work for those using it as well as lacking typical errors and what they mean along with troubleshooting procedures, most paid software companies fail at this.
    Most LTT guides tend to be more "this is what we did" rather than "this is how to do it correctly", even the latter is actually a hard one to go around stating/doing as many will raise counter points so unless you're the primary source it's best to not frame guides or advice that way. When they are wrong or lack some information or could be done in a better way it can be frustrating to see but the way I've always looked at it is this is educational entertainment, watching someone try and fail or do something wrong is still educational and actually very entertaining. I've given Linus a fair bit of stick more than once for getting stuff wrong but he knows, I think, that I don't really mean it. I highly enjoy his failures more than his successes.
    But I know how the VFIO community feels to an extent, the reason I joined this forum was because of the 2 Gamers 1 CPU (unRAID) video which from my standpoint was leading people towards unwise purchasing and technical decisions. I voiced my opinion in the official topic for that video and then hung out in the Network and Servers And NAS (once it got created) sub-forums advising people asking about that video and wanting to do it on better and/or cheaper options that would be much more reliable and easier to use. Myself and about 2 or 3 other members were doing this, that continued after every video that featured unRAID and honestly it wasn't that much effort from us so I can't really see how it's such a big problem for VFIO. Annoying sure.
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    SLCH reacted to Enderman in 18-21:9 ratio TVs   
    Right here, go buy one if you have a spare $120 000
  6. Informative
    SLCH reacted to PlayStation 2 in 18-21:9 ratio TVs   
    For a short period of time, they did exist. 
    The problem was that they existed well before Ultra HD became a thing. Not to mention most non-movie content (and many movies, as a matter of fact) are shot at 16:9 or in lower ratios.
    Also, 21:9 isn't exactly correspondent to how films are shot; 21:9 is something like 2.33ish:1.
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    SLCH reacted to LinusTech in BYOC ticket question   
    I'll also weigh-in here and say that it's not going to be much fun to have a BYOC ticket without a computer..
    This is not a "DreamHack event" like they put on in other cities. It's a "LAN Party powered by DreamHack".
    With no PC you'll just be standing there watching others game at night.
    As long as you know what you're getting yourself into, then it's up to you, though.
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    SLCH reacted to LinusTech in How many cores can a Plex server utilise simultaneously for one stream?   
    I know it really struggles with subtitles on 4k content. Something about that aspect of the process being single-threaded. 
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    SLCH reacted to imreloadin in VPS " Virtual Private Server "   
    Ahh so you want a torrent box...
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    SLCH reacted to LinusTech in (UPDATED - Claim has been removed) The Linux Gamer's response video to LTT got claimed by Fullscreen   
    This is an excellent explanation of how these things work. 
    I'd like to add that as long as the creator who gets the automated claim disputes it in a timely manner, there is no lost revenue during the period while it was "claimed". 
    I've been down at IBM Think for the last couple of days and this thread is the first I'm hearing of this issue.. Aaaand it's already resolved. 
    So, as far as I can tell, everything is working as it should...ish
    We have noticed a significant uptick in copyright claims in the last couple of weeks, though, with some of them being in really really old content which suggests youtube has made some kind of change to ContentID and we've been trying to figure out how to address it.
    We are generally pretty supportive of the creation of derivative works by our community and we want to make sure that they aren't being algorithmically claimed, but this change has caused other issues for us too. I woke up the other morning to a handful of claims made against Tech Quickie by LTT... Can't have that. 
    I'm sure this will be resolved, but it's probably going to take some time for youtube to get their crap in order, as usual. 
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    SLCH reacted to LinusTech in Where is Ivan and Luke   
    Ivan is no longer with us, I'm afraid. 
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    SLCH reacted to LinusTech in Linus's Jeans   
    Urban Star from Costco.
    The old ones were better (deeper pockets).
    They aren't great quality - like the fly is waaay offset from center on many of my pairs - but the stretchy material and loose fit make them crazy comfy.
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    SLCH reacted to LinusTech in Does anyone know what app or how is Linus monitoring his kids phone?   
    It's called "family link" . 
  14. Funny
    SLCH reacted to LinusTech in Floatplane?! Bitwit subs, please read :)   
    Gonna check in with Kyle and make sure he's not having any trouble!
  15. Informative
    SLCH reacted to LinusTech in Titles are getting worse (proposal)   
    We've got it on pretty good authority that Google basically ignores tags on YouTube. I wouldn't be surprised if they remove the feature at some point..
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    SLCH reacted to LinusTech in Floatplane is Dissapointing...No?   
    There's no sales pitch because it's not ready for heavy promotion. 
    The barriers are intentional right now to filter out anyone with high expectations considering what a small, bootstrap operation it is. 
    The backers on the site are getting early access to creators, yes, but they are also super fans who are contributing just to see us build this thing and to support us. 
    Someday it will be ready for the mainstream (both creators and viewers) but we don't want to take it out of the oven before it's cooked. 
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    SLCH reacted to LinusTech in Floatplane worth it?   
  18. Informative
    SLCH got a reaction from Paul Rudd in [GOG] SOMA for free   
    i liked the story very much.
    someone might be less fond of it tho.
    Ending is unrealistic tho, but still was a good experience.
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    SLCH got a reaction from TechyBen in The gaming PC days are NUMBERED! (Sponsored)   
    Cloud gaming is fine.
    If you put your cloud server in your closet 
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    SLCH reacted to Paul Rudd in [[EDITED in NEW LOW PRICE on R6S]] Another FREE game on Steam until 12/19   
    Geneshift A GTA-inspired battle royale where each round lasts only two minutes. Use exploding cars, miniguns, invisibility, and more to outplay friends in tactical online combat. Loot for special powers, build secret bases, and be the last man standing.
    Bonus Games:
    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is at a historical low right now over at UPlay.
    Tom Clancy's The Division is also at a historical low right now over at UPlay.
    There's other decent prices on other games over at UPlay but they're not exactly historical lows so I didn't mention them.
    EDIT: I have just found out that Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is even cheaper right now over at UPlay. Only $8.99 instead of the $12.00 price above.
  21. Informative
    SLCH reacted to LinusTech in December 14, 2018 - The WAN Show Document   
    Yeah I forgot to post it
  22. Informative
    SLCH reacted to LinusTech in Shady stuff with PC secret shopper dell,maingear,ibuy,HP   
    Same card with same billing address (NOT the office, but my personal address) was used for all systems. Can't have an employee putting $10,000 CAD on their card. Not really appropriate. 
    We have no reason to think that anyone put 2+2 together for these purchases. 
    As was pointed out earlier in this thread, Yvonne Ho (not Sebastian) is not an obvious link to LTT for the VAST majority of people. The folks on this forum are an exception. 
    Also, only the billing department and customer care saw this. Pre-sales did not. 
    Another thing, there was no obvious tone shift in Maingear, for example once they realized who they were talking to. If we'd noticed we were getting special treatment we'd have called back to get another rep for sure (as it is we dealt with the first rep we talked to for everyone) 
    PS if Maingear was in on it, don't you think they'd have shipped us a more powerful system? Lol... 
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    SLCH got a reaction from asus killer in The gaming PC days are NUMBERED! (Sponsored)   
    Cloud gaming is fine.
    If you put your cloud server in your closet 
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    SLCH reacted to Neftex in The gaming PC days are NUMBERED! (Sponsored)   
    alienating your user base just for shitty sponsored video, cant say i expect more from you nowadays
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    SLCH reacted to corrado33 in The gaming PC days are NUMBERED! (Sponsored)   
    Yeah I googled after I posted. Apparently even intel iGPUs can play 4k 60fps youtube videos. However, this company highly recommends a non-integrated GPU. Specifically an NVIDIA GPU. They are surprisingly.... vague on the actual PC requirements.