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  1. So. There is gsmarena with their best search on phones with any option available ( https://www.gsmarena.com/search.php3? ) Is there any similar kind of search but with cars?
  2. Guide on digitizing/ripping old recordings of VHS. With small talk about technical side of recordings on tape compared to modern ones. With choice of capture devices like elgato or devices marketed specifically as vhs-to-digital on amazon. With better program choice (h265 encoding, ffmpeg, better presets, ready solutions or your code).
  3. Never heard of radio clocks. But that's kinda what i originally what i was looking for (before finding hybrids). Looks great, thanks @Origami Cactus, @iBabySlapper ! You can even setup your own radio signal, interesting. @spwath Ye, $500 is a bit too much for me Still an option though.
  4. Searched more. I guess something like https://www.withings.com/eu/en/watches Would appreciate other variants UPDATE: TLDR What i was looking for is called / searched by keywords "hybrid (smart)watches"
  5. Hi! Is there any non-smartwatch in existence that can sync time with internet/phone? I guess it would be paired via bluetooth, nfc or wifi hotspot. In my mind it's something like "Casio W-800H-1A" but with ability to synchronize it's time with my phone every 6-24 hours.
  6. Captcha is gone, so is the issue with fonts. Something wrong with fonts hosting + CloudFlare? @sodar There was a thread somewhere, but i myself could not find it, so created a new one.
  7. Ye, still here after opening in incognito with no extensions. So is captcha.
  8. 1) PIA VPN + Floatplane on desktop = CAPTCHA everyday (now that i went to this forum, it also requested a captcha, using pia france server atm) 2) Fonts don't load after that:
  9. Solved the issue. TLDR: It was a combo of bad (expired?) vpn certificate and dying router. Was not sure what was the exact issue with connectivity as described in topic post. But now router started dying completely - after continuous load it required > 10 minutes of powered off state to start operating again. Ok, replaced it expecting to solve all my problems. Yes, home network had no issues no more, but pia would still disconnect randomly. Went to their website to check if i was doing something wrong with my configuration. At account page there appeared a link to ovpn
  10. I have such issue. Thought it's just me, but today found another person with the same issue. Does anyone else experience it? Any solutions? Using pia's ovpn profiles on networkmanager on arch linux. Running it 24/7. NM tells me that authentication failed. Usually happens every 1-2 days at night ~1-2am gmt+0, but also happens at other times. Could be the network, but my own ovpn server connection (previously main, now backup) stays connected. Set up ping with 5s interval, but that did not help much besides fix another issue with random connection drops
  11. "Pro", huh? $1k phone incoming
  12. Where are they? Aren't movies shot in such ratio? Avengers IW was shot in 1.90:1 and cropped to 2.39:1( wiki - release - home video )
  13. i liked the story very much. someone might be less fond of it tho. Ending is unrealistic tho, but still was a good experience.