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  • Birthday Sep 06, 2003

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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Msi H110M VD-Pro
  • RAM
    8GB Balistix sport, dual channel
  • GPU
    RX560 4GB
  • Case
    Cooler Master Knight 430
  • Storage
    1TB western Digital Blue
  • PSU
    Corsair 450W
  • Display(s)
    AOC 24G2U
  • Cooling
    Intel stock cooler
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
    SteelSeries Rival310
  • Sound
    SteelSeries Arctis 1
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
  • Phone
    Iphone 8

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  1. Windows tool said that we're unable to install windows due to it being a mbr drive. By cleaning it a 2nd time in diskpart it worked though. So it's resolved i guess
  2. So, my gf got a new laptop, windows not installed, so i had to walk her through the installation process. All goes well, till the installation page says that you can't install windows on the SSD because its not GPT, okay, so we open cmd, type in the commands to convert it to GPT, so installation continues, except it doesn't, it finnishes installing some things and then just goes back to the first page of the Installation tool, and when we get to the page where you have to pick a drive where to install, once again says the SSD isn't in GPT mode. The laptop only has an SSD. I heard you can
  3. Might have to, tried it on another computer, same issue lol.
  4. So i JUST got Steelseries Arctis 1, and right out of the box, mic is just not working, if i go into the sound menu on Windows and do a playback it just doesnt pick up my voice, all i hear is horrible background noise that hurts my ears. It seems to work on discord, BUT my mic is so quiet you can barely hear it. I've reinstalled realtek drivers like 3 times by now, have looked online but cant seem to find anyone having the same issues. My previous headset had none of these issues. It's also worth mentioning that i tested the mic on my iphone and it worked, and then also on a samsung phone becau
  5. Flamu

    low fps

    i have everything on the lowest lol, so thats cool.
  6. Flamu

    low fps

    Because i want to have the game running at high fps, i dont want it to be at the same framerate i basically had before buying the gpu.
  7. Flamu

    low fps

    i have two 4gb sticks, it is running dual channel
  8. Flamu

    low fps

    This is the ram usage with csgo running in the background....
  9. Flamu

    low fps

    Even with that, ive researched several benchmarks for pc's with the same ram and same cpu and gpu, and they still average at about no less than 200-250. So this is weird
  10. Flamu

    low fps

    I don't have anything running in the background, and i think that 8gb should be enough for cs
  11. Flamu

    low fps

    So i got a new gpu yesterday, up until yesterday i was gaming on my intel hd530 integrated graphics, and so i averaged about 80 fps in csgo, now i have plugged in my gpu, installed all drivers, optimized all settings, yet i get no more than 130fps in csgo? When at 1024x768 i should average at no less than 200 according to benchmarks? I dont know how it is in other games since i don't have anything installed atm due to reseting my pc Is there anything that is causing this? How can i fix this. Specs - I3-6100 RX560 4GB 8GB DDR4 Ballistix Sports ra
  12. Flamu

    No signal

    Now how can i do that if my monitor is just black, the cable is the same one i used for the last 3 years, it was workint just fine a few hours ago
  13. Flamu

    No signal

    So i just got a graphics card, like an hour ago, i plugged it in, great. Start my pc, pc is running, monitor isnt turning on, the monitor says no signal This is an important note - i kept my monitor plugged in the motherboards vga slot because for the time being i do not own a dvi cable, well i do, but it doesnt plug in...so thats cool. Specs - I3-6100 RX560 4GB 8gb ballistix sports ram A corsair 450w power supply MSI h110m pro-vd motherboard Any possible fixes i could try?
  14. Being the dumbass i am, i accidently bought another ramstick thats a little bit slower than the other one. I have Crucial Ballistix Sport 4gb 2666mhz, and i decided to buy another ram stick, its the same except ram speed is 2400mhz, they're both Cruical Ballistix, and both 4gb, are they compatible, if not, what should i do?