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  1. thank you both a lot my dad just found a usb extension cord we had lying around and paring that with my phone charger seems to work. (I really love this forum, always people helping out within no time)
  2. I only have one usb c port so I can't try other ports maby I can buy an adapter and use it that way
  3. I recently got an oculus quest (not 2) and wanted to play a steam vr game using oculus link. When trying to set up oculus link my pc would not recognize the quest, when I used the included charging cable going into a usb c port on my motherboard. I have seen multiple youtube videos saying that link should work with the included cable rn. When connecting the quest via my phone charger using one of the usb A ports on the front of my case, it worked and I was able to setup the link software. This calbe is obviously way to short to use for playing games. What could be the cause
  4. I got this, maby It is because I use my facebook account wich was the only option to login
  5. ok thank you another question I want to enable 2factor authentication but it isn't an option in my profile settings anywhere, do you know how to enable it?
  6. and then just play them with the default video player?
  7. I just got an oculus quest (NOT 2) today.(second hand)!! I already know you can watch movies and videos, but was wondering if I can watch 3d bluerays I have on dvd or files on my pc. I only have the 64gb version so would it be possible to stream them? 3d bluerays can get very big thanks in advance
  8. I don't think my mouse and keyboard work with bluetooth; Will just have to use two recievers I am afraid thanks for helping tho
  9. I recently got a wireless mouse and a wireless keyboard but from diffent manufacturers. The mouse is from hama and the keyboard from Logitech. (Both are just standard office equipment and nothing fancy or gaming related.) They both came with a 2,4GHz reciever. Is there any way that I can use just 1 reciever for both? Thanks for helping
  10. I decided to get some cheap blitzwolf ones sins I am scared to loose them. I don't expect a very good sound but I will use them while exercising and they are waterproof. also they were like 20 bucks so it is fine if they aren't the best of the best quality. Now we wait cuz they come from china...
  11. thanks for the tips but sadly they are not available in europe for some reason and shipping from the US costs a lot. I have looked at some on aliexpress but not sure if I trust them. Might need to go with a plunger style one anyway
  12. Hi, i am looking for new earbuds sins mine just broke and wanted to go wireless. I am looking for something cheap and don't need the best of the best audio but it is always a plus. My biggest problem is that i don't like these earbuds that sit in your earkanal. I prefer the way apple takes. I don't really care about looks and would like something under 50 bucks. Being used for running and at a gym is a plus but not required. Thanks for reading
  13. afther trying a lot of different settings nothing seems to work. i get the same amout of fps on ultra as on low, i might try to reinstall
  14. will try these settings tnx a lot