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  1. So i recently just bought a i7 9700f, and now I have to choose which motherboard. I was thinking about getting a b365m motherboard to save money, but I saw some comments about b360 motherboards limiting the i7 9700f boost frequency? Is this true? I wont be overclocking at all (since its a 9700f) so thats why im not choosing a z390 mobo.
  2. I got a i7 9700k and was looking for a cheap low profile cooling soltution, as I wont be overclocking at all. I was wondering if the ARTIC Alpine 12, cpu cooler would be a good option? My case has limited space that is why I am going with a low profile cooler. I also dont care about the noise.
  3. I will be gaming alot on my system, would that still be fine?
  4. Should i go with a stock intel cooler that comes with the i7 9700f? Or should I find a better cooler. I dont care about noise, just worried about it overheating.
  5. So im thinking about buying the i7 9700f to upgrade my pc, and was wondering would any motherboard work for to buy? Since im not looking to overclock and dont care much about rgb, and special features can i get a super cheap motherborad? The motherboard I was thinking about: https://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=26_1842_1846&item_id=170986 A motherboard in this price range, will it be good enough?
  6. My custom pc has a i5 6500, gtx 1660 super, 16gb ddr4 ram, and a 500w psu by EVGA. I wanted to upgrade my cpu and found a i5 9600k for $260 CAD and a ryzen 5 3600/3600x for $280 CAD. Which one should i pick?
  7. ya im aware that i have to upgrade my mobo aswell. I found a i5 9600k for 260 and the ryzen 5 3600x/3600 for 280. Should i got with the i5 9600k then?
  8. The i5 9600k is going for $260, while the r5 3600x and 3600 are both going for $280. Which one should i go for?
  9. Should I upgrade my CPU? CPU: i5 6500 GPU: gtx 1660 super RAM: 16gb ram PSU: 500w bronze from evga I have been thinking about upgrading my Cpu for a long time, and since black friday sales are still going on I think its a great time to upgrade. I was wondering what would be a good upgrade from my i5 6500. I mostly game on my pc, but since im a engineering undergrad, I have to use soildworks, autocad, and do a bit of coding. My budget for a new CPU is $350 CAD or less. My options i was thinking about was a i5 9600k, i7 9700k, Ryzen 5 3600, Ryzen 7 2700x.
  10. You think my cpu wont bottleneck a RX5600XT? and will my psu be enough?
  11. Being the the price point of 250-400 dollars Canadian.
  12. I custom built my PC in 2016, CPU: i5 6500 GPU: gtx 1050ti RAM: 16gb ram PSU: 500w bronze from evga Mobo: msi h110m gaming So i was wondering what is a good mid-level graphics card I could buy for high 1080p gaming? I did some research and the gtx 1660 super looks like a good deal for price to performance. If not should I wait longer until the gtx 3060 or something equivlant comes out in the future from either nvidia or AMD (being the same price point).
  13. I cant figure out to check if the GTX 1050 is compatible with my pc. My pc is the Dell Xps 8500. My grapcics card isnt that good ( hd 7770) and i want to upgrade to a GTX 1050. How would i check if the gpu is compatible with my pc? GTX 1050( i want):https://www.amazon.ca/GTX-1050-2GT-LP-Video/dp/B01N6NI5X6/ref=sr_1_10?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1541217245&sr=1-10&keywords=GTX+1050
  14. I was just playing and my pc was fine. I left and came back 10 minutes later and my pc was shut off (I didnt shut it off). I tried to hit the power button and nothing happend. I unplugged everything and tried to turn it on only with the power supply cable plugged in. Please help me as i my pc wont turn on. My pc is a pre-built Dell xps 8500. Also, thier is no on/off switch on my PSU.