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    Almost everything. The world is interesting


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    i5-7600k (OC'd to 4.6Ghz)
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    AsRock z270m-itx/ac
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    32Gb Corsair Vengeance LPX
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    EVGA RTX 2060Super SC
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    Thermal Take Core V21
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    Not enough
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    Cooler Master 650W MWE
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    Cryorig H7. 1x 200m, 5x 140mm
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    Microsoft Modern Keyboard
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    ROCCAT Kone AIMO (White)
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    B&O H8i.,BeyerDynamic Beat BYRD, Tin HIFI t2, Samson SM10, Topping A50s
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    Microsoft Surface Pro 6. Yoga 720 13
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    Samsung note 10+

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  1. "AI" the buzzword that people have no idea how it works. what is a "simple AI" to you? because AI is conplex as shit. how to do tell it what is or isn't illegal and how does it know what is happening? We don't want AI to take control over everything. Why not just hire someone to tail you and give you a colossal slap if they think you're about to do something illegal? Edit: for example: you are in a store, you pick somethink up off the shelf and start walking towards the front area because that's where the counter is, but it's also nea
  2. depends on the game. are you reaching FPS numbers that you are happy with? but as said above, it's a laptop, can't do much about it anyway.
  3. Browser, version and OS: Firefox 88.0.1. Windows 10 20H2 Steps to reproduce/what were you doing before it happened? opened the thread from the side bar What happened? I can see this hidden post, i tried to react to it to see what would happen and it just gives the normal error saying it couldn't be reacted to. in this thead: What did you expect to happen? not to be able to see a hidden post Link to a page where it happened, if applicable: 1 Screenshots of the issue, if applicable: as
  4. "it was too hard to revert to manual billing or use previous bills as an indication of usage numbers, so we thew part of the country into a panic" yay money
  5. Has this ever actually been done where this would be a valid excuse? i would imagine any company that did would no longer be around, so pretty sure the big players are safe. It's like tin foil hat territory just like the majority of other gaming mechanical keyboards, but this one is more expensive. i dont see this as anything more than a gimmick to say "we're open source"...it's a keyboard.
  6. open cmd and run chkdsk c: /f and just see what happens.
  7. until the screw has some friction on it (which naturally happens as you tighten it) you just have to hold the stem of the screwdriver when you rotate backwards either with your other hand, or just adjust your grip to pinch the stem a bit.