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    Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK
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    motorcycling, computers, sports, astronomy, yada yada
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    I was born, I did stuff, then a did more stuff. I'll probably do more stuff in the future.
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    A bit like an Architect (but paid less)


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    E5-1650 v4
  • Motherboard
    Asus X99-E WS
  • RAM
    2 x 8GB Samsung ECC DDR4 2133MHz
  • GPU
    GTX 1070
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    1 x Samsung Evo 240GB (replacing 240GB Intel 535 Series SSD), 4 x 3TB Red WD's.
  • PSU
    Corsair HX750i
  • Display(s)
    1 x 27 inch (VP2770-LED), 1 x 24 inch Samsung
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    Corsair i80
  • Keyboard
    K750 Logitech
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    Logitech gaming
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    Win 7 64-bit

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  1. Well, I guess for you it's now or never. I do actually regret selling the 1070 now, as it's a pretty decent card and there's a family friend who will need a decent'ish GPU in her machine when I build it. Mind you, I'm hesitant for a few reasons that I won't mention. Yes, I think I did get more because of the extra effort, I was expecting £300'ish. Interestingly I had a number of 'older' PC users interested, one of them was 61 years old, so they've got the money to throw at stupidly priced things! Don't worry about the past too much, just enjoy the future when it comes a
  2. It's stupid that we have to think this way, never known of a time when normal people have to 'keep their own stock' of GPU's, just in case. I'm lucky enough to have enough GPU's now, not super powerful ones, but ones that allow me to work (rarely play computer games these days). I've got an RTX 4000 & P2000 now, the latter can do the job, depending on what i'm doing. Main thing is I've got a 'backup GPU'...stupid that it's even something I have to worry about, but if I don't have one, I can't work, so can't earn money!
  3. That's interesting to know, thank you. Lucky you!
  4. Crazy stuff isn't it. You'd probably get more for it...although saying that, you never know when you might need it, especially if your other card goes pop.
  5. You're not wrong, and I'm sure your jokes are amazing Hmm, well may be you can offer it here or a geographically suitable site, if needed.
  6. For poops and giggles though, here’s one of my conversations within a few days of starting the auction: HIM: Hey mate I was wondering why you are selling this card and also why it is so dusty for some reason, can I get an explanation please? ME: Hi pal this is mainly due to it’s poor performance with professional software (AutoCAD, etc.). Eventually I bought a Quadro P2000 and it worked just as I wanted. I guess the light amount of dust is due to the non-fan side pointing upwards, along with just sitting there not doing anything for a good 6+ months. Hope that helps.
  7. Sorry about tempting you, mind you, if you don't need it right now, that 3060 will be within reach, like you say, when stocks don't suck! Oh dear, sorry, I was trying to be humorous, but it didn't work Cheers for congrats, it's actually a hard one to take, as I'm used to working to earn money...not having the right GPU at the right time! Still, at least a certain auction site has made some money! Wow, that is ridiculous eh. I'm really hoping the makers remember where they put them - I've done the same things with my keys before.
  8. Definitely shouldn't be a profit thing, never has been before. It'll get better though I'm sure...or it better do.
  9. Regular viewer of LTT, so just thought I'd contribute. I bought a GTX 1070 in April 2017 for £375, use it for a few months, but eventually got a better card for my needs and the software I mainly use (ironically lower performing card) , so just put it aside and forgot about it. Just sold it on ebay for £460 + £10 postage. I can't believe the GPU world has gotten this stupid for this long, someone's being shafted, and it sure as hell ain't the manufacturers. Fingers crossed that within a year, things get a bit normal again, as I'd still like an RTX 3080 befor
  10. @Bombastinator OK, well you clicked the like button, so here's some things to contemplate: Is the landscape architect working on small to large residential projects, or schemes even greater in size (small parks and public recreation areas, etc.)? Does he use one product far more than the other? For instance some workflow may be Sketchup to generate draft proposals, then AutoCAD to formalise the design. Some are more comfortable in AutoCAD and then dabble with Sketchup when necessary. I'm a bit surprised by the mention of Revit, cos that's more friendly towar
  11. Hello, just wondering if you've built this already? I only ask as I've been using cad for an unpleasantly long time and could give you some feedback/advice
  12. This might be a handy webpage, as it lets you know approximate file transfer speeds relating to different RAIDZ configs: https://calomel.org/zfs_raid_speed_capacity.html I've been playing with FreeNAS for about 6 months now (on two similar very old dual core machines), still don't feel I have enough knowledge to fully go over to it, but it is very impressive (bare metal install). Something I'm doing, which may be a little over the top is having a secondary FreeNAS machine for snapshot backups, an incredible feature that's just begging to be used....could also save costs if your clo
  13. That was a fun video to watch, I did wonder about piano storage like this (little video here)...unnecessarily complicated but might appeal to a minimal chap such as @RILEYISMYNAME ? And the bonus would be the likely electrical supply available, for a nice powered keyboard as opposed to 6 large batteries (note I have no knowledge of keyboards!) Only had 45mins between jobs so apologises for the sparseness. Keep up the good work and congrats on the new human.