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  1. I have a bit of a weird setup going. The overall goal is to have two PCs partially sharing audio. The ideal setup is to have PC1 receive all audio from PC2, but PC2 only receives the audio from the mic attached PC1. I have gotten this to work, but I get a lot of interference. I am far from an audio expert so I have no idea what kind of interference this is (Audio sample in youtube video below). I would like to know if there may be something inherent to my setup that would cause this, or otherwise a way to filter out the interference. The primary issue is the audio coming from PC2 s
  2. Of course he isn't obligated to, but neither is Patreon, probably floatplane's biggest competitor, yet Patreon mentions all their fees on their support page. *Edit: I would also like to mention I understand their are pretty substantial difference between them, probably the most costly being that Patreon doesn't appear to host any video, so I'm not trying to call Floatplane out for high fees or anything, just know what they are for transparency sake.
  3. In a recent video, Linus seems to throw a bit of criticism Apples way for not mentioning their revenue split, while also keeping it private regarding Floatplane. As far as I can tell, it has never been posted publicly regarding Floatplane, but I would love to know otherwise, @LinusTech?
  4. Does anyone know what percentage of a creators income floatplane takes? Patreon lists their take at 5% and I would like to support the creators where ever they get the most!
  5. I live in the U.S. and AMD prices are just as good here too. A few days ago the Sapphire Nitro fury was available on newegg for only $270 USD (about $356 AUD) I changed my previous estimate from 30% more performance to 25% in dx11/opengl Also note the 470 will use a lot more power, I suggest undervolting.
  6. You're paying about 17% more for upwards of 25% more performance and even more in Vulkan/Dx12 titles. Up to you in the end.