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  1. OK. This improved one thing, the DRAM led is out but now the BOOT led is on, and I'm still not getting a bios screen, my screen just keeps turning on and off.
  2. Never mind ignore this I'm retarded. The pc was turned on while I was trying.
  3. When i do that i dont see any indicator light or anything. How do I know that it is doing something?
  4. Samsung 970 Evo plus And the Intel ssd no idea but I disconnected it for the time being
  5. How would I do that when I don't get into the bios at all?
  6. Hello! I've recently decided to update my pc but after installing all the new parts my pc won't even show a bios screen. Parts: Asus ROG STRIX B550-F (NO WiFi) AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 4x corsair vengeance pro 8gb 3600mhz. Rtx 2080 super Intel ssd M.2 ssd Hdd RM550W PSU. Basically when I start up the pc my screen turns on and off. On the motherboard are 2 LEDS that are lit up with '' DRAM'' and' 'BOOT''. Upon googling they said it was my memory that is faulty. But I've tried known working RAM in all slots and it still won't boo
  7. Fixed! For some reason my BIOS deleted my M.2 SSD as a bootable drive.
  8. Ok , my bad I see how my initial text was basically useless. Specs; I5 - 4690 Z97S SLI Krait Edition Corsair 8GB RAM GTX 970 RM650 PSU Samsung Evo plus 500gb (boot drive) Intel SSD WD Blue HDD Here's a video of it booting https://youtu.be/0OeZ2qe4GaU It basically goes to the bios and then restarts, i've had times where I saw the windows logo and it just restarted again. If it's of any importance, my fans do turn on and the lights from my keyboard too while it's trying to boot up. I don't see a
  9. Hi! I've been having a weird issue with my computer, when I turn it on it's stuck in a bootloop for a minute or 3 and then just perfectly boots into windows. The issue is a week ago it only restarted once but it seems the problem is getting worse with the day. Any help is appreciated thanks!
  10. Hi I need some help with parts for a new build. 1. I am from: Belgium 2. My budget is: 800 - 1200 EURO Somewhere between that would be perfect 3. Do I need a monitor included at this budget?: No 4. Do I need mouse/keyboard/speakers/headseat included at this budget?: No 5. My goal is: Solid build for esports titles, with the occasional AAA games.
  11. Ok! I'll remember that for the next time thanks a lot man :)!!!
  12. Ok, just out of pure interest is there any reason why? Because it's cleaner/easier to cable manage or?
  13. Hey! A friend of me is building a new PC and I got some parts for him together. I just wanted someone to confirm that this system will actually work or if there are any small things I should consider changing. He has a HDD and Windows from his old system, so no need to buy a new one. Thanks a lot in advance! https://pcpartpicker.com/list/J7mVHN
  14. The EVGA one is €20 more expensive where I live, thanks though :-)