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  1. probably all in. they'll want to offer a compelling upgrade over existing intel systems. if the new one's aren't faster then why would anyone buy them?
  2. that's to be expected to be honest. Apple needed something that rivals the super high end, so chips that match the core i9's and ryzen 9's of the world should be expected.
  3. i discovered this band because of a friend and just.. wow... 



    1. Nayr438


      I didn't even know they still made music.


    2. Senzelian


      Korn is still "discoverable" ? I thought every human just gets born with the knowledge of its existance.

  4. Ashley MLP Fangirl

    is this a parody account?

    you heard me
    1. Nena Trinity

      Nena Trinity

      2 minutes ago, Ashley MLP Fangirl said:

      is this a parody account? 

      Nani?! OwO

    2. Ashley MLP Fangirl

      Ashley MLP Fangirl

      Just now, Nena Trinity said:

      Nani?! OwO

      you heard me

  5. i'm sorry? i've seen a few space grey devices and they are so boring!
  6. hang on, you say the cpu, psu and ram all work. as i understand it you have a backup system you can test those parts in? if possible can you also test the gpu to make sure that that works?
  7. i'd be more concerned if it was #666 to be fair. 0's are harmless just let them exist
  8. as someone who cares about the environment quite a bit, it's a waste of power. before someone points it out, yes the pc i have uses quite a bit of power, but i almost never use it. my macbook is used 90% of the time i wanna use a computer
  9. PSA, there's a switch under settings>privacy>tracking that allows you to disable tracking prompts altogether
  10. in case some people are still wondering why Mac is the standard in many industries, this is why: 



    back in the day Mac's ran circles round pc's for creative work and that made them a staple in that industry. 


    1. Windows7ge


      Reminds me of a time back in middle school. I was in a music class and we were using some software on those old CRT all-in-one looking macs (can't remember their name).


      I was bored out of my mind not having any fun at all until one particular class the power decided to go out. I was so happy I shouted with joy and holy shit did that piss my teacher off. 😆

  11. Ashley MLP Fangirl

    idk why i enjoy looking at the vintage apple st…

    i also have a 9600! but yea probably a lot louder. mine keeps the fans idle at all times, only when it's at max load for like 20 minutes does it slightly ramp up...
  12. Ashley MLP Fangirl

    idk why i enjoy looking at the vintage apple st…

    UwU that one is a lot higher end than mine. what gpu does yours have?
  13. just a reminder that this used to exist: 





    1. Murasaki


      I was digging the captures before to find a specific page but couldn't find it. Weird I didn't run into that one!

  14. maybe also hide stuff for people without accounts? could be a good idea.
  15. my main issue is people replying to my status updates and stuff. in incognito people can't reply.
  16. so what if they know, they can't yell at you for it because they are blocked. it also helps with stupid irritations, that can break down into fights. i have to restrain myself everytime i see a @FakeKGB post for example lmfao. if the forum has twitter's block system i wouldn't see those posts anymore either if i block them.
  17. Ashley MLP Fangirl

    why are people so greedy? i looked online and p…

    i probably know a lot more about hardware than you do. but just saying "a 1060 is equivelant to a Titan" without saying which one is incredibly annoying, because i either have to assume which one you're talking about or not respond at all.
  18. with my request that's not an issue. if they are mad about it what are they gonna do? they can't see your profile anymore or post on it, soooo
  19. Ashley MLP Fangirl

    why are people so greedy? i looked online and p…

  20. Ashley MLP Fangirl

    why are people so greedy? i looked online and p…

  21. when was that ever a problem? also, you'd be among my list of blocked users lmfao, i made this topic mainly because of you