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    Ashley MLP Fangirl got a reaction from Mel0nMan in Linus fearmongering again   
    ugh stupid argument, even ltt have proved that the "apple tax" is a myth
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl got a reaction from dogwitch in Linus fearmongering again   
    I wouldn't doubt it, their prices haven't gone up at all iirc since the whole shortage thing... 
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl got a reaction from FakeKGB in Did Jake switch to Mac??   
    up until a year or so ago LMG's Mac content always had a very negative vibe around it. they always made a big deal out of temperatures for example while not noting it in other laptop reviews where the cpu got just as hot, etc etc. that's why I find this so entertaining. 
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl got a reaction from sub68 in Did Jake switch to Mac??   
    you do realise Minecraft is available for macOS right? 
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl got a reaction from soldier_ph in Experiences with non-techies   
    that's due to Fast Startup, disabling that will fix the uptime. 
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl reacted to Haraikomono in MacBooks and video formats   
    VLC really built itself to be the swiss army knife under media players 🙂
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl reacted to Electronics Wizardy in MacBooks and video formats   
    Then VLC will play them fine on a macbook
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl reacted to Electronics Wizardy in MacBooks and video formats   
    What codec are these VBO files? 
    VLC should be able to play most video formats.
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl reacted to DrMacintosh in MacBooks and video formats   
    I've never encountered a VBO file, but VLC should be able to play it. 
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl reacted to Levent in Where to find a new battery for a 2013 macbook air 11"?   
    Ebay ofcourse. Found 356 results for that.
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl reacted to BuckGup in Hacked, got banned from LTT Discord   
    What was the reason for the ban? Usually "I was hacked" is a very common excuse for dismissing your own actions as someone else's 
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl reacted to PixelSpielkind in Most Powerful PSU -sort of...   
    ..Is that a Corsair PSU on your desk? Is that on Purpose or are you too stupid to Build a PC 😄 

    The Start
    It all started with an Asrock Deskmini X300 small Form Factor PC - Nice Mini but Powerful "Workstation"

    The Hardware
    The X300 has a rather boring case, but Support AM4 APUs with up to 65W, two M.2 NVME Slots, two SATA 3 Ports - and ONE optional RGB-Strip 😄
    It was equipped with: 
    Asrock X300M-STX Mainboard AMD Ryzen 7 4750G APU (8-Core/16 Threads and VEGA Graphics)  Noctua NH-L9a-AM4 Cooler 2x16GB Crucial DDR4 SODIMM (running at 3400 MHz) 2x 1 TB NVME M.2 SSDs (Samsung / Sandisk)  2 TB Samsung 2,5" SSD.
    The Idea
    Don´t ask me how I got the Idea to compare them, but one day I saw that the measurements of a standard ATX PSU and the Asrock X300 were almost identical - so what could possibly go wrong 😄. So I bought a defective Corsair RM 750x PSU on eBay and started - With a small battery powered Dremel, a 3D-Printer and no Idea if it would work out.
    The Build - New Gadgets
    Instead of the one supported LED-Strip form Asrock, I wanted to be a little more flexible on the RGB-Side - So I used a QL140 Corsair Case Fan and the iCUE Lighting node Core. 

    First Issue:
    Damn you Corsair - Why did you use a 135mm Fan on the PSU and not a 140mm one... That was Hard without the right tools to "drill" the correct holes for the QL140 Fan 🤣

    Second Issue:
    The RGB-Controller needs SATA Power: No Issue with a standard Case, but this one does not have any Power Cables and an external PSU for the Mainboard. So now I have a PC within a PSU-Case which is Powered by 2 external PSUs - one for the Computer itself and one for the RGB :D.

    Third Issue:
    Space Requirements and Heat: The M.2 on the Top of the Mainboard has a Heatsink but the one below the Mainboard and the 2,5" SSD might need some fresh air too, that´s why there is an Noctua 40mm Fan - oh and to be able to add a second "2,5 Inch" SSD later, I opened the Samsung SSD and threw away the case (and the warranty obviously) - funny how small a 2 TB SSD is without the housing..

    Fourth Issue: 
    Front IO - The Mainboard has front I/O directly on the Board. With my Tools (and lack of talent), I would not have had ANY chance of cutting clean and precise holes for these in the Front of the Case. So the funny solution was: Buying some short adapter Cables from Asia and designing and Printing an adapter. Now you can connect USB-C, USB and Audio where you would originally plug in the Power Cable. And the Power Switch is also the original one. But it does not really "switch" anymore. Still you can turn Computer on with it (the original Power Button is behind it)... Due to the Adapter Cables, I needed to move the Mainboard a few Millimeters back, so it did not fit 100% IN the Case. And I needed to Print a new Backplate

    The Fun-Prints
    Instead of the original metall Fan Grill, I 3D-Printed one with the Corsair Logo. I did not really had an Idea for the side where all the modular Cables were plugged in before.... but a Colleague of mine gave me the Idea to use PacMan as a Theme there as well to cover the Holes. So I 3D-Printed a PacMan Grid and glued some white dust filter behind. And since the QL140 FAN has 2 Individual adressable LED-Rings I can even Light the Back Corsair Font and the Pacman Side almost individually with the bottom Ring. Oh and did I mention? The Ghosts and PacMan above my Desk are controlled via Corsair´s iCUE Software too, since the RGB-Controller has the first 3 connectors facing the Back of the Computer, so I can connect LEDs externally 😄



    As my first every CaseMod, I´m happy...
    Sure - I would have done some things differently in retrospect. But I can´t just buy more defective PSUs and continue the "trial and error"-Modding 🤣. AND this is my main Computer for Lightroom, Photoshop and some Light Gaming. It still manages Forza Horizon 4 in medium-ish FullHD Details with about 50 FPS - and apart from that, i don´t have any options anyway, since there´s no PCIe Slot 😄
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl reacted to mr moose in The new fitness band  from Samsung  FT2 is awesome, but a potential hazardous to 300 million people?   
    There is a 3% chance this discussion will continue, and a 300% chance it will be locked.
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl reacted to Ricardo Preschel in The new fitness band  from Samsung  FT2 is awesome, but a potential hazardous to 300 million people?   
    This template is a guide for the Tech News Posting Guidelines. Please read the guidelines in the pinned topic before posting, otherwise your post may be removed without warning. If you prefer, you can clear the editor to use your own layout by clicking the trash can icon above, but make sure you incorporate all of these sections and follow the Posting Guidelines.
    Remove all of the italicised text before posting.
      I am a big fan of Samsung. They manufacture most things after all, even for most brands.   I have bought one of the new fitness bands. I was looking at the Fitbit but this device from them is amazing.   Writing this to you in order for you to make people aware , since Samsung will not - and know that there might be a health hazard involved.    Amazing until it started to cause me serious health issues.   I got in touch with Samsung to report and try to see if they will address the problem. They were completly onlivuous that this problem might bre a thing and to be honest aparte from asking serial numbers, no actions were reported taken.   I have all the transcripts and they are quite bizarre in some points, like only 3% ;percent of the population might be affected.... that's a lot of people with possibility of developing a massive reaction to the material they use for their band.    I looked for medical advice that confirms my suspicion, that the material is potential dangerous - probably not to everyone - but 300 million people sounds a lot to me.   I also have recordings of these interactions, so that it will not be treated has a feature of my imagination, if necessary.   They say at one point that indeed the problem was the band material.   The audio recordings with the medical people are available but only if you need it.   Many thanks for your time  
    My thoughts
    The band is great, in my opinion better than Fittbit, but the public should be aware and informed of any potential hazard health conditions, that might be induced by this specific device.
     Add links to the news sites that you used to write this post 
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl reacted to lloose in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    30 days of Linux. 
    Get one of your writers who has little to no experience with Linux to use it exclusively for 30 days. Have his computer at work have Linux and give him a gaming laptop or a good desktop to use at home with Linux installed. 
    You could do 4 videos with various updates on how the transition is working. You could hit key topics like work productivity, gaming, personal use (music listening, movies, web browsing), and an overview of the pros and cons of being in a Linux environment. See how far he could get and if he gets hung up with any major issues. 
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl got a reaction from Quackers101 in Why Laptop Webcams Suck   
    this is why i still use an old laptop. yes, it's big and bulky and has chonk bezels. but it has a good webcam especially for the age of the device, i get all the ports i could ever want and even a dvd drive. 
    i get so frustrated when reviewers complain that devices are thick or heavy or have big bezels and in the same breath wish that ports came back and webcams got better. those things directly contradict. 
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl reacted to Spotty in Apple ATT pushes advertisers to Android   
    Oh no! Won't somebody please think of the advertisers!
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl reacted to Gamer4714 in Intel and Apple First to Adopt TSMC's 3nm Technology   
    Intel would get the tsmc chip in their hands and try to copy it for their next gen cpus. And after that most probably return to 14nm
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl got a reaction from konstant213 in YouTube now requires EU, EEA, UK & Swiss viewers to physically verify age before they can watch age restricted videos   
    just a workaround as i've had this happen to me for quite a while now, if you copy the video link and open it in VLC, it plays just fine. 
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl got a reaction from jagdtigger in Microsoft provides clarifications on Win11 specs, says it is evaluating in adding 7th gen CPUs and Ryzen 1 series CPUs   
    which is completely justified. it's a completely arbitrary limitation. i got it to work unmodified in a virtual machine on my 2011 MacBook Pro. natively it would never run it due to the arbitrary limits but in a VM it doesn't care at all.
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl got a reaction from Taf the Ghost in Microsoft to force webcams for non-desktop PCs to run Windows 11 from 2023 onward   
    some specific privacy-focused designs i assume.
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl reacted to gjsman in Microsoft makes things worse AGAIN: Windows 11 actually WILL NOT RUN on anything below 8th Gen Intel / Ryzen 2000   
    Apple: We're dropping support for some, but not all, 2013 and 2014 era Macs. But they'll still receive another 2-3 years of security updates.
    Microsoft: Hold my beer.
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl got a reaction from Mel0nMan in Tech Mistakes You Hate   
    uh no that is how batteries work. if you leave them for weeks without putting a cycle on them they will deteriorate very very fast. 
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    Ashley MLP Fangirl got a reaction from jagdtigger in [PSA] Met all the basic requirements but Microsoft's tool still says your PC can't run Windows 11? It might be your CPU, but don't throw them out yet.   
    3rd gen i5's are still insanely capable lol. i used a 2nd gen one a while ago and they don't feel old at all. sure if you benchmark it you'll notice but just doing web browsing you don't notice