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    Gaming, Football
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    Graphics Designer


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    Intel Core i3-4150
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    Gigabyte GA-H97M-D3H
  • RAM
    16GB (4GBx2, 8GBx1)
  • GPU
    Intel HD Graphics 4400
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    A Metal Housing
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    500GB HDD x2 (Seagate & Toshiba)
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    Corsair VS550
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    Acer AL1702 (1280x1024)
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    Default Intel CPU Cooler, Intake Fans x2, Exhaust x1
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    Generic Keyboard
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    Generic Lenovo Mouse
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    Generic Heaphones
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    Windows 10

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  1. Looking to build a DIY Wooden Chassis. Had an initial idea of the general design. Need some help with the technical aspects of a chassis. Will be uploading more photos as the design improves. 


  2. did that but the problem persists
  3. But 16 gigs should be more than enough i think, the worrying thing is there's no update for over 3 months from intel
  4. No, i don't think so the game is improperly installed it runs fine other than the black pitch, a lot of lads having the 4th or 5th iGPUs are having this issue but there seems to be no solution, last time around intel launched an update that fixed alot of issues with FIFA 18 (headless players)
  5. So intel have launched these DCH drivers for it's products that actually include processors from 6th gen and above. On the other hand the last update for the 4th and 5th gen igpus came on sept 18 that's almost 4 months. Now this has affected my gaming (yes I game on an igpu), for example FIFA 19 for some reason doesn't load the grass texture therefore the pitch is all black, and after searching for months there is no solution and i do think it's a driver issue that should be resolved via an update but there has been no update from intel for more than 3 months. Can someone please help, if anyon
  6. I don't have a gpu rn. Plan on buying 1050ti or 1060(when the price drops)
  7. I'm looking for a budget gaming monitor (1080p). During my research i stumbled upon these monitors: -BenQ GW2470H -Hp 22w -Ausu VP228H -Hp N220 I'm looking for monitor that would be good for gaming and watching movies. i can't seem to decide between these. I do know that IPS panels are good in colors and contrast ratio and TN are good in response time. although all of the above are just budget monitors. Most of them have 5ms gtg other than the VP one i think. I did inclined toward the GW2470H as it's a middle ground between TN and IPS; it;s a VA panel.
  8. So the gtx 1060 3gb would be preferable over the the gtx 1050ti. In my country the gtx 1060 costs around 260$ and the gtx 1050ti 200$ or above
  9. Mostly FIFA, RUST, and Offline Campaign ( FPS games)
  10. Thanks everyone lthe other day i may be rx 470 or gtx 1060 now i've decided to go with the gtx 1060.
  11. I've an i3 4150 in my current pc with no gpu (been on intel hd 4400 for 3 years now ) and i was hopping to upgrade to either a gtx 1060 or 1050ti but after watching the performance of gtx 1060(even the 3GB) i'm kinda inclined towards the 1060 but i guess it wouldn't make a great pair with the i3. I really can either upgrade to an i5 or buy a gpu. Will The Bottleneck from the CPU side a big bump in performance?Please recommend.And yes i might game at 900p or 1080p