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  1. Hi guys i just moved my old psu and gpu from my old system into a new case with new cpu and mobo. I didn’t change any cables whatsoever and my gpu lights up and spins. However it’s giving me the “Please Power down and connect the PCIE power cables for all graphics cards” Error. I’m really frustrated and have been trying to fix it for the past hour. Only thing is that one of the PSU 6+2 cable splits into two cables so i end up using 2 gpu plugs from the same 1 pcie cable. I’m not sure if that’s the reason? but i don’t see how it’s not working when it’s the same exact psu and set of
  2. ah okay i see. Thanks for your input!
  3. Hi guys i’m looking to buy a new system. I’m currently rocking a 1080ti 8700k but i feel that i’m not getting nearly enough frames on games that i like to enjoy like cyberpunk, Outriders and Borderlands 3 at 4k. (I play primarily Valorant as i’m a semi-professional competitive player and an upgrade would be nice to have more fps) Im located in Singapore and after doing some research, i’ve come to a conclusion that building my own system is out of the question and that’s just way too pricy now and my best bet is to buy prebuilts. Ive narrowed it down to Alienware’s Aur
  4. i play in fullscreen and yes with g sync enabled. should i turn that off?
  5. Im trying to start streaming csgo, but my csgo drops by 150-200 fps the moment i open up my obs. Normally i wouldn't mind playing on 100 ish fps but im playing competitively and i want to atleast be able to play with 144fps(i have a 240hz monitor). This is really weird to me and to top it all off, the stream is not even smooth, Its choppy. Im using a 8700k, 1080ti,16gb of ram. Im also on a 1Gbps line so i dont know whats happening.
  6. new dt990 pros just came in today and the moment i plugged them in, i realised there was no audio coming out of the left cup. Is this common for beyerdynamic and that its the QC? or am i just unlucky? is there anyway to fix this without having to send it back
  7. no i did not... i just reinstalled the drivers
  8. okay i just realised that my gpu is running at 0.7volts and i think thats quite abit below what this card is supposed to run at. Im trying to increase its voltage using Galax's own software but to no avail and im also trying out afterburner but that doesnt bring up my voltage.
  9. cpu at 34% memory at 38% gpu at 27%
  10. yea fps_max 0 is enabled. im not sure why this is happening. just upgraded my Monitor to a 240hz one so im quite disappointed my gpu cant keep up.
  11. I just got a Galax 1080Ti HOF and im running csgo at 120 fps..? i used to be able to get 240+ fps on my 1070. I updated all the drivers and everything. My Processor is a I7-8700k OC'd to 4.6ghz
  12. ocasionally, my friend's PC will suddenly lose connection to his mouse, keyboard and monitor. Pc will continue running but all connection is lost. i presume its the motherboard issue but im not sure. His motherboard is Asus B350m-A. Also when playing Cs, if he alt tabs, cs will crash... and sometimes it will crash by itself.. His build is 2 days old and i really dont know whats happening as all his parts are really good. Specs : Ryzen 1500x Asus b350m-a Gigabyte G1 1080 Corsair cx650m Ripjaw 16gbs 2166mhz
  13. its a corsair cx650 if im not wrong