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Jordan Gulrajani

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  • Birthday Jul 28, 2001

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    Philippines, Tacloban City
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    Playing Videogames/Gaming, Editing Videos, Sports, Songs/Guitar and other activities
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  • CPU
    Ryzen 3200G
  • Motherboard
    GIGA something 2 slots RAM DDR4 speed
  • RAM
    Hyper X Fury 8GB DDR4 Single Channel
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    1st M.2 NVME SSD
    2nd Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD
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    Cooler Master MWE 500 230V
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    Asus 1920x1080P
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    Rakk Ilis Gaming Keyboard
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    HyperX 60Hz
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    Windows 10 64bit

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  1. Hey guys just want to know what CPU will be a good pair for my Rx570 since more and more newer triple A Titles are going to be demanding I am looking for a good upgrade for my 4cores 4threads CPU to maintain 60fps medium to high settings maybe lowering down resolution in some AAA Games though. Lemme know hehe
  2. So in conclusion I can't touch my soc volt on my cpu for some reason maybe because of my mobo limiting the voltage it's a gigabyte btw. I think I will be getting more performance now since I turned the speed and power of my RAM earlier. Ty dude u helped a lot hehe won't be needing that soc volt 1.1 anymore cause of mobo problems I guess
  3. Hello again dude, I didn't manage to change the soc volt of the cpu to 1.1 cause it won't let me but Instead I saw it at 1.092volts and also while I was checking my BIOS is the DVID also the cpu speed? It was set to auto but I didn't want to change it to 1.1 maybe it was something else Idk lemme know I did not touch anything yet I just want confirmation first please reply
  4. You mentioned IMC earlier. Is that the circuit on the motherboard for the connection of the cpu to the ram slots to connect? I just want more facts about tech from this point lol. I haven't change the soc colt yet maybe later.
  5. So in this case my Ryzen 3200G is a Zen 1 Processor? so to put it simply I will need to change the SOC volt and everything is overclocked properly from this point. So sorry for asking more and more questions as our convo prolong but I just needed to make sure I am making the right changes. BTW what games do u play? Let's play together via steam or other game launchers which we have similar games hope so hehe.
  6. I saw on the BIOS on my CPU tab that says SOC volt but I didn't bother changing it. I think the last time I saw the value was 1.00 so what your trying to say is in order for my overclock RAM settings to be working is I also need to turn up SOC volt on my CPU from 1.0 to 1.1 for the changes to take effect?
  7. Is there a in depth tutorial on YouTube how to test the voltage if it's in safe temperature? Srry for asking cause I'm just a newbie in overclocking RAM to get what the performance I paid for
  8. I have seen those programs on the YouTube Tutorials but I'm afraid I would mess up so much that I can't turn everything into default. But it seems the BIOS process is safe as u said and I can still boot up to my windows which means it's stil safe on the numbers I applied. Did my process improve my performance on games for that fps gain or Is it still necessary to do what u said about those programs to be more effective?
  9. Hello guys, I've just purchased another 8GB HyperXfury 2666 CL 16 for my system which leads to 2x8GB Dual Channel Configuration. I managed to boot up on my BIOS and changed the disabled on the xmp tab and turned it to profile 1 and set my frequency to 32.00 which is 3200MHz and I also set the voltage to 1.20V to 1.35V. I wonder If this is the proper way and safe way to overclock my dual config ram to get the best out of it. Lemme know If I should turn up more speed or voltage to still get extra performance. I am using a CPU Ryzen 3 3200g paired with an RX570 4GB Pulse on my A
  10. I think It was 2400 and the above says 24 and I input 26 and I doubled check it went back to bios If the changes had effect and it says my RAM already set about 2667 MHz. Btw what is CL? I have CL 16 last I checked on CPU-Z for my RAM.
  11. Hello everyone. I've been watching Jayztwocents video on how to overclock a RAM , You just go to BIOS and change the xmp disabled to profile 1 and change the Frequency of the Memory. I own a 1x8GB HyperXFury DDR4 Single Channel setup but I'm so curious after I did that change on the speed It still says Memory Bandwith DDR4-2666 (1333MHz) on CPU-Z. Did I overclock it already? or I still need to do little more steps? lemme know here's the picture.
  12. So it is proven any dual channel RAM configuration is much better than single channel in most case scenarios on multitasking and gaming. Is there anyway to see the specs of my RAM using a program in my pc? cause maybe I will get the same model but different speed and that will be a waste of money. Is CPUZ a good program to see the spec of my RAM? Can't wait to put another one so the STUTTERING AND SCREEN TEARING PROBLEMS WILL BE GONE
  13. what about the other games I mentioned like FFXV Windows Edition, Iv'e seen people on YouTube Review this GPU on the game and they all have consistent 60 FPS on AVERAGE Settings @1080p Resolution and they all have dual channel whether it is 2x4GB or 2x8GB.
  14. ik ac odyssey is not optimized for pc but in that case I want to play that game around 45 to 60 fps without frame drops. And I watched a lot of YouTube videos comparing the game in single and dual channel and theirs a huge fps difference. So I was wondering If it's worth it to buy another stick right now