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    I7 8700K 5.2Ghz
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    64GB (4x16GB) G.SKILL Trident Z RGB 3600Mhz
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    Thermaltake R360 Loop
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    Yamaha NSSW100 + Logietch Z906

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  1. The tubing is only 4 days old, you really think it's that bad? Any recommendations for the radiator? Is blitzing really neccesary? I could just run distilled water through the loop?
  2. The pictures on that thread are exactly how my loop looks even the residue left over when drained, do you think this has caused damage to the rest of my loop? What would the course of action be here?
  3. Sorry the radiator is made of Zinc not aluminium, I've never had an issue with this loop with Mayhems UV before.
  4. I was using the Mayehm UV Fluid never had issue with, I'm not sure what you're asking what did I do? I didn't do any out of the ordinary for installing a loop. This is the tubing I used, you think this could not be compatible with Nano fluid? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00TR96UYA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Edit: The whole loop is thermaltake. edit2: I should also probably mention that my signature below is years out of date.
  5. There is no incompatabilities I know for sure because this is the exact same loop I ran for a year with no issues at all, the ONLY thing that has changed is the fluid I was using, and all of the issues I'm encountering are relating to that liquid (Mayehm Ice Dragon Nano Fluid) apart from this air pressure issue, which could be related to it as well.
  6. Apologies for taking so long to get back to you I wanted to try something, so it appears that if I take off the bleed cap then everything is working fine, I've left the bleed cap off for 36 hours now and no coolant has disappeared, this has left me baffled but also might explain the issue, when I took the bleed cap off before the was a lot of air pressure, could it be that air is still finding it's way out of the loop but was trapped? If so why would that cause my coolant to disappear?
  7. I noticed a big air bubble on the exit hole of the CPU but the water wasn't pushing the air, do you know what this is?
  8. I am 100% sure no leaks, I did install the radiator upside down, could that be a problem where a big air bubble got trapped at the top and since air rises it takes a while for the flow to push down the air?
  9. I've recently installed a new loop with Mayhems ice dragon nano fluid, this is the first time I've used nano fluid and I'd like some advice, my coolant is constantly evaportating in my loop, I topped it to the brim yesterday and there is now half a reservior but there is no leakage in the system, what's causing this? I've also noticed along the tubes there's lumps and deposits that's like powder along the tubes this is brand new tubing as well, I'm absolutely baffled as to what has caused this any help appreciated
  10. I took my loop out few months back and I forgot to flush it out, I want to put it back in now but I've noticed limestone like build up on the tubing and waterblock, I've replaced the tubes but there is still this build up inside the waterblock and possibly the radiator too, I was wondering if it's still suitable to use and wouldn't cause an issue further down the line? I've tried running the loop with vinegar in for few hours it sort of worked, but didn't clear out most of the build up, is there anything that's better than vinegar that will clean the loop? If it's any help, I've only used Mayh
  11. Yes I know this, I am trying to understand what I'm looking for, is my assesment correct though? If I buy G1/4" OD 16mm Compression fittings am I correct in thinking I need 16mm hardline tubing? Also, could I miss and match different brands? Like a Thermaltake combo res with a EKWB waterblock?
  12. I have the R360 fittings, I don't know what the measurements are, If I have a G1/4 OD 16mm fitting should I be looking for 16mm PETG Tubing? Edit: And could I miss and match different brands? Like a Thermaltake combo res with a EKWB waterblock?
  13. But my fittings are much thicker than EKWBs, I assume the G1/4 thread is the bit that goes into the reservior and not where the tube goes in, is the 16mm measurement the part where the tube goes in?