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  1. Alright, update on my network. I replaced my xfinity gateway with a netgear C7100v modem router combo. I set it all up and am now able to use the internet as I need. However, download speeds are super slow sitting at about 70 mbps when I check on xfinity speed test. For reference the laptop downstairs is connected by ethernet as well and reported 500 mbs on the same speed test. I tried swapping my PC's ethernet port in the modem but no luck.
  2. Its cant even download steam setup and its a 1700kb download. The download time kept going up and now it wont even complete.
  3. I tried hoping onto steam's site and it cant even load the page fully
  4. I mean this is my new gaming setup and compared to the gaming PC its replacing it's still not really functional at all. Theres still a problem, its just now I can access YouTube barely. If I plugged into my old pc right now itd run at normal speeds but something is still wrong with the connection between my internet and the new pc.
  5. Yes I did reboot before. I tried the new command and it said no proxys but I still rebooted anyways. No change
  6. Yeah okay so I was able to get tether working and I installed chrome and went on a few sites which all worked. I unplugged my mobile connection and restarted so now it's just my ethernet. Chrome loads when I open it and I am able to access other pages now but they're still loading at a slow speed. So progress I guess. Also microsoft edge however remains unchanged.
  7. I cant even get chrome to download cause when it starts installing it gets stuck on connecting to the internet
  8. I tried to before a while ago by downloading it onto a USB but that wouldnt work either.
  9. I'm using Microsoft edge cause that's all I have installed. It's a fresh install of windows 10 so no other browser is on it except internet explorer which doesnt work either. There is no error when I open up either browser the page is a blank new tab that infinitely loads but goes nowhere. Sometimes I can half load onto google but when I try to search on it again it goes nowhere.
  10. Works fine when I ping. I just dont know. Could it be my xfinity modem? It's just so weird that every other device works including my old pc when connected to it. Like I said too when I took it to best buy it worked perfectly fine on their internet
  11. Thanks, here are the ipconfig results. I've tried almost every step you listed before but still tried them again. I did try pining the default gateway which was mentioned in that page you link in 6. Everything worked when I pinged the default gateway I got a response and everything so I know my pc can reach my modem but again still no working internet
  12. Yeah I've tried doing that by using a USB before and loading the LAN drives for my mobo from the Asus site but when I try to install it says my drivers are already up to date.
  13. When I try to do both commands it says "No operation can be performed on Ethernet while its media is disconnected." It shows my other port even tho theres nothing connect so I tried swapping and doing it again and I got the same message but saying Ethernet 2.