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  1. Agree
    Marcel Kipka reacted to Delicieuxz in Almost every politician in Germany has had their personal data leaked online   
    MD makes the important point:
    Until such things are brought up, the topic hasn't gone there. And it seems that in many of these threads, the people to take the discussion to those places are those fear-mongering that the discussion is going to go to those places. The people saying 'this is political' / 'this is going to get locked' are commonly the catalysts for the discussion going political or becoming something that deserves a lock.
    If people didn't go 'this is going here or there or is political or should be / is going to be locked' then, in many cases, discussion would never go to those places.
    IMO, a forum like LTT should maybe hand out 1-day bans for lock-prophesying, because those posts are as toxic to a discussion as most anything else, and they don't demonstrate consideration for people who take the time to present a topic.
    And if political topics manage to be discussed without going sour, even if there's a no-politics rule, then that's a positive thing and something to be appreciated. It isn't a positive thing to have a no_X_topic rule - and such rules are only there to prevent nasty discussion. But, if the topics can be discussed without turning nasty then the purpose of no_x_topic rules is fulfilled. People should strive to discuss these topics in a manner that doesn't conjure up expectations of the thread being locked. But, when people knee-jerk say the topic is political, or is going to be locked, they aren't even trying - they're cashing in a negative trope for 5 seconds of ADHD self and sometimes selfish-gratification.
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    Marcel Kipka reacted to Delicieuxz in Almost every politician in Germany has had their personal data leaked online   
    Threads involving politicians and political actions are not automatically political. In a recent thread, one that I made, there was very little political discourse in it, and there was some meaningful discussion in it, but there was a huge amount of people saying 'I think this is too political' and 'waiting for this to be locked'.
    There is no positive value to saying that something is political and therefore likely to be locked. If discussion goes sour, then it will be locked - and if it doesn't go sour, then the purpose in not allowing political discussion is not violated by the discussion. But when people make vapid posts like 'I think this will be locked' / 'this is political', they only increase the likelihood that the thread will be locked, even if there wasn't any negative discussion going on - and some lower-quality people even make their 'this is political' / 'this is going to get locked' posts knowing that by doing so they're inviting the thread to be locked and do so deliberately.
    That goes for lots of Tech News discussions: What was the tech angle of the CEO of Huawei being arrested in Canada? She works for a tech company?
    This back-seat moderation and trying to evaluate whether something is too political or not is as bad as nasty political partisanship arguments.
    85%+ of responses in this thread are now contemplating whether the thread is political and should be locked. What an inane waste of post-space. Just discuss the topic or don't, and leave the rest to the moderators. Don't bloat topics with commentary that doesn't contribute anything.
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    Marcel Kipka reacted to Car712 in Cloudflare goes InterPlanetary - Cloudflare announces IPFS Gateway   
    Dont laugh at me, but when I saw Interplanetary, I thought they were like running servers on satellites or something now LMAO
    Then again, the only people that would benefit from that would be NASA or other countries space agencies
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    Marcel Kipka reacted to Ryujin2003 in Twitter has finally banned Alex Jones & Infowars   
    I understand the desire to side with the banning because he'sa douche....
    TLDR: As long as Jones was given the same warnings system and treatment as everyone else, it's fine. He violated standards. Otherwise, jumping in the band wagon isn't right.
    However, censorship is still censorship. If he blatantly violated the terms, did he get the same warnings that anyone else would get? If not, then I'd say his banning is unsur unfair. Why? Because social media goodness already have enough influence over what we read and are exposed to. If they censor right wonder loonies, they need to treat them the same as the left wing loonies. (And i don't think that actually happens)
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    Marcel Kipka reacted to 5Beans6 in Google changes the layout of images again   
    ugh i hate sites that are layed out like this!
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    Marcel Kipka reacted to Agonizel in Outraged by the implementation of Women in Battlefield 5   
    The thing is, a lot of people such as myself - a battlefield fan - didn't care and it didn't felt out of place and forced. Why is that?
    The discussion is in WHY does it feel out of place and forced for some people?

    I explained it in my post and I'm gonna develop it explicitly again because there are various psychological phenomenons at work here and I could cite some for you:
    1. Status Quo bias: people prefer when things remain the same. In BF5's case, they obviously changed something
    2. Norms & Values: The discomfort of transgressed norms, not only that, but the expression of it. In fact, a during a very recent study of the university of ULB (I assisted to the lecture last month) the discrimination of LGBT people at work: in short, there was a theory that could be inducted with the data gathered: People that transgress the norm are not discriminated because they transgressed it, but because they show that they transgressed.
    For instance, you get records of such conversations: "I hate muslim/gay people!" -"Well, I'm actually muslim/gay" -"Oh, you're okay because we don't notice it"
    In case of BF5, they flagantry transgressed the norm of by presenting a woman as the new face of the game
    3. The cognitive dissonance: which is the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes: It's an extremely strong psychological state in which people won't accept their own incoherence (it's actually part of a defense mechanism to preserve self-integrity and thereby mental sanity), that's why even the most developed arguments won't even work.
    No one wants to be sexist because it's socially undesirable. I believe many of the people complaining about the woman in the game also believe in equality between genders and women's rights. I believe they do not mean to be demeaning to women in any way. BUT the incoherence I exposed in the sole argument brought by those people which complains about historical inaccuracy (...):
    1. Battlefield never pretended (in any game) to be historically accurate
    2. There are many other bigger inaccuracies that didn't bother people that much
    (...) shows that, the outrage may actually be (intended or not) sexism deflected (by the cognitive dissonance) behind the curtain of "historical accuracy". Because they ofcourse don't mean to be sexist, but they need to find a thing ("historical inaccuracy) to blame their discomfort on.
    I'm sure there are many other phenomenons such as the lack of the ability of decentring which means being able to step outside of one's own truisms, cognitive scheme and preconceived, culturally anchored thoughts and ideas.

    All in all, the status quo bias, norm&values, the cognitive dissonance are the main psychological phenomenons (I could observe in the people commenting against of the implementation of women in the game) that could explain their discomfort and the reason why they oppose this change. 
    This is my last comment for this thread.
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    Marcel Kipka reacted to Rune in Bioware faces fierce backlash after a developer (now fired) mocks TotalBiscuit's death   
    Don't forget the second bioware dev (actively working on anthem) trying to defend him, also now deleted: https://archive.fo/XCqUR
  8. Funny
    Marcel Kipka reacted to trag1c in School Shooting game on steam   
    So......it's just an American shooting range simulator. New levels coming up concerts, gay nightclubs, movie theatres, army bases and many more.
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    Marcel Kipka reacted to Yoinkerman in School Shooting game on steam   
    It's no more bad taste than "thoughts and prayers"
  10. Agree
    Marcel Kipka reacted to Spotty in LinusTechTips suspended from Twitch [Now unbanned]   
    If their live streaming service is not called, or at least taglined "Floatplane: Now Boarding" I will be immensely disappointed.
  11. Agree
    Marcel Kipka reacted to Matu20 in Calls for Twitch to police 'sexual streaming'   
    Why do people care about this? Boobs are part of biology, showing them off is no different than showing your ear. Society has put so much unnecessary limits on natural things.
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    Marcel Kipka got a reaction from drkknghtavngr in $500 Gpu Gaming/Mining   
    Buying a card for gaming and not mining = no profit at all, buying a card and mining from time to time still gives you more then no mining at all, if you discard power costs.
    So your statement is false and also not helpful in anyway.
    I mine on my RX 480 and my R7 1700x @4GHz whenever I do not play games/not use the PC (while sleeping or at work) and have made about 300€ the last couple of months so the card payed for itself which is still more then nothing/not mining! On a sidenote: I do not pay for power.
  13. Funny
    Marcel Kipka reacted to tp95112 in Disney strongly influenced EA's decision to temporarily remove Micro-transactions on Battlefront 2   
    Just as we thought Ubisoft took the mantle of the worst company of the world, EA decided to protects its crown
  14. Agree
    Marcel Kipka reacted to paddy-stone in Take Two Interactive commits to putting Microtransactions in EVERY FUTURE GAME in continuation of Games As a Service.   
    They can wave goodbye to many customers then, including me. I will NOT pay for a game, then pay yet more for season passes, DLC, map packs etc... that gets very expensive for one game. I won't bother going into the whole argument about piracy, but when companies do this I am not surprised that people pirate stuff.
    I don't want this to descend into yet another piracy argument thread and get locked. Won't go into that more, so no baiting me please
    I am becoming ever more disenchanted with the whole gaming thing since micro-transactions, DLC and season passes became widespread. I find myself spending more money on hardware these days instead, plus TV and movies to fill my spare time. I love gaming, but the way the money grabbers are controlling the reigns now more than ever is getting ridiculous. I miss the days of buying a game and getting a whole game,  RIP fairness, you are missed most dearly
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    Marcel Kipka got a reaction from Massimo480 in Am I Being Hacked?   
    A lot of great advice but everyone is avoiding the main question, how to check if you think you are being monitored.
    Yes, the solution to be sure is to reinstall but that's not what is being asked.
    I don't have any real input to give sorry, but I hate when people are giving solutions to other problems.
  16. Agree
    Marcel Kipka reacted to NoRomanBatmansAllowed in Xbox head Phil Spencer explains the company’s plan for the Xbox One X   
    Idk how, but I'm actually starting to kind of like MS.
  17. Agree
    Marcel Kipka got a reaction from paddy-stone in AMD sells more chips than intel in EU biggest retailer   
    Please fix formatting, it's unreadable for night theme users.

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    Marcel Kipka got a reaction from MoonSpot in AMD sells more chips than intel in EU biggest retailer   
    Please fix formatting, it's unreadable for night theme users.

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    Marcel Kipka reacted to PlayStation 2 in Finally Someone Decided To Do Something About Miners   
    Honestly, the bitching coming from people whining about miners is even more annoying than the miners themselves.
    It's like politics, only that I can't escape this bullshit easily.
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    Marcel Kipka reacted to Starberyl in Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber [UPDATE] Author Fired   
    I generally have zero interest in gender equality or forced inclusiveness. What I do care about is the personality of the individual and their ability to follow with the company's direction not their racial background. If an employee despite what race they are, is able to priortize the company's goals and perspective over their religious practice, cultural background and personal politics, that individual is truly an effective candidate for any position. Discriminative hiring should be applied strictly to one's personality and employment centers especially in Canada are pushing for a "based-on-personality" type hiring procedures where only the name and age is visible. In my honest opinion, companies and large corporates like google shouldn't be attempting to advance the political voice of society, they should rather be focus on generating more avenue and creating employment for all.
    Diversity is a huge waste of time and resources. Rather, I find that creativity and new perspectives that could improve technology and productivity along side educated investments should be the foundation of a company, not social justice. That being said, while others see this political division as a bad thing, I see this division as a great opportunity for conservative milennials to capitalize on this passionate partisanship by creating new competitions in the market. Rather than complaining and being reactive, they should channel such passion into developing new ideological spaces for conservatives. I must also admit that I'm currently a conservative of a very young generation. Unlike other conservatives however, I value adaptive practicality over traditional aspects of conservatism. I hope I can succeed and develop more productive spaces for those who share a passion for success, revenue and monetary gain through teamwork and a mix of qualitative as well as quantitative thinking. To other fellow conservatives, let us cease our "whining" and focus on generating resources and opportunity for ourselves. 
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    Marcel Kipka reacted to Notional in Swedish Agency Exposes Military Secrets; Fines the Guilty Half a Month’s Salary.   
    They wanted to be (and I quote) a "humanitarian superpower". Criticizing immigration or immigrants in any way, shape or form will instantly get you branded as a racist. This sounds like hyperbole, but it's not. It's just grotesque what is going on over there. Of course, Denmark isn't that much better, but we at least get a public discussion about these things. So half of what we do over here is called racist by the swedes. Then a few years later, they will do the same, when their insane hypocrisy is overwhelmed by reality (example: Age testing so called under age immigrants).
    In sweden the culture and society generally, tends to focus on consensus. As a result, they will discuss things a little bit, until a majority opinion sees the day. Then that opinion will be upheld as an unofficial cultural law. If anyone breaks this cultural faux pas, they will get shamed, de-platformed, heck even fired from their jobs. It's insanely oppressive and authoritarian. Sweden is almost a manifesto definition of intersectional feminism with all the cultish idiotic behaviour as a result.
    Tim Pool (youtube) did a good report from his visit over there. And he isn't even considered right wing in the US. Sweden is just self destructing at an impressive speed. I don't much care, but it will have severe consequences for Denmark and Norway. That I do care about.
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    Marcel Kipka reacted to Tedny in AMD RX Vega Leaked Benchmark Shows It Ahead Of GTX 1080 – Specs Confirmed, 1630MHz Clock Speed, 8GB HBM2 & 484GB/s Of Bandwidth   
    Looks like it will be like it was presented. Looking how much Mh/s it will do 
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    Marcel Kipka got a reaction from Chris Barry in Cloud Mining. Scam or not to scam?   
    I'm in the same situation as you with free power and an RX 480 which I use to mine using Nicehash at the moment, I've used them before and I've always got paid. I've also heard that they haven't been consistent with the payouts but never have I not gotten paid, with that said they have a 0.001 payout threshold and as long as you are below that you won't get paid, also if you mine using Nicehash and stop mining and your are under the threshold they will clean it out (after a while), but all that is stated on their site so no surprise there.
  24. Informative
    Marcel Kipka reacted to tom_w141 in Guide to P State (Variable Frequency) Overclocking on the Crosshair vi Hero   
    Hi everyone i'm just throwing this up as hopefully a short and easy to understand guide to p state overclocking on the crosshair vi hero motherboard (AM4/Ryzen). First of all don't be turned away if you don't have the crosshair! Most of this guide features the AMD common bios which should be common across motherboards (it is just up to your board manufacturer which options to make available in their BIOS).
    Why should you want to do this? Well as you may has noticed if you have overclocked your powerful new ryzen cpu that it no longer downvolts/downclocks when idle . This is because this is a fixed all core overclock. Which while good for performance, it is bad for: the cpu's lifespan, excess heat generation when idle and your electricty bill. A power state or "p state" overclock however will not only enable you to overclock above stock speeds but also step back down when idle (similar to Intel's speedstepping).
    Crosshair specific info:
    - This should be working on any BIOS revision later than and including 1002 (which at the time of writing is 1002, 0079, 0081, 0082 and 0083)
    - Update 0081 and later should be working with custom BCLK values (though i personally haven't tested this yet), 1002 must use default BCLK.
    As above i'm using the crosshair vi hero motherboard and BIOS revision 0082 but this should be fairly similar across manufacturers:
    Step 1: Always best to start with a clean slate so head into the bios and hit "load optimised defaults"
    Step 2: Head to the extreme tweaker screen and check everything is back to default and most importantly that the cpu core ratio is on "auto"
    Step 3: Head to the advanced tab and open the AMD common bios specification or "AMD CBS" for me
    Step 4: Next open "Zen Common Options"
    Step 5: Head down to "Custom Core Pstates" As you can see I left all above options on auto but you might want to force enable "Global C-State Control"
    Step 6: Accept the terms (this is no more dangerous than a fixed all core overclock so don't worry)
    Step 7:  Pstate0 will be set to auto by default, change this to custom
    Step 8: Setting Pstate0 to custom reveals 5 boxes, 3 of which can be changed by the user and the top 2 greyed out boxes show the results. It gets a little complicated here because we are using hexadecimals. we are going to try a 3.9GHz overclock in this guide. Change Pstate0 FID to "9C", do not touch DID or VID, DID is the divisor there is no need to change this and VID is the voltage. We could change VID but at the moment anything different from the default VID breaks it and it will boost 100% of the time. (3A on my 1700 - if this is different for you please use YOUR default value NOT mine)
    I will add a table to calculate your FID values soon TM   File is now attached: Ryzen Hex Values.xlsx
    Note: Voltage is in micro volts so that is 1.187500V and not 1187500V (Take a note of this number btw it will help later for the offset)
    Step 9: Head back to the extreme tweaker tab because we now need to set the voltage offset. Change the CPU Core Voltage to "Offset mode" and positive "+" Now from your manual OC which you have probably dont prior to this you will know what voltage you need to be stable at 3.9GHz, for me this is 1.3375V but its always good to be a little generous when using offset instead of manual so i'm going to allow 1.35V maximum. To calculate your offset voltage take the desired value and subtract the voltage value that you noted down in the previous step. 1.35V - 1.1875V = 0.16250V
    Note: My RAM speed and RAM voltage have defaulted to 2133 and auto, leave these as they are and redo your RAM overclock once you are happy with what we are focusing on here.
    Step 10 (Optional): Enter "Extreme Tweaker\External Digi+ Power Control" and give the CPU voltage and SOC voltage some load line calibration to reduce V droop, personally I like level 2. Although this step is entirely optional!
    Step 11: Boot! Yeah we aren't done yet sorry  Change your Power plan to "high performance" (May also work for AMD Ryzen Balanced plan - untested) or "Ryzen Balanced" (now confirmed to be working) and edit the plan -> change advanced power settings -> expand "Processor Power Management" -> expand "Minimum Processor State" -> set this at 20%
    Change Log:
    20/04/17 - Release
    20/04/17 - Added Hex Value Calculator
    17/05/17 - Minor Text Changes & Confirmation of Ryzen Balanced Plan
  25. Agree
    Marcel Kipka reacted to Trixanity in Ryzen has another instruction implementation problem, VME is broken   
    Your post is somewhat warranted but he does kinda invite ridicule in the same way you ridicule certain members who are a fan of a certain company and a certain failed mobile operating system.
    I would hope he has a bot scouring the internet for these things although even that is excessive. I mean considering the amount of topics he creates about one company that he thoroughly dislikes to put it mildly. I'm not saying the news shouldn't be reported but isn't it a bit conspicuous coming from the same person? It's almost like there is an agenda. 
    You could argue that it triggers a lot of whataboutism but you could also argue that it merely provides perspective as it's reported as being unique to one company when in fact it's happened with other companies and even companies with ten times the resources, so that must mean shit happens. Where do we go from there? Find out if it can be fixed and if not inform people that if this interrupts your workflow then seek other solutions.
    Objectivity is key here which is a tough thing to pull off but should be strived for anyway. Moderate the language and angle to be as unbiased as possible. We should all do that.