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  1. As an owner of that particular board I'm happy to see that I will be able to get on to Zen 2, depending on the pricetag...
  2. What about all the early access games on steam that are alfa/beta and don't have a release date, isn't that technically pre-ordering the game but you can play it while it's being developed? A major annoyance I have is that most of these "games" that we play big tournaments on for $$$ are in beta and I think that shouldn't be allowed at all in my opinion.
  3. Now, could we get some numbers on the extra read and writes it needs to do on the players hdd/ssd to always have that replay thing on?
  4. Buying a card for gaming and not mining = no profit at all, buying a card and mining from time to time still gives you more then no mining at all, if you discard power costs. So your statement is false and also not helpful in anyway. I mine on my RX 480 and my R7 1700x @4GHz whenever I do not play games/not use the PC (while sleeping or at work) and have made about 300€ the last couple of months so the card payed for itself which is still more then nothing/not mining! On a sidenote: I do not pay for power.
  5. Then my question is, now that there is YouTube kids which means that YouTube is responsible for that content and in turn will be responsible for everything unethical/not suited for kids, wouldn't that then make them open for lawsuits? Also, shouldn't all the content that goes into YouTube kids be screened by humans in the first place so this doesn't happen? Why have it the other way around and that parents need to hit report before a human looks at it? Isn't that like "Yeah we can prevent a killing but until it's reported we won't do anything about it and then we stop this perso
  6. What is child appropriate and who defines it? Think of everything that needs/should get blocked just because in my beliefs or in my culture this is not child appropriate but then again in a lot of other cultures it is, so who decides what is child appropriate? It's easily understood when it comes to sexual content or straight out porn and other graphical content that makes adults stomachs turn like gore, but then again that is life and the kids should get educated on it instead of finding it out from random youtube videos.
  7. A lot of great advice but everyone is avoiding the main question, how to check if you think you are being monitored. Yes, the solution to be sure is to reinstall but that's not what is being asked. I don't have any real input to give sorry, but I hate when people are giving solutions to other problems.
  8. So a right-handed mouse and a ambidextrous mouse, where is the love for all the lefties out there? Is there seriously no one in the competitive scene that is demanding a lefty mouse? or do they not care?
  9. Well Welcome to Sweden where the worst criminals with the harshest are the tax evaders and everything else is like "at least you pay taxes" so here have a year or 2 in prison, but wait you were charged with like 10 crimes all of once, here take group deal for that and 2½ years it is.
  10. Well at least we know their priorities which is making SSD's and that's a good thing ^^
  11. If he has the temp offset which the 1700 shouldn't have but the 1700x does then 100 degrees is normal, but it's actually showing a lot more then it should, also how do you read your temps? as there has been some issues for different software to the read the temps properly.
  12. I like the M.2 more as well but the fact is that when using U.2 even if dead/no drives available and you'll need a cable to connect the drive, it is better for temperatures as it is like a SSD and won't be heated up by your CPU or GPU and in the future they could incorporate heat sinks into the chassi of an U.2 drive but that's about it. Personally i like the m.2 as you don't have any cables going from the motherboard to the drive and as I'm fortunate enough having an UnRaid fileserver where i store everything else except games. M.2 is: +Sexier -Hotter U.2 is:
  13. I'm in the same situation as you with free power and an RX 480 which I use to mine using Nicehash at the moment, I've used them before and I've always got paid. I've also heard that they haven't been consistent with the payouts but never have I not gotten paid, with that said they have a 0.001 payout threshold and as long as you are below that you won't get paid, also if you mine using Nicehash and stop mining and your are under the threshold they will clean it out (after a while), but all that is stated on their site so no surprise there.
  14. I get steady 25MH/s for ETH on a RX 480 vanilla but to increase the MH/s I need to increase the Memory Clock and a bit of Core Clock but overall Core Clock on its own does nothing for me.