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  • Birthday Nov 09, 2001

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    tech,networking,windows troubleshooting,etc...
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  • CPU
    Amd fx6300 Black edition
  • Motherboard
    Asrock 970 pro3 r2.0
  • RAM
    8gb & 4gb of kingston fury ddr3-1600mhz
  • GPU
    Gigabyte gtx 1050ti Windforce 4gb edition
  • Case
    Nox hummer tg
  • Storage
    3x 500gb hdds + 120gb ssd boot drive
  • PSU
    600w generic one
  • Display(s)
    Hp w2207h
  • Cooling
    Cooler master hyper212x
  • Keyboard
    Cooler master Masterkeys lite l (combo)RGB
  • Mouse
    Cooler master Masterkeys lite l (combo)RGB
  • Sound
    Pioneer 5:1 audio system, Asus xonar U3
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro

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  1. Yeah it should be. Buy the corsair ones.
  2. No problem. Let me know when you get the new ones. Keep me updated
  3. It's because the bios downclocks the new module that you've installed
  4. The problem Is that the 10666 is different from the 10600. Try getting PC3-10600 ram. That seems to be a laptop related issue because on a desktop the 10666 or the 10600 both work(and I'm talking about desktops not laptops and it's just an example). I know this because I've had a similar problem like this one. Ps(to everyone replying) : don't come at me saying that pc3-10600 is the same as pc3-10666. I know they are but only in desktops. Some laptops do work with 10666 but others don't.
  5. Then there's a problem with your monitor. (chack if you have the Nvidia HD audio controller selected for audio so that you can have audio on the monitor)
  6. You don't have audio where (on the desktop or in a game) ? On your monitor or your headphones?
  7. It might be, is the drive new? And also what ssd is it? (nvme, m.2)?
  8. It's a 500 or 600w (Idk I'm not home rn) but I will use a different one anyways. I'll keep you guys updated. Tnx for the tips and the replies. (edit:I have not tried any type of overclocking)
  9. In my opinion you should go for the bose headphones, they are super confortable and their sound isolation is amazing. If not then go for the sennheiser.
  10. Hi everyone today I'm having a problem with a msi z270 a pro that gives me a post error (VGA) but it boots just fine in to windows. That's not all when I'm in windows playing(for example r6) the pc shuts down entirely(and by shutdown I mean powers off completely). What seems to be the problem? I haven't tried anything yet. It started doing this after a thermal paste swap on the cpu. And I just cleaned the gpus fan nothing more, the case was full of dust. (Tommorow I'm gonna try a different gpu, no gpu at all, and cleaning the connectors). The gpu is a Gtx 960(for now) and the cpu is a 7700k. T
  11. Ok I'm happy to report that it didn't crash on any of the tests of 3d mark, it reaches a max of 55ºc under full load.Thanks for all the help guys
  12. for now no problems yet. I'm gonna try 3dmark fire strike for my load
  13. ok, it seems to have worked she didn't crash on heaven bench. and I think that it's outputting less heat than before(not that it was a problem). ill run some more benchmarks and report back.