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  1. the gpu is a good place to start. if you into a used part market. I would buying the rtx 20 series card. people panic selling those card like crazy and at pretty good price. If i were you. I would sell my pc and wait for a few month and build new pc with the latest ryzen and rtx 3070. because you already got a healty budget to start with.
  2. Hi everyone, I got some problem with my ddr4 ram speed. somehow I cant get the reach the advertised speed that is 3200mhz. I tried increase the voltage up to 1.45V but the pc unable to boot and turn back the ram speed to default 2400mhz. currently my ram is 2866mhz with 1.38V. because, I cant even got the ram to 2866mhz without increasing the volt. btw my ram is the PNY XLR8 RGB 16gb = 8x2 the motherboard that I'm using is the Asus Strix b450f with latest bios
  3. Good Morning I got s problem regarding my pc I just build mine last week, everything just fine until yesterday. when i turned on the power, the gpu & fan wont turned on but the rgb on motherboard and ram is on. i dont know whether it was the motherboard of the psu itself. my build is ryzen 5 3600 rtx 2080 msi gaming x trio pny ram 16gb rgb 1x ssd 1x hdd evga 750w gold
  4. can you elaborate that? regarding the new part. sorry to say, but I been out of loop for quite a while regarding the pc part in general.
  5. Hi Guys, I'm trying to get back into building a new pc since I sold my pc 2 years ago due to financial reason. Now that I got back on my feet I trying to build a new one. After searching the internet I found that the AMD Rx 5700xt is the one with performance and value that I wanted. ( I don't want to go with the Rx 5700 bios flash route) And I'm currently torn to choose between these 2 card as they were the cheapest from reputable brand that I can find. 1.Asrock RX 5700 XT Phantom Gaming D 8G OC 2.MSI 5700 XT mech OC (this card 10USD mor
  6. Hi, i hope its not too late, i also have the same problem as you do, and i find a way to solve it, basically that the malware is mining monero using your cpu, hence the high cpu usage. the way to remove it is to scan it with kaspersky and delete the malware . i tried to scan it with malware bytes, and windows defender. but seems that kaspersky the only one that able to detect it.
  7. solved guys,i feel stupid to be honest, apparently it was the placement of the radiator, in the beginning i put the radiator in the back , now i put place it at the top of the case and the temperature is back to normal and stress test with intel burn for 5 minutes and it only top at 75c
  8. i think i knew what the problem is, gonna test it for a few moment
  9. Yes, the other tube is warm and you can feel the water is running through it, but the other one is just empty for some reason
  10. Hi, i recently purchased an id cooling icekimo aio, and when i put the aio on my system my temperature went crazy high, around 80c on idle, all the fan are working as it should be, but only one of the tube seems to carrying water and the other tube are completely empty, i want to ask if that the problem because i was inexperienced in aio .
  11. That what worries me, didnt care much about activation , just more concerned about the drivers os conflicted with each other
  12. Hi, im currently using gigabyte h110m ds2 +i5 6400, and i wanted to change the motherboard to msi z170a krait, because of the asthethics and i got it for 80usd used,.. so the question is, can i change the motherboard without fresh installing windows 10 as there are too many program that are truly pain to reinstalling it again , thanks
  13. Got lucky..didnt have warranty, the owner had them lying around for years
  14. Buy used 3 wd blue 4tb for 150usd , usage under 2500hours..that what happens..lol
  15. Thanks for the answer have i 12 tb of stuff in 4seperate hdd, didnt want to reformat it because it relate to each other
  16. Recently bought a new 6700k and planning to change the current motherboard that i'm using that is gigabyte h110m ds2 ddr4...i'm planning to upgrade to z170 motherboard, didnt decide what brand yet..so the question is can i change the motherboard without clean format my ssd ? , there are alot of article outhere that saying u need to start fresh when changing a new motherboard, but a lot of forumers said that the clean format wasnt neccesary , and i just have to swap the hardware just like that..
  17. Pick rx480 istead of the gtx 1060, with latest driver the amd card performed much better
  18. Want to ask wether the corsair cable sleeve will fit onto my super flower leadex 650watt silver, because the super flower cable is hard to manage.
  19. Most 1060 only need 1 6 pin connectors..so u will be good there.. do some cable management afterwards..most prebuild system has shitty cable management
  20. Thanks, since its on sale ..i think this psu is worth it.plus, it is modular.
  21. U got great spec for a prebuild system, yes it will fit, i dont know about the airflow in that case though..