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    computers (of course), art, anime, 3D imagery, drawing (digital or pencil)


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    Intel i7-7700K
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    AsRock Z270 Taichi
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    G.Skill TridentZ 3200Mhz 16GB
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    EVGA GTX 1070 FTW 2
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    NZXT S340 Elite
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    Crucial MX300 525GB SSD & Seagate Barracuda 2TB
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    EVGA Supernova B2 750W
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    50" HDTV (don't judge me)
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    Corsair h100i V2
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    generic (for now)
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    generic (for now)
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    JVC amp with Pioneer CS-603 speakers
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    Windows 10

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  1. The difference between 4.8 and 5.0 is so small of a diminishing return, it's really not worth the bother unless you're going for some sort of record or something. These Kaby Lake chips are pretty much space heaters unless you go full-on JayzTwoCents and do a custom open loop.
  2. Very nice, tight build! I was thinking.......1000W? it's just sitting around thinking "this is all I'm powering??" I know......you said it was laying around, but hey......at least you won't be power starved in anyway! Rock on!
  3. That is one SUPER sick stealth build there! Love what you did with it and how it turned out. That took a massive amount of effort, but it looks to have paid off in spades!
  4. If the Z390 boards and chips are out by then - yes, if you're definitely wanting Intel - otherwise, go with 2700x for best bang for the buck. I would say so, yes! If you are looking for above 100hz on your framrates, then yes. The 1080 is a great card that'll last you a good while.
  5. if you can find an i7-4790K for a good price, that would be a good start. For older stuff, usually best bet to go for the top of the mark to get the most out of it.
  6. In July, I believe Computex will have come out, so if you're going to go Intel, wait until Z390 comes out with whichever 8-core chip they have. The best value right now is X470 with an R7 2700x. Multiple reviews gave this combination glowing praise.
  7. If you're buying now, I'd skip the Z370 Coffee Lake and go X370/X470 and Ryzen because when the next Intel Chips (Ice Lake) appear to be using yet another chipset with Z390. Seriously..........I think the powers that be at Intel are hitting the bottle a little hard.
  8. My first experience asking for a review sample ended up being my last. I contacted Fractal about reviewing their Define R6. I got an email back saying "please reply with your shipping address", which I did, and..................nothing. Sent a follow-up email.............nothing. I guess they weren't as interested as I thought, and I got the email from the VP of marketing himself (unless it was a bogus email, but it didn't seem that way). Oh well..........no skin off my nose.
  9. Sweet! I'll have time to scrape together my pennies for one! Looking forward to this enigma of a "premium" case. EDIT: Newegg had a listing for a short time, but has since been yanked. Come on @CoolerMasterUSA - stop yanking our chains!
  10. I think you're referring to 9th Gen Intel processors - not the current i9's, which are x299 platform. Rumors abound that 9th gen will also work on Z370. It would be monumentally stupid for Intel to require a new board again, but then again, logic seems to fail them on regular occasions...........
  11. if you need to build now, buy what makes the most sense now. If you are waiting for the "next thing to come out", you'll always be waiting.
  12. I played Crash on the PS1, so having a blast with it on PS4. I never did play Spyro back in the PS1 days (have played every ****ing Skylanders game though!), so being able to play an updated version will be pretty darn awesome!
  13. Budget streaming PC with an external Elgato HD 60 S would be a great combination, as the 2nd PC would take the encoding load off the main rig. Not too old or low-power, but an i5-2400 or older Xeon should fill the bill nicely.
  14. The H310 is utter crap from all reviews i've seen. If you're doing a locked 8700, go B360 instead. You give up too much skimping down to a H310 board.
  15. The 7700K is fine for streaming.........to a point. There are games it will struggle with, and I've done it some already. I can stream games like Watch Dogs 1 and Just Cause 3 just fine, but games like Ghost Recon Wildlands and other newer titles will struggle with it. At that point, I'd say go with R5 1600/R7 1700, or just get the i7-8700K, as those will handle newer titles much better all around.