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  1. This sounds like something that could, and should, be an app that I can run on my RPi that is also hosting Pi-Hole. No reason this requires hardware, especially if it gets borked once some popular Youtuber tells everyone about it. Oopse.
  2. Can someone provide any details on that peg board thing with the controller's on it? It looks awesome and just what I'm looking for, but I'm struggling to find it online.
  3. Looks like Samsung 7000 or 8000 might be a good bet. The LGs at the low end are IPS, and as I game in a dark room I think I'd prefer the VA on the Samsung's.
  4. What would people recommend for a cheap TV around 50" for primarily casual PC gaming over HDMI? UK based so no Vizio unfortunately.
  5. Cheers, I'll take a look. I kept finding ones that were 4k/30, but must have been looking in the wrong places.
  6. My room doesn't have the layout to support a good 5.1 setup unfortunately, hence the 2.1 base which I really like. I'm struggling to find a good HDMI switch that supports 4k/60 or (120, the TV supports that) and HDR. Am I looking in the wrong place?
  7. So my kit is: - Sony XG90 TV - Sony HT-XT1 Soundbase - Sky HD - Xbox One X - Switch - Chromecast Ultra - PC The TV has 4 HDMI ports. The Soundbase has 3. Currently I have the Sky plugged into the Soundbase and into the TV with that TV input set to TV/Movie specific modes. I then have the other 3 ports on the TV filled with the CCU (used for Stadia), Xbox and Switch, and all 3 are set to game mode. And now I have a gaming PC, but no way to connect it directly to the TV and enable game mode, or indirectly without messing something
  8. Hey all! What are my options for an affordable 32" 4k monitor mainly for work but needs low enough pixel response to be adequate for occasional gaming.
  9. As title really, I'm looking for any advice on nice comfortable, large headphones for a big head that support aptX LL over Bluetooth? Thanks!
  10. So, do we know if the evil looks about the XPS 15 are because of a likely redesign? I am about to get a new work laptop, and went into the office today and asked our IT guy to hold off ordering one yet. I have an XPS 15 9550 and love it. A new XPS 15 with the design tweaks of the latest 13 would be magic!
  11. "a platform this old!" I only retired my LGA775 system about 2 months ago...
  12. I have my optical cable from my TV split into two that goes to my sound base and also a Bluetooth transmitter. No idea how many devices the transmitter supports, but as it's optical I assume you could just split it again?
  13. Having done some more digging it looks like the 49" XG90 is actually a rebrand of the prior years XF90, rather than a small XG95. Not a bad thing in isolation as the XF90 is hardly a bad TV, but it was a £900 unit and the XG90 is £1,200, which stings. Anyone got a sledgehammer? I need to knock down a chimney so I can get s 55"+!