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    Intel Core i3-5015U
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    6GB DDR3
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    Intel HD Grahics 5500
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    1TB HDD
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  1. You can do 3 or 4 way SLI if you want to, but to get high performance use classic SLI mode
  2. Because these stuff are not important for an 8k kit, but if you are going to build a full computer then you need them
  3. How to game at 8K Resolution If we want to game at 8K we need a lot of power. Things you need: 1. 2 Nvidia Titan X(P)s 2. 1 2x2 monitor stand 3. 4 4K monitors. 4. 1 2-Way SLI bridge. Steps to follow: 1. Setup the two Titan XPs with SLI 2. Setup the monitor stand and but the monitors on it. 3. Configure the monitors in the Nvidia Control Panel. 4. Go to display settings. 5. Change the resolution to 7680x4320. 6. Open display adapter properties. 7. Find the hertz tab and change it to 60 hertz. 8. Save all changes. 9. YOU HAVE 8K!!!!!!!
  4. There are more stuff about 10GB Internet
  5. The bestand the cheapest motherboards are Asrock boards
  6. The purpose of the thread is to SHARE AND LEARN STUFF ABOUT 10 GIGABIT
  7. This is the best place to learn and share stuff about 10 Gigabit
  8. Hey!, I own a youtube channel called ThinkFries. I will post a video later this year on how to make a file server on Windows 7 or higher, I am going to use windows 10 for the file server ( FTP ) but to make a file server. The minimum requirements for your server are Windows 7 or higher or Windows server 2011 essentials, Intel Core i3-5015U or Any Intel Xeon E5, 6GB DDR3 Memory, and a Intel HD Graphics 5500, AMD Radeon R9, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti, or NVIDIA Quadro M3000
  9. it is happening because computer CPUs go to the max clock ( 3.9GHz ) speed if it is required
  10. You have always wanted to team with people about servers and learn about them... This is the best place to do it. We will share stuff we know in a group. It is good for server beginners who are beginning with servers so they can get info if they do don know about that tip, hack, tip, or advice with servers.