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  1. Hi, I have MS Access 2013 and I am not able to import any files (word,excel,csv etc.). I tried restarting my computer and importing other files but the program doesn't seem to do anything at all. I have tried searching for this on the internet but all I get are tutorials to import files into Access. Any help?
  2. Hello, out of the blue somehow my windows store stopped working and said that there is no network connection despite the fact that it is connected. It gives the error code 0x80072EE7. Apart from the Windows Store none of the other apps are working either and even windows's own Feedback Hub doesnt work and i am also not able to connect my local account with a microsoft account. I have searched and postedd on many forums and they gave me many solutions but none of them have worked yet. My Laptop's Specs: Nvidia Geforce 1050 4gb vram Windows 10 Home x64 intel core
  3. Hmm.. sounds convincing. and if that is the case then please tell about my previous question : in ARK Intel, which specs of the processor are important for better gaming etc. for a desktop. plus should i buy a pre made desktop or make one myself? Can you also recommend video cards; processor;RAM as i am more interested in less demanding games
  4. Hello World, im trying to find a good laptop which covers gaming and college assignments... so in ARK Intel, which specs of the processor are important for better gaming etc. plus does the cpu have an important role in increasing fps on games like Civ5 or CS:GO or should i be on the watch for something else as well