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  1. yes, thats exactly what i needed thanks a lot
  2. the problem is the mobo that doesnt fit, the prongs on the io shield block it
  3. hi, im building a pc and when installing the motherboard, the prongs on the io shield dont allow it to slot it place, any help? thanks in advance
  4. thanks, just trying to prove a friend wrong
  5. Just got a 1060, will it bend a b150m micro atx motherboard? Just wondering because the gpu seems heavy compared to other gpu's?
  6. yeah, but is it possible to surpass this "highest supported clock"
  7. Hi, I just bought a b150m pro-vd motherboard which supports ddr4 2133 ram, but I bought 2666 ram as it was on a discount. Does the b150m mobo support transfer rates higher than 2333mhz, or is it strictly limited? Thanks, all help much appreciated
  8. does anyone have a link to a good deal for a gtx 1060 6gb? I know holidays are coming and I was wandering if there are any sweet deals. thanks
  9. Yeah, that's what I was thinking, thanks for the help
  10. i found ecc ram on a huge discount and wondering if the b150 mobo supports it
  11. I found a graphics card i wanted for cheaper on morecomputers.com, is this a trusted retailer?
  12. hi, I have the arctic freezer 13 cpu cooler which is quite large and im getting a new motherboard which is the msi h110 gaming mobo, however im not sure if the cpu cooler will fit on the mobo as the ram might block it off, could someone help? and please don't just tell me to get a new cpu cooler thanks in advance