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  1. Uhh my evga 400w has a wire and pin for the 20+4 pin connector missing and I’m just wondering whether that’s normal or not cause I just built my pc and it wasn’t turning on so I’m doing troubleshooting, here’s some pictures. If it isn’t normal I’ll go to micro center tomorrow and return it so please let me know ?
  2. Well fans aren’t coming on, what do you think is wrong? For me to get the light I had to change the spot the cord was in on the front panel
  3. I think it’s working now is it normal if none of my fans are spinning? The power button light is on also I don’t have a OS on it right now so it’d kind of make sense for it not to use fans since there’s no load?
  4. I setup everything this is my first build and when it didn’t turn on I double checked for the wires and now when I plug it in there’s a spark at the outlet in my wall and I hear a clicking sound I’m scared I hope I didn’t mess anything up Part list: i5-7500, gigabyte gtx 1060 g1 gaming 3gb, gigabyte b250m-ds3h, crucial 8gb 2x4 DDR4-2400, seagate barracuda 2tb 3.5” 7200 rpm, nzxt s340 Black mid tower atx, evga 400w power supply
  5. oh never mind I have to put the 4 pin in first but why the heck isn’t it coming out
  6. Why isn’t the 4 pin for the 24 going all the way in?
  7. Need help connecting EVGA 400W Power Supply to Gigabyte B250M-DS3H and the fans on my NZXT this my first build on my own
  8. The thing about Ethernet is that my PC would have to be on my dresser. Which there is no space as there is a large smart TV taking up all the space.
  9. Thanks, but aw man. Any recommendations? Should I get an Ethernet cable or a USB Wifi Adapter?
  10. Does the MSI B150 BAZOOKA PLUS motherboard have wifi? If it doesn't then I'll just have to buy another ethernet cord, as the other one is plugged into my PS4.
  11. wait, so I can get all of these are micro center brooklyn/gowanus expy or do i have to order it online, and if so where can i get it where it would ship in time for christmas?
  12. Ah thank you, you're a legend. I always see you around LTT, do you have the most posts? Or are you like a well-known community member?
  13. Nice, Is Xeon good for gaming? Also, should I trade out the SSD so I can get a better motherboard or case? By the way do I need 8gb or 16gb if I'm just going to be playing games on steam? Thanks I hope you reply back
  14. Great, but would hit it right on the nail without the SSD.