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  1. Fucking hell man, I'm really happy for you.
  2. Only did the first season. Kaworu's my bae but his dubbing sucks.
  3. Episode Doggystyle's much better.
  4. Actually, this might be exactly what you have to do.....
  5. ☘ Ireland did it. ☘ I'm 2 posts away from 87. Where's my party..... =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= @Urishima I apologize for telling you to fuck off back in July. I misread "your fellow buggerers" comment and thought you were just a random homophobe hopping into the thread under the guise of having a discussion. I don't know if you're aware but marriage makes it easier for people to stay together in a number of ways. It usually depends on the country, but if your union is recognized by the state, then you and your spouse are provid
  6. hide, wrath turkie. bar the doors
  7. I'll have all of them wrath thanks adorable =)
  8. I was never really away, but lately I've been very busy studying, solving personal problems and pretending I'm not procrastinating on studying and solving personal problems. hbu tho....
  9. I didn't want to go for a tech name in a tech forum. My usernames and avatars are usually unrelated to what the forum's about. No special reason why, it's often a bit random. Usually a word I like and a hot guy picture I find interesting. There's some room for improvement in my case, but for me it's all about seeing the couple, not just myself (especially if my partner's hot AF).
  10. I reached a point where I don't care if my nudes are out. But I don't like filming. While I wouldn't mind if ppl saw me naked, being seen making love is a much bigger leap. It's more private. but I'd love to involve mirrors
  11. 23rd. First is Hong Kong, mostly because of economic freedom; Denmark ranks first in personal freedom. https://object.cato.org/sites/cato.org/files/human-freedom-index-files/human-freedom-index-2016.pdf 23/159 is not bad, but it isn't 1st either. This just sounds like a lie that's repeated too much.
  12. Nice eyes. --- ugh I fail so hard at handling stress.