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  1. I don't have an XBOX account.
  2. I just want to play the game.
  3. And delete the current launcher?
  4. The official website. I downloaded the launcher, but downloading the game from there is not working.
  5. I can't download Fortnite. When I try to install the game, a tab pops up and says that there is a corrupt file.
  6. I haven;t watched Evangelion yet, but seeing a clip they do seem similar.
  7. I'm watching Darling in the Franxx and it's entertaining. But the character development in the latest episodes were appallingly mediocre and rushed.
  8. I can't download anything. When I do try, the downloading speed always decreases to 0b/s and stays that way. And I doubt it has anything to do with my laptop. I just got this today and it's a dell inspiron 13 500 series. Can you please help me?
  9. Budget: $500 (can be higher if it is necessary) Uses: General high school work, mostly web browsing Preferences: A new slim laptop with a 13 inch screen Location: Sacramento, California Thank you for taking the time to help me.
  10. It is a G55VW ASUS gaming laptop and it was an update for the windows OS.
  11. Hold on. My brother will give the details.
  12. When I opened my laptop, I was given the choice to update something now or later. Choosing the latter, my screen became black. I waited for minutes, but nothing changed. I've tried shutting down the computer as a solution, but that didn't help at all. The screen is still black! Can you identify the problem and think of a solution?
  13. can you give a recommendation of a nice wifi adapter for my budget? (can't exceed $800)
  14. You can never beat the ol' classic Street Fighter.
  15. Orrr can I just get a cheap wifi adapter? what'd be the difference?
  16. Er, can I switch a 1060 3GB with a 1050 ti to squeeze in a wireless wifi adapter? What about the wireless wifi adapter?
  17. $800 is my maximum budget. It cannot exceed any further.
  18. I recently added the PC setup I mentioned that needed an opinion from you guys in the thread. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/4bKTkT
  19. Build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/4bKTkT I've settled with this build since it seems pretty good, but I want to ask you the community if there should be any changes or suggestions that should be made. Additionally, I'll need a wireless adapter added to the list. Uses will include: -Animation -Art -Gaming -Internet use -School work Additional information: Location - Sacramento, California Budget: $730 (maximum is $800) Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi. My budget is $700 for a PC setup, however, it can exceed that amount if the setup is worth it (cannot exceed $750). This does not include speakers or headphones because I already have that. I don't need anything great for keyboard and mouse. Just about $20 for each is fine. I'll be using the PC setup for animation, internet use, digital art, and some gaming(would prefer if the gpu was 1050 ti, though it doesn't have to be). I'll also be using it for schoolwork too. I'd like it if it can last for some time, maybe 4 years if that's possible. My location is Sacramento, C
  21. -I'd prefer to have a Windows OS -Being more specific with personal uses, I'd do animation and art -I'm not sure how demanding the tasks are to match a preferable choice....but all I ask for is a fast processor and 8 GB of ram (or more, if possible) Frankly, after thinking for a bit, I think a PC is my best choice, since I can get the most performance from it. Though I think portability is essential... what are your thoughts? PC or laptop?
  22. Hi. My current laptop is too slow for me to do any work, so I'd like to upgrade. My budget is $700, but it can increase if your recommendation is truly worth it. I'll be using the laptop for school work, internet use, and watching anime. I'd prefer if it was ultra slim and not so big. Thanks in advance.
  23. I was probably judging only by their colors. :I