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    Intel 6600k
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    Maximus VIII Gene
  • RAM
    2x8gb Corsair Vengeance LED
  • GPU
    Zotac Amp! Edition GTX 1080
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    Fractal Design Arc R2 Mini
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    1tb WD Blue/250gb Samsung 850 Evo
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    EVGA SuperNOVA 650w
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    Hyper 212x turbo
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    Corsair K70
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    Naga Epic
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    Windows 10 Home

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  1. with small screens like that you just end up with really tiny text and icons by default, which can be adjusted, sure. But depending on the distance from the screen, there might genuinely not be any actual benefit to 1080p on such a small screen, while costing more to produce and sucking up more battery life.
  2. If i remembered correctly, HDR's affect on a game was a mixed bag on a game-by-game basis. Some things it looks great in, some things it looked significantly worse. Same goes for 4k blu-rays in my experience.
  3. Oh i made it abundantly clear that it is something i have never done before and would be totally new for me. Hopefully it's nothing a struggling pc enthusiast and thousands of strangers online can't handle!
  4. The only thing i'm concerned with is connectivity through the network. Do i need to worry about number of ethernet ports, or does it just connect to the router? (i'm clueless on this kind of stuff)
  5. I was looking at the possibility of a QNAP solution. Budget isn't really defined. It was more of a "I dont want to pay $7,000 for SharePoint licenses" kind of thing.
  6. Hello friends, I work in a small company of 8 people, and as the only person under 60 years old and a tech person, I have been tasked with setting up a NAS over our network. I know some basics about what we need to do with the server. We don't need much storage, 2 10-12tb drives in RAID1 will suffice just fine. The NAS will just serve as a bonafide SharePoint for general storage of semi-important files that need to be updated frequently. The server would have to be able to support all 8 workstations both wired and wirelessly (if feasible). I have absolutely no idea abo
  7. i sincerely hope youre right. they've proved they can float without targeting the upper market in the gpu department. I believe q4 revenue report showed that they had 1.1 billion dollars of revenue for a 54 million dollar loss or something of the like in the gpu market. So they need to make waves.
  8. he sounds like a 980ti owner who's mad he didn't wait for a 1070 at launch. I hope AMD does well. But with how long its taking to release, I don't see it as very likely. Every day it isn't released is money that they aren't making and money NVidia is making.
  9. honestly for Vega to be relevant, it can't just compete with the gtx 1080 at a slightly lower price point. Most of the market for that grade gpu already bought a 1080, or would just wait for Volta. Vega has to compete with whatever will come out of Volta, which is pretty unlikely. Amd can survive with the whole, release after Nvidia at a lower price point with similar performance thing they have going, but it's not going to make them thrive. Before Ryzen, when was the last time AMD didn't release something on the pc platform that wasn't a reaction to Nvidia/intel? The HBM2 memory thing may b
  10. all Athlon and fx processors should be scrapped for materials at this point. What ryzen or intel offers you other than a massive increase in performance (which it does) is pcie 3.0, m.2/nvme storage options, better upgrade paths (which is huge), better power consumption, usb 3.1/thunderbolt support, and ddr4 ram support. Please. for all that is holy, don't waste your money on those ancient architectures.
  11. a pro tip of the day that my neighbor gave me is that you can find a job doing most anything, but the software side of things is growing fast, and the hardware side of things are starting to die out
  12. man, divinity: original sin was such a good game. highly recommend if anyone is looking for a turn based rpg to play. Very d&d/Baldur's gate like.
  13. i can personally vouge for my evga supernova g2 650w. Comes with every cable you're going to need, nicely sleeved and all black. and it's probably the quietest fan in the pc when running.
  14. it depends on personal preference on how it looks but a lot of the better systems can power that for sure.