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    Megah3rtz got a reaction from Javin in Graphics Card Upgrade   
    Your processor is suited for an RX470 at most, I'd buy a new power supply and buy an RX460/GTX1050 TI 
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    Megah3rtz got a reaction from Eschew in What is Linus's Steam?   
    said nobody ever
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    Megah3rtz reacted to AdroG23 in Droidbot's SATA3 SSD Tier List   
    This tier could use an update. The Crucial MX500 rocks and is dirt cheap. Also new stuff came out, some rgb goodies and would be good to know how they perform against the classics. Good list though, will help more than one poor confused soul
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    Megah3rtz reacted to Spotty in Titan RTX leaked (By Linus?) - Updated with Pricing & Specs   
    Source: Linus accidentally showing a RTX Titan box on the WAN Show (https://youtu.be/iFyYRz82kSM?t=1828)
    Source: https://wccftech.com/nvidia-rtx-titan-graphics-card-allegedly-pictured/
    Looks like @LinusTech accidentally grabbed the wrong box when doing the sponsor spot during this weeks WAN show. Other leaked pictures of the Titan RTX card have also shown up online today, with the guys from The Slow Mo Guys posting a picture of what appears to be a card with the dual fan Nvidia design, similar to the RTX cooler design, with Titan branding.
    No word yet on performance figures from the Titan RTX card, but if the team at LTT have their hands on the card then it won't be long before official information from Nvidia as well as reviewer benchmarks drop.
    It's okay @LinusTech, technically you weren't the first to leak it, so I don't think Nvidia will punish you too much.
    Pricing and specifications are now available on the Nvidia website. $2500 for the Titan RTX.

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    Megah3rtz reacted to Enderman in Hitting 5,1 Ghz on 6700k good or bad?   
    1.44 is pretty high...
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    Megah3rtz reacted to Princess Luna in Gtx 1080ti vs RTX 2080ti @ 3440x1440 100hz   
    How about lower the settings a bit more and achieve the fps you want?
    Because honestly with a GTX 1080 you should keep saving to invest on next years 7nm GPUs when Ray Tracing deal is actually starting to mature up and becoming actually relevant.
    As it is right now the RTX 2080 Ti can't even do 1080p60fps with full Ray Tracing enable, not worth the premium asking price specially when we're getting a much more meaningful upgrade next year.
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    Megah3rtz reacted to orbitalbuzzsaw in PSU Tier List [OLD]   
    Just throw G3s at it until it dies
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    Megah3rtz reacted to Crunchy Dragon in People that need a graphics card   
    -Thread locked-
    Asking for free hardware is not permitted here.
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    Megah3rtz reacted to turkey3_scratch in PSU Tier List [OLD]   
    PSUs that don't have any known information and/or a review are not placed into tiers.
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    Megah3rtz reacted to DrMacintosh in If you had a $1,000 budget for a GPU what would you get?   
    An RX 580 because I don't play games that need anything more than that. 
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    Megah3rtz reacted to Razimuz in If you had a $1,000 budget for a GPU what would you get?   
    Link where I can get a 1080 ti for $700 so I can buy it right now
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    Megah3rtz reacted to GDRRiley in Want to cheat at PUBG, buy a Dell   
    lol. only dell would
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    Megah3rtz reacted to Professor Dingledore in Beg pardon?   
    Discuss what? There's zero context. You were a dick and he was a dick back. That's all I can see.
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    Megah3rtz reacted to NoRomanBatmansAllowed in What should I use my free google cloud credits on?   
    Use Google's NLP to analyze youtube videos.
    Try to find a youtuber's favourite phrase.
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    Megah3rtz got a reaction from DSD27 in Stock Spire Ryzen 1600 Cooler or Hyper 212 Evo?   
    212 Evo easily. 
    When people say the R6 1600 stock cooler is really good, they mean in comparison to other stock coolers. 
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    Megah3rtz reacted to AlwaysFSX in Xbox One will sport AMD freesync technology   
    You know the benefit for FreeSync is when you're under the refresh rate of the panel, right?
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    Megah3rtz reacted to AshleyAshes in Xbox One will sport AMD freesync technology   
    Well, FreeSynch's refresh rate range is between 9hz and 240hz so... Yes?
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    Megah3rtz reacted to WereCat in China to the rescue in face of the inflated DRAM prices?   
    I cant answer the poll because whether I am going or if I am willing to buy Chinese chips depends on price, availability, quality, warranty, speeds, latency, compatibility. It will most likely also affect the prices of RAM from other manufacturers.
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    Megah3rtz got a reaction from Energycore in PSU Tier List [OLD]   
    Out with the old in with the new...
    Overall very pleased so far, they even included some zipties and velcro strips for cable management. Much quieter than my old tx650 aswell. 
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    Megah3rtz got a reaction from Stampf in Should I overclock my 2400MHz HyperX to 3866MHz? (Mobo does support RAM OC)   
    Good luck with that. 
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    Megah3rtz got a reaction from DriftMan in Should I overclock my 2400MHz HyperX to 3866MHz? (Mobo does support RAM OC)   
    Good luck with that. 
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    Megah3rtz got a reaction from airdeano in Should I overclock my 2400MHz HyperX to 3866MHz? (Mobo does support RAM OC)   
    Good luck with that. 
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    Megah3rtz reacted to TheRandomness in Can I upgrade from a 6600k to a 8700k on the same motherboard?   
    No, you can't, regardless of motherboard. You need a 300 series motherboard to support Coffee Lake, and 300 series motherboards don't (officially) support Skylake or Kaby Lake.
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    Megah3rtz reacted to jonnyGURU in PSU Tier List [OLD]   
    Let me guess.... You raided a dumpster behind a computer store?