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  1. There are 9 devices connected, 8 are wireless. I will try isolating the problem later today.
  2. DNS is already set to that signal bar is full Linkspeed to router 433 mbps
  3. yes sitting next to the router connected to 5GHZ, no other networks nearby.
  4. On my PC(ethernet) I get about 60-80mbps down 10-15 up with 10-15ms depending on the day On my phone andor laptop it can be slow enough to wait 15seconds just to load the page and then 5-10mbps down and miserable results in the other areas. Router is a DIR 822 and the wireless adapter version/brands seem to be irrelevant. I feel like I'm missing something, questions/thoughts?
  5. @STRMfrmXMN I lost my part wattage calculator, know any good ones?
  6. Out with the old in with the new... Overall very pleased so far, they even included some zipties and velcro strips for cable management. Much quieter than my old tx650 aswell.
  7. Is 550W enough for an RX 580 + r5 1600 + 2x8gb ddr4? the unit https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16817151189 I'm guessing yes, but I'd like to be sure.
  8. What tier would the Seasonic Focus plus Gold be?
  9. Nothing like a 13hr depression nap 

  10. Make sure your PSU is not at fault ,it could have failed because of the short.
  11. Starting to mine garlicoin just as an experiment, I predict I will regret this. 

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    2. Megah3rtz


      vamprcoin? what's that

    3. NoxiousOdor


      I was making a garlic/vampire joke

    4. NoxiousOdor


      It was bad I'm sorry

  12. Yes it might not be delivering stable voltage in the first place. If you have your memory overclocked put that on hold for now
  13. I wouldnt want to go up to 1.45v but if you like to live dangerously and you have good cooling you'd probably be okay. Not any further for sure. If you still can't get 4.9-5.0 on 1.45v something is wrong or you have a shit chip
  14. You shouldnt need even 1.4v unless you have a bad chip to get 4.9. An average from a bunch of overclock.net users is 5.0ghz @ 1.36v
  15. Uh fuck no. Max safe voltage on kabylake is supposed to be 1.4v
  16. Upgraded internet from 50mbps down to 75mbps down since it was just 5$ more a month.

    "the changes will occur around midnight!"


    Next morning, sure as shit somethings changed 8.2mbps.PNG.9e10b919cd1bcdfb4613987505c048ae.PNG

    1. Megah3rtz


      Absolutely nothing is happening on my network (or so the router tells me.) and this is about the highest speed I've seen today 

  17. A wild comment chain appears? awildchainappears.PNG.ac741cadda8f9cdc829ebe348e90166d.PNG

    1. NoRomanBatmansAllowed


      Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Definitely was not me. Nope. Just the same username.

    2. Megah3rtz


      we're onto you

  18. wait you're telling me he didn't put that inside?