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  1. Corsair AX860,, i did the paperclip test on it, psu seems fine. Its a toughgrade asus board, i was very surprised when i realized that it was dead.
  2. I cant boot at all, the green led is lit, but no fan spins. im not sure if its my cpu or mbo thats dead, although im 80% sure its my mbo thats dead
  3. How can i tell if its my cpu or mbo that's dead? Would the cpu fan still spin if the cpu is dead? Would the mother board give you some indiaction? I was running a 4770k and z87 sabertooth
  4. I was using my pc when it suddenly died. My system specs: Asus sabertooth z87, 16gh kingston hyperx 2400Mhz, 240gb samsung evo, Corsair ax860W, gtx 780ti, i74770k. I did the paper clip test on the psu, confirming that it works. I'm thinking its either my cpu or mbo. the green light on the mbo comes on though. I took the armor off the board, still wont work. Did the bareboard test still wont turn on. Please help me. Thanks.
  5. I need help, I followed the instructions on this video I'm not being allowed to downsample.I have a gtx 780ti, is anyone having the same issues as me?
  6. MikeDev

    WNDR 4300

    i still cant find anything to do the job /
  7. MikeDev

    WNDR 4300

    I instakked it, how do i use it?
  8. MikeDev

    WNDR 4300

    ill try it thanks
  9. MikeDev

    WNDR 4300

    netgear wndr 4300
  10. MikeDev

    WNDR 4300

    Howmuch internet someone is using
  11. MikeDev

    WNDR 4300

    Is there any way for me to monitor internet usage on my router?
  12. Yeah, running 8.1, ill try that, thx