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  1. Thank you. But what do you mean computing power?
  2. Im using a hdmi port for now at my 60hz monitor, and im currently at market to buy a 144hz monitor, its really hard to guess if my gtx 1060 can maximize the 144hz and 60hz monitor
  3. Okay as the indicated above, does the GTX 1060 can do a dual monitor, here’s a catch, im planning to use a 144hz monitor and a 60hz monitor, its for streaming purposes though, but if its not, maybe im gonna sell my 60hz monitor and buy a new 144hz monitor.
  4. Does the lenovo g25-10 is good? Im really impressed by those IPS monitor panels, but i think the TN is always good on response time, so i want your suggestion guys if you ever have that kind of monitor, its really hard to find a review of that monitor, thanks guys btw this is the link of lenovo g25-10 in case you don’t know https://www.lenovo.com/gb/en/accessories-and-monitors/monitors/gaming/G25-10C19245FY024-5inch-Monitor-HDMI/p/65FEGAC2UK
  5. thanks man.. i really appreciate it
  6. first of all i want to say thank you for helping me to upgrade some parts im currently using: CPU: Intel I7-10700 Motherboard: MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge Wifi Ram: G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB (8x2) 3600Mhz CL18 PSU: Seasonic Focus GX 750 so i have a question, is it okay to upgrade another 16GB ram? like another 8x2? and is there any ppl that using PCI Gen 4 on their M.2 NVMe SSD to the MSI Z490 Gaming edge wifi? that's all thanks for the help guys..
  7. Yes i want auto sign in, and is there a step by step procedure for the registry? is there a step for that?
  8. Hello everyone! I have a problem with the netplwiz, i did a lot of research and i can’t see a damn thing, even if i disable the sign in option in “settings” and uncheck the signing password at “netplwiz” there is still a password required not just one, but two accounts which is i don’t know where the hell second account come from but when i logging in the second account with the same password it was incorrect so im signing in into my first account, its really frustrating to find some solutions at google, i even tried to look it up at “msconfig” but there’s is no other account than me, i hope u
  9. Hmmm that’s a great suggestion but i would take intel side for now, its not like i hate AMD but for now i want a CPU could last longer, i know AMD could do that but you know, i still prefer INTEL for gaming than AMD, im sorry but still it’s a great suggestion, thanks bro
  10. Just for gaming, not for streaming though, for now i cant afford above a 1,500$ to build a new system with a GPU though, i might buying new GPU a few years later. My budget is only 1000$ just for the upgrade of new system, as you can see guys i’m using I5-4460 with Asus B85M-G motherboard with 16gb ddr3 ram, that’s why im planning to build a new system, but i want a new system that ciuld last for 5-10 years i think..
  11. Hello! I'm planning to build a new CPU, Board, Ram, NVMe, PSU This is my planned Specs: I7-10700k MSI Z490-A PRO G.Skill Ripjaws 16 x 2 3200MHz (maybe a) A200 250gb Kingston Seasonic Focus GX 750W i already have a GTX 1060 6GB but im gonna ask you guys if this new system are overkill or bottleneck for GPU?? because if it is my plan B is getting 10600k, please help me with this guys.. Thank you!
  12. No its not overclocked, so im just guessing that the sensors are off, i really need a correct reading of temps to my cpu, though im not bothered because its not even shuttiing down or any what, so i guess im good? lol
  13. Okay first of all thank you for your concerns, so far my pc haven’t shut down yet, so thank GOD, so i tried the coretemps and it seems like this is the correct temps for my cpu, i tried to stress test it for 20 mins and my temps are 47-50c, and then i tried to use the thermal gun and the temps are 40-45c so i think the HWMonitor and HWInfo64 called “Whact Numbers” so i don’t know if could trust those numbers from them or does the coretemps are accurate enough? Btw i tried to touch the heatsink as well, ofc its hot but not that kind of hot, feels like 40c, this really interesting thread, and im
  14. I tried the amd overdrive and i just checked the temps, so i am really confused about the temps really, so this is the temps in amd overdrive
  15. This is the stress test for 15 minutes, do u think guys is this good temps? Or should i change my cpu cooler?