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    AMD FX 8370 @ 5.2GHz
  • Motherboard
    MSI 970A SLI Krait Edition
  • RAM
    Hyper X Fury White Edition 64GB @ 2133MHz
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    Reference GTX 980ti

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  1. The possible to being the problem . I would attempt that and see what happens.
  2. I would recommend a GPU upgrade soon, as only having a 2GB frame buffer is pretty low for newer titles, and a CPU upgrade would reap a heavy benefit. I recommend looking for a cheap 1060, or even a 980. Used/pre-owned hardware still have a ton of life in them. (my entire build is used hardware). Ryzen 7 1700/1800s are dirt cheap for the performance they give, if you wait a little longer they may even go lower. Hope this helps.
  3. That would be the problem. In order to control the speeds, data needs to be sent from the hub to the mobo, vice versa. Molex is strictly power. You would need to use USB in order to adjust the speeds.
  4. Green Hell is a fairly demanding game, i'm not suprised that its running like hot garbage. Steam minimum requirements aren't the greatest thing to go by, but the GTX 660, which is what it would consider to be minimum, performs about 8X better than the R7 GPU you have in your system. I would return the game if you a.) haven't owned it for more then 14 days and b.) played under 2 hours.
  5. Are you using molex to power it or a USB header?
  6. https://pebblehost.com/vps At one point I used this service, and it was great. Not 100% sure now, as I am sure they have changed since.
  7. What processor are you using and how many frames are you getting. I doubt that you would even be able to play the game with the integrated laptop GPU.
  8. If you want to use the R7 mobile chip, almost all laptops will not use the dedicated GPU until you do something graphically demanding. Basic tasks like web browsing and other non-graphically demanding tasks will use the integrated graphics.
  9. The processor isn't good for todays standards and you'd find it sluggish, even googling something.
  10. I wouldn't go for that lol. Who ever installed El Captain on a Core 2 Duo is a dumbass. I'm not even sure how he got the system information up. i'd save the money and go for a more recent if you are planning to go Apple.
  11. Well Intel had a press release stating that in 2018 it would become a royalty-free standard to OEMs and chip manufacturers, making it more of a staple than a nice to have feautre. I mean, I have a 500 dollar MSI laptop with a GPU enclosure running a GTX 970 and it does the job. I just want to see Apple make a tower again lol.
  12. Apple has fallen too far off the deep end tbh, and even if they try their hardest, they aren't going to go too far. This is a decent feature, but Windows has always had it, and it just shows how money hungry Apple really is.